“Who are you now? You are obviously not an Angel of the Lord. And what about all of this waking the Earth like Cain from “Kung Fu”-crap, cleaning up heaven’s messes, how many more rogue angels are out there? And what are you going to do once you are done with all that? Go back to heaven? Please… The angel formerly known as Hannah has restored order up top. Smoothest it’s run since God cut the ribbon on that pearly gates. So tell me, Castiel, truly… What is your mission now?


[Requested by Anon]

“Dude, he looks exactly like you.” Dean muttered.

Sam was too focused on the little boy waving at them. His eyes, his nose, even his dimple was like looking into a mirror. And Sam couldn’t believe it.

“Dean stop the car.” He finally let out. “Now.”

Do I Wanna Know? (ReaderxDean)

Request: I don’t know if you’ve already done something like this, but could you do a deanxreader story based on the song “Do I Wanna Know?” by Arctic Monkeys? Some smut maybe? Thanks!

Warnings: smut, teasing, dirty talk, use of the word ‘slut’ (reader’s cool with it), not a lot of plot

Words: 1736

Note: no idea how this ended up where it did…enjoy ;)

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Dean or Deanna? - Dean Winchester x Reader - Pt. 1

Title: Dean or Deanna?

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 2,110

Warnings: None

Original imagine: Imagine Dean pissing off a witch, only for her to cast a spell on him before she died. The result of it is Dean being turned into a woman. Hard days follow for you, Sam and Deanna.

You groaned as light shone through the curtains of the motel room you were currently in and pulled you out of your peaceful sleep. You rubbed your eyes and slowly opened them to look at the clock on your bedside. The green numbers of it showing that it was 11:45. You groaned more, feeling a headache come up, and buried your head in the pillow more. You wanted more than anything to sleep but you knew you had to get up. You had a long day ahead of you and should start packing your things. You had to get back to the road and head to the bunker. You had stayed long enough here and it was high time you left.

The latest hunt had taken a toll on all of you, mostly physical. It took a lot of time to track the witch and then manage to kill her. She was a tough one and fought till the last minute. But luckily you managed to fight back and then finally kill her, after a couple weeks of searching though. So that meant that you had spent a lot of time on this hunt and you really needed to hurry and get back to search for another one. More important one. Fortunately last night you had managed to finish this damn hunt and of course went out to a bar to celebrate it. You and Dean consumed a good amount of alcohol that you were sure was going to give you a hell of a hangover. Sam hadn’t joined you two so he now, of course, was wide awake way before you, and out somewhere. Doing whatever moose stuff he usually did.

You opened your eyes just a little bit slightly and, after removing Dean’s hand (that felt more soft than ever) from your waist, you got up. Your body felt more heavy than ever but you just attributed everything to the alcohol you had consumed the night before. You decided not to wake Dean up and leave him to sleep a little bit more. He needed it after all. You knew that the ride back to the bunker was going to take a lot of time and by the time you reached there it would be past midnight and you would be exhausted. So he needed the extra sleep before all of you got into the Impala and made your way back home. You were going to gather all your things and place them on your bags and only when you were ready to leave would you wake Dean up. Letting him rest a little bit more would be good for him and more probably for you and Sam. You would definitely avoid some of his nagging. When Dean had had his good amount of sleep, he was always cheerful and in a good mood. When you woke him up, though, and he hadn’t had much of sleep then, well, that was another story better left unsaid.

You groaned softly and dragged your feet to the bathroom. You had never felt your body so heavy but brushed the thought off. Slowly opening the bathroom’s door you entered it. You had your eyes closed, finding yourself unable to open them. You slowly turned the tab and once water started running you splashed your face with it. The coldness of the water quickly managing to wake you up. You repeated the process a few times and once your were sure you were wide awake, you turned the tab off and took the towel that was next to the sink and rubbed your face dry.

You smiled, satisfied that you had gotten yourself awake, but when you looked up at the mirror the smiled immediately vanished from your face.

You expected to see just yourself, maybe some bed hair, but not this.

Instead of yourself you could now see in the mirror what seemed like… a guy. A guy that seemed probably your age. He had short (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes. Firm jaw and a slight scruff. He was handsome, you were not going to deny it, and if you weren’t dating Dean (and loved him to death) then you sure as hell were not going to let him just pass by. It was not that thing that you wanted to think right now, though. You had more important things to think of, right now. More important questions that needed to be answered. Questions like…

Why the hell were you seeing his reflection instead of yours in the mirror?!

You immediately looked down at yourself and your eyes widened upon realizing that it actually was you. It actually was you and your face that was reflected in the mirror. And, not only had your face changed, but your whole body. Instead of your usual height you now were taller and your shirt, more like Dean’s shirt, now fitted perfectly. It was no longer baggy and the boxers you had borrowed from Dean fitted just as well. Something sticking out under the boxers. Something that you knew all-too-well what it was but were sure as hell not used to seeing on yourself. Being part of you. More like it being part of Dean that you got to have inside of you and not like this, but that was a whole different story…

What was important now was that all the traits that you loved in Dean, as far as appearance was concerned, were not just traits that he had. But you, too. And that seriously worried you. Cause all of this were certainly not good.

Your breathing became heavier and your mouth hung agape once you completely realized what was going on.

You… you were gender-bend!

“Are you kidding me?!” you shouted and surprised even yourself at hearing the heavy and rough voice come from you. A mix of that of Castiel’s and Dean’s.

“DEAN!” you shouted again and quickly ran out of the bathroom towards yours and Dean’s bed.

Instead of seeing Dean, though, you just saw a messed up mass of shuffling sheets. Dean had fallen off the bed.

You rolled your eyes at him but just waited till he got up. The sight, though, made your eyes widen even more than before.


“What?!” Dean asked looking up from where he lay down at the foot of the bed, his voice laced with sleep though it was nothing compared to the way it was before. Dean was nothing compared to the way he was before.

His eyes widened as he looked at you, or more like the male version of you, and immediately got up. Quickly managing to draw the gun from under your pillow.

“Who the hell are you?! What are you doing here?! Where is (Y/n)? What did you do to her?!” he asked angrily, his or more like her voice filled with rage and at the same time worry for you “What the hell is wrong with my voice?” he mumbled more to himself, forgetting that you were there for even a split second.

“Dean” you said and took a step forward, and then he came back to reality and regained his posture, gun firmly held in his hands.

You raised your hands in defeat “Whoah whoah first of; relax ok? Don’t do something irrational, alright?” you said carefully and he just pursed his lips more.

“Don’t tell me what to do, ok? You just answer my question. Who the hell are you and where is (Y/n)? What did you do to her?!” he asked fiercely and you took a breath in.

“I did nothing to her because I am her, you jerkass! It’s me damn it!” you shouted out exasperated by Dean’s behavior. He was getting on your nerves.

“(Y/n)?” he asked narrowing his eyes and you rolled your eyes.

“Yes!” you shouted again “Will you lower that damn gun now or do I have to make you?!”

He lowered his gun for a split second but then raised higher, regaining his previous posture “Yeah, and you think I’m just going to believe you? Just like that?!” he asked and then ran a hand over his face “Damn, what the hell is wrong with my voice?” he mumbled to himself angrily.

“Well first of; yes it is me! Cause, seriously, I cannot believe how you cannot even recognize your own girlfriend of 7 years just because of some damn spell turning me into a dude. And secondly; lower that damn gun and listen to me for a split second. Will ya?!” you said exasperated but he didn’t seem to believe you.

You let out a sigh and spoke in a calmer tone “Dean, please. It is me, baby. It really is me. Here, see?” you lifted your shirt and showed him your anti-possession tattoo on your hip “Do you remember when I got this? I certainly do. I was a hell of a lot scared but managed to go through it because you were there, holding my hand. Come on, Dean, you have to believe me. It is me. It is (Y/n)” you ended up mumbling, puppy eyes at their maximum mode.

You bit your lips, waiting in an expecting way for some damn response but let out a sigh of relief once you saw him lower the gun. This time he seemed to believe you completely.

“(Y/n)?” he mumbled and you nodded frantically, a hopeful smile appearing on your lips.

His eyes widened in disbelief. It would be impossible for anyone to comprehend the fact that their girlfriend was no longer the way they know her. How would it be possible for anyone to just accept that just the night before they fell asleep with their girlfriend in their arms and woke up to find her taller and with more muscles than themselves. More manlier than their own selves!

“What the hell happened to you?!” he motioned to you with wide eyes and you rolled yours.

“Well, I think you should ask that to yourself too” you said and quickly motioned to the mirror on the corner behind Dean.

He raised an eyebrow but turned nonetheless. His eyes widened upon seeing his own reflection. Short hair replaced by long blonde, green eyes still there but more… female like. His entire body and face was more… female like. No it was female.

“What the hell?! (Y/n) what the hell happened to me?!” he shouted, his face showing worry and fear. He took deep breaths, and tried to calm down his racing heart. It would be impossible at the sight in front of him. He got closer to the mirror to look at himself more closely.

“I…I… I…” he started stuttering, taking small breaths in between. It seemed as if he was having a panic attack but you knew he was just exaggerating. You let out a sigh and rubbed a hand over your face.

“Yes, Dean, you are-” he cut you off.

“I have boobs!” he exclaimed and cupped his own breasts.

You had a really hard time in keeping yourself from face-palming and just shook your head “Dean, I think there are more important things than that, baby” you hissed the last part.

He turned to look at you and let out a sigh “Yeah, sorry sorry. How the hell did this happen, though?” he asked and you shrugged.

“Dunno, but I suspect that it is that damn witch’s doing. She threw us some sort of powder before Sam killed her. She mumbled some strange things before she was dead, if I remember correctly” you mumbled more to yourself, putting a finger on your chin.

“Yes, yes she did” Dean ran a hand through his hair but his fingers just got entangled at some point and he just pulled it away. Blowing some few stray long strands out of his face.

He opted for running a hand down his face, his eyebrows were knitted in a deep frown.

“So, what exactly? What does all of this mean?! My girlfriend gets a dick of her own. I get turned into a chick with hair longer than Rapunzel herself. And if I want to kiss you I will actually be kissing a dude, not to mention about doing other things. And all of this because of some freaking witch that… now is dead. And we…” he took in a deep breath just like you did, staring at each other with almost wide eyes. Realization downing on both of you.

“… We get stuck like this… forever?” he mumbled the last part and you let out a breath.

You looked down and nodded at him with pursed lips.

Dean x Reader One Shot

Title: Good Morning To You

Summary: Just a lil’ good morning to present to you guys from me :) Imagine waking up with Dean.

Word Count: 1,467

You were warm, snuggled in your cocoon of blankets when you woke up and you felt yourself smile as soon as you registered the smell of the sheets.  They were fresh washed and still smelled like a mixture of man, sleep, and laundry softener, which mixed together to make such a beautiful sensation for your nose.

Then you were cold.

Your blankets were gone.

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