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Key oppa~This will be the first and the last time I write to you, right? Honestly it doesn’t feel real now… Your nice characteristics, very delicious cooking and your shiny image on the stage, I really look highly of them and you were a proud husband. To express my mind a lot and to make physical contact naturally. They weren’t natural for me because I am too young. I wanted to treat you better. Thank you for marrying me. Ari chan

How to make a delicious breakfast for your wife - A lesson by Kim Heechul

1. Put bread in toaster then forget about it
2. Crack egg into frying pan (without oil)
3. Remember about the oil then drizzle it all over the eggs
4. Remember about the toast then burn it, and yourself
~ok now the eggs and toast are done~
5. Put a slice of cheese in the frying pan and melt it for no reason
And last but not least, tackle your sleeping wife in bed to wake her up