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Real Men
  • Respect women 
  • See women as people
  • Respect peoples boundaries
  • Don’t make rape jokes
  • Know when no means no
  • Are polite to women
  • Don’t cat call
  • Don’t rape
  • Support gay men 
  • Respect lesbians and know they will never get to date them. Though they can be good friends with a lesbian 
  • Is not afraid to be a feminist ally or a feminist 
  • Knows there is more than one gender 
  • Don’t victim blame
  • Take responsibility for their actions 
  • Know if or when they are being creepy and make an effort to fix it if they are allowed 
  • Do not hit women
  • Don’t fat or body shame
  • Are against their friends being sexist
  • Are against body shaming
  • Respect peoples beliefs
  • Don’t bully people 

I was just a kid, one day my mom got me on her lap after a mad whooping session for something I don’t even recall, to tell me : “Pitan’m You know what makes a man a MAN? The SENSE of RESPONSIBILITY. Whenever you can keep your word, your yes is a yes, you are a man. Whenever you can work hard to achieve your goals, you are a man. Whenever you can accept the consequences of your actions and learn from them, you are a man. Whenever you can dedicate yourself to support who you love, you are a man. Now your dad has passed away, you are the man of the family. You have to protect your older sister Rashel even though you are younger, because I am raising a man. When you will have your own family, you will know how to love your wife and kids, provide and mostly protect them with your life because that is what real MAN does. That day, I became a man while I was just a boy. Since then I decided to become a better son, a better brother, a better friend, a better citizen and a good young leader for my community. When the time is right, a good father and a good husband in the future. Not because I am perfect or it’s going to be easy, but because that is what MAN does : They have the sense of RESPONSIBILITY! I salute the men out there who want to step up for for their families. I am thankful for this WOMAN who has taught me how to be a MAN while I was just a boy.
- @samueldameus