Misha: As I was leaning over making the YANA video, I could tell my shirt was riding up, but I thought it was just my back until I watched it. He could only get the kids to cooperate to do it once, so he had to sacrifice his dignity. Says he has a shapely bottom anyways.

Just met Misha

So I’m at my first convention and so it’s my first time meeting Misha:

ME: *pushing hands in my pockets super freaking nervous, they tell me I’m next so I’m walking up to him and he’s smiling and being the perfect cinnamon roll he is*
“ oh my god..”

MISHA: *chuckles* “haha its okay”

ME: *freaking melts and can barely remember what even happened*


Happy Valentines day! We hope you and your special guy or gal have a wonderful, love-fulled day. And if not, look on the bright side, all that candy goes on sale tomorrow!!!! I myself will be spending the day playing with my true love Fallout 4, then curled up on the couch with my life partner who goes by the name of Fuzzy Blanket, and watching The Walking Dead’s mid season premiere. Yes, it will be a lovely romantic, gore filled evening. 

As always we’ve got some holiday themed texts headed your way!

Happy Hunting
~Chels and Allion