Enter The Hillywood Show®’s mind palace in this exciting and in-depth behind the scenes feature of Sherlock Parody!

 From traveling to London, England, filming on actual locations seen in BBC’s Sherlock,  to recreating a screen accurate version of Flat 221B, Hilly and Hannah reveal how they created one of their most detailed and elaborate productions. 13 days of footage and a new parody, oh it’s Christmas!    

‘It’s their version of golf...’

I’m still trying to figure out where this scene might happen… I think all trophies on the shelves are golf trophies. I found these online:

The first one is rather obvious (it looks quite similar to the one on the shelf above the stereo). 

I’d say this ist the one next to it.

The jug is modelled on the Claret Jug, the trophy awarded at the British Open. It looks like this:

Add to this the photos of a single person outdoors, I’d say we are at the flat of a keen golfer. And remember what Sherlock had to say about golf?

‘A secret terrorist organisation’s planning an attack – that’s what secret terrorist organisations do, isn’t it?  It’s their version of golf.’

The only mention of golf I could find in ACD canon was in Black Peter.

“I find that young Neligan arrived at the Brambletye Hotel on the very day of
the crime. He came on the pretence of playing golf.”

Neligan is the man falsely suspected by Inspector Hopkins to be the murderer of Peter Carey.

That case has already been referenced with the harpoon scene in THoB but perhaps we are revisiting it? Will a client be falsely accused of being a member of a terrorist network?