I hope in 25 years teenage girls will reblog that disembodied CGI figure that spewed out creamed corn containing a demonic entity after a nuclear test destroyed a convenience store as frequently as they reblog Audrey or Donna now

I’m going to talk about this as cooly and calmly as possible so as not to come off as pretentious or whatever.

Twin Peaks: the Return is supposed to be an 18 hour movie. That’s 9 separate 2 hour films.

When looking at it like that, this episode was supposed to be tacked on to the last episode. The episode with all the plot. This weird Lynchian hell was only the middle and end to the 4th mini movie. So just because this episode was weird, the plot from episode 7 wasn’t wasted just because of a Nine Inch Nails video and Eraserhead II.

Also like i said before the people wanting the old Twin Peaks back should realize it’s just not coming back. It’s not the 90s, soaps aren’t as popular, and it’s not bound by the network tv censors. There’s still shows like Riverdale that follow the same basic (ridiculously basic) premise as the original show, but the original show isn’t coming back in the same way because it’s a really long movie now in the age of dark and edgy shows that’s not bound by anything.

I for one rather have David Lynch be David Lynch than the filler arc that was most of season 2 because people demanded to know who killed Laura Palmer immediately.