Pretending You’re Oppressed: The New Internet Fad

On top blogging sites like Tumblr and Livejournal, the biggest new fandom is no longer anime or evening fantasy drama, but that of “SJ,” a nickname for “social justice,” which refers to discourse on equal rights and how to, essentially, be kind and respectful to all people. /–/

The base of this false movement is “identity.” /–/ According to them, as long as someone identifies as something, it is true. No exceptions.

/–/ Anything not mainstream is “oppressed” in this wonderland. Wielding identity as a weapon, one can entirely remove themselves from personal responsibility for their part in harming others, and ultimately, any negativity at all. /–/

Ridicule the silly internet people, make fun of and dismiss their claims of oppression as not worth your time, but remember as you do that they’ve stolen from people who do need your help. Just because everyone is shouting at once doesn’t mean there aren’t still real voices to be heard.

I am so ready to let go of the America’s Next Top Radical model of social justice; it’s unsustainable, unproductive, and frankly a pretty bad strategy. It seems as though some of us – us being folks invested in the advancement of social justice in some way or another – are calling folks out sometimes not to educate a person who’s wrong, but to position themselves a rung above on the radical ladder. What’s worse, both in real-world organizing and online, this behavior is often rewarded: with pats on the back, social status, followers. We’re waiting and ready to cut folks out when they say the wrong thing. We’ve created an activist culture in which the worst thing we can do is to make a mistake.

Verónica Flores

Read it, tumblr. Then read it over, and over, and over again.

how SJWs are the biggest hypocrites in for-fucking-ever
  • SJW 1: this person [link to blog] has been harassing me
  • and by harassing they usually mean presenting a point of view that the said SJW doesn't agree with
  • i legitimately saw something very close to this happen only minutes ago
What If?: The Sarah Jane Adventures

Original Airdate: 2007-2011

The Sarah Jane Adventures was a CBBC series, revolving around investigate journalist and former time traveller Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen). Along with her young friends Luke, Rani, Clyde and Sky, Sarah Jane combatted extraterrestrial threats to the earth. The series was created and executive produced by Russell T Davies, the man behind the relaunch of Doctor Who. The series was a children’s spinoff of the long-running Who, with Sarah Jane herself already a well established and incredibly popular character from the series. The Sarah Jane Adventures was a great success, winning legions of fans - both children and adult- and numerous awards. However, midway through filming of the fifth series, Sladen sadly lost a closely guarded battle with cancer. Filming was immediately stopped and the BBC announced production on the series would not continue, naturally.    Since Sladen’s death in 2011, various tidbits about where the show was heading have been revealed in magazine articles and interviews. They include: 
  • Three stories of series 5 remained unproduced at the time of Lis Sladen’s death. Those were Meet Mr Smith, The Thirteenth Floor and The Battle of Bannerman Road.
  • Meet Mr Smith was due to star Alexander Armstrong (the voice of Mr Smith) in a physical capacity. The story would see Mr Smith be transformed into a human, by an alien called Ozmo. Ozmo would force Mr. Smith to work for him, carrying out certain tasks for his nefarious scheme.
  • The Thirteenth Floor would begin in a newspaper office, where a journalist would go missing. The next day, Rani would begin a work experience placement at the office and would be intrigued by the mystery of the missing journalist.
  • This was to be a Halloween special episode, taking influence from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
  • The Thirteenth Floor script was cannibalised and restructured into an episode of the first series of Wizards Vs. Aliens, the series created by the SJA production team to save a full film crew from going out of work.
  • The Battle of Bannerman Road was to be written by show creator and executive producer, Russell T Davies, and looked to be one of the man’s typically loud finales.
  • Former Doctor Who companion, Jo Grant (Katy Manning) and her grandson Diego would return in the story, last seen in 2010’s SJA story Death of the Doctor.
  • Professor Rivers (Floella Benjamin) and The Shopkeeper were also due to return.
  • Long running series villain,The Trickster, was to return. In this episode it would be revealed that he instilled his essence into Sky at the moment of her creation, effectively making her his daughter. The Trickster had been manipulating events to bring Sky and Sarah Jane together.
  • After a long will they/won’t they? Clyde and Rani would finally get together in this story.
  • 13 Bannerman Road may have been blown up at the climax of the story.
  • Clyde and Rani may also have been written out of the series at this point. Both actors felt they were ready to leave the series at this point, but no final decisions were made before production came to its sudden stop.
  • If a sixth series of The Sarah Jane Adventures was commissioned, Russell T Davies hoped to mix things up by relocating Sarah Jane to the fictional Foxglove Village
  • A sixth series would Also see an adventure starring Ace (Sophie Aldred), companion to the Seventh Doctor, and a cameo by the man himself, Sylvester McCoy.
  • In the audio commentary for Death of the Doctor (available only on the Doctor Who story The Green Death DVD), Russell T Davies revealed that were the show to continue, Luke Smith would have been revealed to be gay, per the request of the BBC. The corporation wanted to have "just a normal gay character" on children’s BBC.  

Seeing what was lying ahead for the series makes it all the more upsetting it was halted in such a manner. Though there are a lot of morsels of information here that would excite fans -old and young alike- perhaps the most interesting planned development was Luke’s sexuality. The series was known and praised for the way it tackled sensitive topics for youngsters, including divorce, loss and homelessness. It would have been a bold move by the BBC and the production team, but looking at the talent behind the series, the chances are it would have played out brilliantly.

It’s also interesting to think of what the series would have been up to in Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary year. Russell T Davies has always unashamedly celebrated the series and its mythology in his work for it, so the chances are he would have went all-out in this landmark year for the franchise. Is anyone else revelling in imagining every companion ever paying a visit to Bannerman Road?


Sarah Jane: Is this the last time I’m ever going to see you?

The Doctor: I don’t know. I hope not!

Sarah Jane: Bye, Doctor. Until the next time.

The Doctor: Don’t forget me, Sarah Jane.

Sarah Jane: No one’s ever going to forget you.

Sarah Jane Adventures - 3.6 - The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, Pt 2

dear tumblr social justice,

read this.

tell me would this work have been improved if MLK had just screamed SHUT THE FUCK UP WHITEY I DON’T GOTTA EXPLAIN ANYTHING CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE CRACKERS over and over

the answer is no

what you dickbutts don’t seem to realize is that no, screaming and acting like petulant children will get you nowhere in achieving social justice

and don’t you even fucking say HURR TONE ARGUMENT either because that’s not what this is about 

calling tone argument is not a “get out of being a raving douchebag-free” card and it never has been no matter what tumblr tells you

MLK isn’t so well known because he’s “white approved” or whatever dumb shit you all are saying about him now

the letter has a ton of emotion. it’s absolutely bursting with it. he wasn’t being nice. he wasn’t kissing anyone’s ass, least of all white ass. hell about a third of the letter is even him criticizing “moderates” who say they care but really don’t give two shits. he lays it out very clearly how horrible oppression is and why they are fighting.

but you know what separates the letter from a birmingham jail from the angry violent screeds of tumblr’s brand of social justice 

the former is actually smart about it

MLK used his own knowledge against his oppressors. as a reverend he knew the bible and was able to turn the typical biblical arguments for racism around on the people who’d put him in jail.

what’s more he gave clear examples of the pain of oppression, how it damages people for life and giving the readers an idea of what it feels like for even the simplest things to become a nightmare just because of your skin color

once again he wasn’t kissing any ass or giving any ground. he got their attention, approaching them as a logical rational human being and only then, using emotion backed by logic and strong evidence, metaphorically beat the shit out of them

it’s called rogerian persuasion and it fucking works

this is the kind of persuasion that, when combined with nonviolent action and protesting, gets shit done. gets laws changed

you know what doesn’t get things changed?

outright hostility. if all you can do is scream insults then you are literally going to go nowhere. tone argument nothing, that’s just simple fucking logic. approach people with “DIE CIS SCUM GO FUCKING KILL YOURSELF CRACKER” and you’re going to turn people away. violence for any other purpose than self-defense is going to make people think you’re crazy and your cause isn’t worth pursuing. 

no one is saying you have to be nice but emotion alone will only get you so far. if you can’t back up your feelings with the truth you’re just blowing hot air and anyone will be able to see it

if you’re just a normal person who happens to be of an oppressed group and want nothing to do with furthering social justice and just want to be left alone, fine. it’s your life. hole up and hate the white straight cissies all you want. whatever, seriously

but if you claim to be an advocate for social justice then yeah sorry it is your responsibility to be able to convey your message in a clear, coherent manner and if all you do is scream and insult people and especially if you refuse to educate anyone you’re doing it wrong

the best thing you can do to further social justice is to educate yourself. educate yourself in various methods of persuasion. learn how to write. broaden your horizons and enlighten yourself to anything that could help your case. you have an internet connection? stop yelling at people on tumblr and do some fucking research. 

if you all can do that then i’ll stop calling tumblr the worst fucking thing that’s happened to social justice 

Dumblr Logic Example #926
  • Example of "harassment": Stating an opinion on your Tumblr or reblogging a PUBLIC post and giving your opinion or critique.
  • Example of justified action that is TOTALLY NOT harassment in any way: Going to someone's inbox and giving them messages of hate or telling them you hope they will get beaten, raped, or that they should die. (Bonus points for Anonymous)
Things I've learned from social justice bloggers

- Minorities never do anything wrong. If a white person disagrees then they are automatically racist. 

- You need to be a minority / LGBT to know anything about oppression or racism. 

- Using words such as “faggot”, “nigger”, and “retard” is the equivalent to the Holocaust. 

- Eating meat is the equivalent to the Holocaust. 

- The Holocaust has nothing on white people who wear Native American headdresses.