Commissions open!

Hello Everyone!

Since I am now back from my vacations and has exactly 4 commissions left to do ( which I will tackle all in the next few days ~ Mark my words ) I am reopening commissions already because vacations were indeed expensive and I gotta start additional transitioning process paperworks ( 286$ dollars worth) and Mastectomy ones ( 90$ for paperwork and possible additional bills) that I cannot wait too long to fill out ( Director of Civil state stuff and name change and policies…yada,yada ) 

Christmas time is also coming relatively soon in term of due dates so if ya wanna make a gift for someone or anything ~ now’s the time !

Infos/how to : 

- It can be from any fandom of your choosing ~ Feel free! I will stick to fanart for the moment ~

- Email me at with the details of your commission and which type you desire ~ Upon confirmation, you will be given the Paypal information for the rest of the procedure ~ 

- A certain deadline will be set and also a beginning estimate date, please take note the dates may change from circonstances beyond my control. If short deadlines needs to be met, please warn in advance so other commissions may have a better estimate and schedules

- Depending on the request, especially full digital artworks , the deadline can be long. Patience will be required ~ 

- You can ask for a WIP at anytime once the commission has begun. A confirmation email will be sent once it’s time to tackle your commission. They are done in order of payment received.

- NSFW artworks are allowed to a certain degree. No underage/non-con/dub-con/Furries/stuff I deem uncomfortable to make

- If the artwork can be shipped, you will be asked to provide the shipping address where you want it received ~ 

- I gives updates here frequently. They are also tagged as “ commissions” when I do ~ If any delay occurs, I warn ~ ! 

- If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask ~ 

Traditional pen artworks : 

- 15$CAN  + 5$ per additional characters or very complex backgrounds

- Will be shipped to any destinations of your choosing ~ 


Fully coloured traditional artworks : 

- 40$CAN each , made with Copics,traditional black and white ink , Liquid Bronze Ink( gold) , and Liquid Aluminium ink (silver) may be applied depending on the request.

- Paper is size 9x12″ , bigger sizes can be requested for additional fees ~

- Will be shipped to any destinations ~

Simple/sketchy Lineart : 10$CAN + 5$ per additional characters/complex backgrounds

Full on Lineart: 20$CAN + 10$ per additional characters


Cellshading/ Fake screenshots :

- One character : 20$CAN

- Two characters : 30$CAN

- More than three :  Depends on project~

- Can be animated on demand for additional fees.


Full digital illustrations with complexe backgrounds : Can range from 60$CAN to 100$ depending on the project and its complexity, please ask for details on the price in your email ~ 

- Can be printed in a 12x18″ poster and shipped for absolutely free( with surprises ~ )~ 


Thank you! 

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Laundry Day

Originally posted by justanothereverydayfangirl

Characters: Reader, Sam, Dean

Word Count: 1305

Warning:  Fluff everywhere

Request: Could you please write a fanfic where you wake up in the morning after a tiring hunt and since you feel dirty you decide to take a shower. But because you’re still tired you accidentally grab Dean’s shirt instead of yours, but he insists that you keep it on. Then Sam gets jealous of Dean so he tries to get you to change into his sweater instead. Then can it end with an embarrassed reader who ends up changing back into her pajamas since all of her day clothes are dirty? I love you please write it

A/N:  @thereaderoffanfics, sorry it took me for-fucking-ever to write this.  I’m fairly confident future requests will not take so much time.  I feel like I’ve kind of got my mojo back. Also,I suck at speaking or writing in Spanish.  I’m well aware.  

You woke with drool gluing your wild hair to your cheek, feeling like death.  Blearily you looked around the motel room.  Dean was still sleeping on the couch and Sam must have left for a run.  You stumbled to your feet and hoped he would at least bring you back some coffee.  On your way to the shower your grabbed a spare shirt to change into.  

When you were clean and only slightly more awake you tugged on your shirt, a soft, worn black and while flannel.  There was something wrong with it that you couldn’t place.  You looked down at the sleeves of your shirt, flapping your hands slightly.  The excess fabric billowed, the hem extending past your fingers.  You shrugged, and in your sleep starved state simply began to roll the sleeves and wandered out of the bathroom.  

Sam had returned from his run and had, to your infinite gratitude, brought you coffee.  Dean was awake now, though just barely, and sat across from his brother at the small motel table.  You snagged your coffee and grunted in thanks.  You sunk down onto the edge of Sam’s bed between the brothers and inhaled a deep breath of coffee, sighing contentedly.  When you looked up, two shocked faces were staring back at you.

“What?”  You looked between the two surprised faces, sipping your coffee.  Dean looked at his brother, shrugging and Sam returned the sentiment by raising his eyebrows and tilting his head.  You loved these two, but boy if their silent conversations weren’t irritating sometimes. You winced as the coffee scalded your tongue.  Finally, Dean seemed to lose their unspoken argument and turned to you again, pressing a hand to his thigh, elbow sticking out absurdly.

“Is-is that my shirt,” Dean asked, his eyebrows folding together, stubble sparkling as he smacked his lips.  You looked down at the flannel shirt and your black athletic shorts peeking out below the hem.  It suddenly occurred to you why your shirt had magically grown several sizes overnight.

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The cold was biting. I rubbed my hands together, hoping to create a source of heat. My knees, creating a dip in the soil, began to hurt. I lost track of time and had not realized that for over an hour I’d been sitting with my feet tucked underneath me.

“She asked when you were coming back, yesterday.” I said quietly while tracing over the engraved ‘A’ with my finger. I leaned my forehead against the top of the stone.

“I didn’t know what to tell her.” A bitter laugh came out from my throat, “Funny, right? Considering all the times you told me that I tend to ramble, I couldn’t think of one thing to say.”

Leaves skittered across the dried up grass.

“Oh.” I sat back and began to dig through my pockets. “I almost forgot.” I pulled a chaser out from my pocket.

“He said this used to be your favorite before you turned into a health nut.” I smiled to myself as I unscrewed it. “You don’t mind if I take a sip right?”

It burned. I didn’t mind it though; it created a nice warmth in my stomach. In the corner of my eye I saw movement. As I turned, I saw an older man placing flowers onto the grass. He looked over at me.

“Her fifth birthday is next month.” I felt my stomach twist while I poured the rest of the bottle onto the ground. Suddenly, I became frightened to look back up. If I moved, tears would spill out. So, I bit my tongue and continued to stare at the dead grass beneath my knees. “Last year,” I choked out, “we joked about how we would embarrass her on her first day of school.”

Maybe, just maybe, he could see me. I always thought that he was watching – I could almost feel it. So I sat there for another half an hour in silence. My hands were shoved deep into my pockets. I constantly shifted positions. Sometimes, my legs would begin to tingle and I would stretch them out.

Someone cleared their throat behind me. I pressed my palms against my eyes, wiping whatever tears fell to the side.

When the man behind me stepped close enough so I could recognize his cologne, I spoke. “I miss him.”

“I know.” Dean placed his hand on the top of my head. “I do, too.”

I clenched my jaw. “So why don’t you ever sit here with me?”

He crouched down next to me. “I got different ways of coping.”

I didn’t answer.

SAM WINCHESTER stared back at me. The deeply engraved letters seemed to mock me. His fate was literally set in stone.

I couldn’t save him. Dean couldn’t save him. No matter how much our daughter screamed, his eyes never opened. I was just thankful she was too young to remember it.

“Let’s go.” Dean squeezed my shoulder before helping me back up. I brushed the dirt off my jeans and followed close behind him.

Sophie’s nose was pressed against the glass window. She smiled when she saw me.

“What is this place?” She asked as Dean started the engine. He looked over at me.

“One day, I’ll show you.” I looked back at her hazel eyes. She was a carbon copy of Sam. The only thing she had of mine were her ears. Sam loved that. Apparently, our ears are adorable.

“Where to?” You asked Dean.

“Home.” He shoved a cassette into the slot.  


Imagine: Having a crush on Crowley and him feeling something for you as well. [x]

Crowley: You know we make quite a team, you and I?
Y/N: I suppose we do. *smiles* But, I’m guessing you’re just saying that to flatter me?
Crowley: No, Y/N. I like you. Genuinely. 
Y/N: *blushes* Well then the feeling’s mutual.

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