Um, 10X23, Brother’s Keeper?

As in, the novel Sister’s Keeper

The very same novel where there is a girl that has cancer and her parents make her sister undergo a lot of painful procedures and sacrifice literal pieces of herself to keep her sister alive?

But in the end the sister decides to stop doing this because she learns that she is her own person and that she isn’t obligated to sacrifice herself over and over???

If I wrote Season 11 of Supernatural...

So I was watching that interview where Jared is all “we have no idea what is going to happen in season 11 and neither do the writers” and I thought to myself, “hmm, what would I write to have happen in season 11?” The idea got a little out of hand and I actually ended up writing an entire outline like I do when I start a novel, haha! I don’t know that I’ll ever get around to putting it in fanfic form, but if anyone is interested in reading it, this is what the outline looks like! It was fun to think about! Now I feel the need to outline what I would then have season 12 look like…

If I was in charge of writing Supenatural –

Season 10 End: Cas, one way or another, dies trying to save Dean. Season ends with the mark gone and Cas “dead” – preferably in relation to Colette. Cas dies in Dean’s arms the same way Colette did in Cain’s. No homo, amIright? Rowena has successfully manipulated Crowley into being her bitch and gotten the other demons to kick him out. Now she’s sitting on the throne and Crowley is all f*cked up. Metatron is loose, and vengeful. Probably because Cas let him go/he got away from Cas when said angel was looking for answers to save Dean – seems like something he’d do.

As usual, everything is shitty and someone is dead.

Season 11: Dean has taken Cas’s body back to the bunker and we open just a few days after said death. Sam (and Charlie, and Claire?) are trying to convince Dean to bury the body, but he goes off on a tangent about how he’s going to somehow bring Cas back. Obviously, this is a very heartbreaking conversation because angels don’t have souls and none of them know how to do such a thing. Dean tries praying to the other angels, but none of them answer. He’s out of options, guilty because it was his fault (single man tear). Probably tries praying to Cas, and it makes everyone feel the feelz and is terrible because Cas doesn’t come/answer.

Probably an emotional scene where Sam and Dean fight a little. Sam: “He was my friend toooooOOOOoOoOOOO!” Dean: “You don’t understand!” Blah, blah, subtextnohomosubtext. Dean is still sad and Sam is also sad.

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I’ve just seen this post where people are going all nuts about the season’s finale title being “My Brother’s Keeper.” 

Stop screaming and think for a while! What if the ‘keeper’ here means ‘the one that takes care of someone’ like for example a guardian angel? What if this is about Castiel and Dean? WHAT IF THIS IS DESTIEL WE ARE WAITING FOR???

Imagine trying to end your relationship with Dean after he almost dies on a hunt

“You’re not serious,” He whispers, his brows and eyes raised and widened in disbelief. He looks from your hardened gaze to the tightened corners of your mouth, waiting for your eyes to soften at the edges, your lips to pull up into the smile as you throw your head back in the joking laugh he loves so much. When that doesn’t happen, his face falls completely as he looks at you with like he’s just watched you get shot. “Oh god, you are serious.”

You open your mouth to offer up some kind of explanation, but the second you do, you your body shudders violently, and your hand flies to your mouth to stifle the sound of a sob you had no idea was coming. You shake your head, hot tears blurring your vision. “I’m sorry. God, I’m so, so sorry, Dean, but I – I can’t do this if – if you keep … And I have to just …”

“It’s okay … ” He tries, but the sight of his eyes glistening and the sound of his voice cracking only make you shake your head harder as you rip your hand away from your mouth.

“No. No, it’s not okay. None of this is okay. I’ve tried — really tried — to – to not worry so much when I … when you come home from hunts, always covered in blood, and I can never tell who’s blood it really is, yours or something else’s. I know it should be something I’m used to, especially since I’ve been in the business almost as long as you, but ever since this thing—” Dean flinches, and his eyes suddenly harden as his jaw locks in place as he holds up his hand to stop you from continuing.

Thing?” He repeats disbelievingly, and now it’s your turn to flinch as you realize why he sounds so offended. “Is that what you think this was? Just some temporary fling that was just gonna end whenever it felt convenient?” His lip twitches as it curls into a snarl. “Well, guess what, sweetheart, it ain’t convenient for me. I don’t care how badly you want out, I ain’t lettin’ you just walk away from something like this without so much as puttin’ up a fight.”