1990 by Elicia Donze. Drawn in PS. Please do not remove caption.

[Caption: A realistic digital painting of Joan Chen as Josie from Twin Peaks. Portrait is from the waist up. Josie is seated on a dusty pink velvet sofa. She’s wearing a green, blue, and black oversized sweater and bright red lipstick. Her black hair is short and slicked back in a delicate wave. She’s clutching a red book to her chest. One of her hands is repeated three times, the disembodied extra hands stacked surreally as if in mid-air. The background is a gradient from pale lavender to vivid blue.]


You know, I love ideas, ideas are everything. I always say human beings don’t do anything without an idea. And ideas for me, the ones that are important to me, are ones that come along and pop in. You see the thing, like a cinema idea. I only get them in fragments but you see it, in the mind, like on a screen. First you see the thing, then you hear the thing, you feel the mood of the thing, and you know it. But it’s a gift, it’s a thrill, it wasn’t there and now it’s there. It’s even hardly anything to do with imagination. It just pops in, then you know it, and you should write it down. It’s a beautiful thing to catch an idea that you love. – David Lynch