SPN 12x22 Who We Are

I love this moment, and it has nothing to do with Dean’s love for the grenade launcher finally coming to fruition.

For the entire run of Supernatural, and especially in the later seasons, various characters have often reduced Dean to being big and dumb, or being just a pretty face. Sometimes it was apparently meant to be hurtful or demeaning (Gwen, Lady Bevell), sometimes it seemed to be unintentional (Tara, Henry, often Sam). Either way, we saw repeatedly that it threw Dean off, that it did hurt him, that it made him feel inadequate.

So to see Dean walk up with the grenade launcher, confident and smiling as he proudly declares “Big, beautiful and dumb” right in Uppity Lady Bevell’s face, and then save the day, felt like a big “Screw you” to everyone who only saw him as the dumb grunt with a pretty face. And I think it was fully intentional on Dean’s part.

Dating Sam Winchester Would Include...

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I thought it would be cute to do these! Feedback is appreciated!

no warnings for this one :) just a lotta of fluff and cheesiness

gotta kinda lengthy so i put a cut :)

  • meeting while he was on a hunt with his brother, dean. dean suggested they could stay in town for a few more days.
  • he was unsure, at first, whether or not you would even be interested in going on a date with him
  • but dean convinces him to ask you out
  • “if it goes well, it goes well. if not…well…what do ya have to lose?”
  • your first date was awkward, to say in the least. you could tell he hadn’t been on one in a while, but you didn’t bring that up.
  • but towards the end, when he was walking with you through a park you suggest you visit, something sparked. you really hit it off.
  • every date you had after that topped the one before it. not in what you were doing, but each time sam went out with you, he fell in love a little more each time.
  • he officially introduced you to dean after two months.
  • “sam told me you like pie, so i made you some apple and cherry-”
  • “sammy, if you don’t marry her, i will.”

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Request: Anonymous said: How’d you think Lucifer would react to the reader using a safeword?

Warnings: Mentions of bruises/welts. Fear of abandonment. 

Words: 523

Lucifer’s eyes locked onto you as his entire body froze, hovering over you while his wicked grin slowly slid from his face and a look of askance creased his brow.

“Really?” he pressed, surprise laden in his tone with an underlying note of concern.

Your chest rose and fell heavily while your body quaked, trembling from unspent passion and built up pain. You’d never had an occasion to use the word before, but now, after it had fallen from your lips in haste, you were grateful that the two of you had initially decided on one.

His eyes darted back and forth between yours, waiting for confirmation as though perhaps you’d spoken the word by accident, as opposed to saying it out of need. When you nodded, repeating the word again you felt a pang of guilt well up inside you. Things had been going so well and you felt as though this could upset him or potentially drive him away from you.

Easing back slightly, he shifted his weight to lift his hand, causing you to flinch subconsciously beneath it. His gaze softened almost imperceptibly as he gently lowered his hand to you, resting it against your chest and urging you to lay flat. You obliged, laying on your back and staring up at him, wondering what he was planning and silently praying that he wasn’t disappointed in you.

He stared at you for a moment longer, remaining inhumanly still until the racing of your heart had slowed to a near normal pace. Watching you closely, he lowered his face to your skin, hesitant as if ready for you to tell him to stop. When you didn’t, he brought his lips to the small welt he’d left on your stomach, one of the many love bites he was so fond of leaving. The cool touch of his lips against the burning heat of the raised welt felt nothing short of divine, and the tension gradually began to ease out of your muscles.

Lucifer exhaled softly as he moved to the next mark he’d left on you, slowing his movements and trying to make sure he didn’t startle you again. One by one, his lips found every blemish he’d left on you, though you were certain he’d added a few kisses here and there. When he was adequately satisfied by how relaxed you were, he curled his body up beside yours, draping his arm over you and carefully tracing circles around the bruises that were already beginning to form.

You loved to play rough with your Devil, even if you both took it a little too far on occasion. The striking difference between his playful and caring side were nothing short of jarring, but in these quiet moments where he let his guard down, you revelled in just how sweet he could be.

“That’s my girl” he reassured, placating not only your body, but your mind as well as his lips absently kissed at your shoulder and collar bone.

Despite having to use your safeword this time, you were already eagerly anticipating the next time he’d try to push you to your limits.

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Okay but seriously.  Let’s have a conversation about the Castiel and Jack, Dean and Sam mirrors.   Cas in human years (real exposure to humanity is about eight).

He takes on full responsibility for a minor to protect him from Supernatural forces.  Jack has been labelled before birth as ‘wrong’, ‘dangerous’, ‘for hell’, with undisclosed powers.  

Cas is pushing people away for Jack, he is stealing because of Jack.

Can we sit and talk about him trying to care for and protect this child as well as currently being a trainee hunter?