afrancodesigner: Time flies 🃏 Shooting the CD packaging for Vices & Virtues, was an awesome experience. We shot at these beautiful 19th Century Victorians in Los Angeles. I wanted the costumes to be all vintage and authentic, so everything was from a costume house. I love the overall look, the photographer captured amazing moments. So much fun styling and designing for this shoot with Brendon & Spencer!


Hi Every one! I know its been a while since I last uploaded anything to my RWBY or Happy Rwby Au tag. Well the wait is over. I’m back and hopefully will keep you guys entertained until Vol. 5 huh? :D So a quick filler. Since I last updated, time has passed in the Au. A couple years to be exact. Many new things have happened and many new things are about to as well! I wont go into full detail but I’ll give you a run through.

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❤  Grow Up

I’m pretty sure you’re a bit confused about the difference in Varian and his ages. I tend to play around with his age a lot for replies, but I focus more around Kidquisitor (10yro), Trespasser (12yro), and Older Varian (30yro).

If the tag says Varian the Lonely Dragon, then it’s this potato.

I’m back from Festival and I bought a lot of stuff and made a lot of friends and yelled at a lot of people and got thanked for it (<—life goals achieved LOL). It was really fun and wahhhhh even though I always hate the actual camping, I can’t wait to go back next year :DDD

Also. I accidentally got a boyfriend. Ahhh. Guys. Halp. Plz. Idk what to do with him. How to relationship. I like him. What do I do. Omgggggggggg

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[Nepeta, Nepeta, Nepeta! I am so apology for what happened. You do not deserve sugar crash pain. I know how bad this feels and you were there for me after i crashed so I am here to return the favor. I have brought you hot tea and hot ramen with shrimp as well as love kiss.] *kissu* -askmadamjuncture

thank mew furry much, dameowra, but i dont think i can handle much food right m-meow.. gh.. thanks fur the tea, though, its helping..


Hey, everyone! I know it’s been a while but I have a perfectly reasonable explanation for being gone this long. Unfortunately, it’s top secret (I had to sign an NDA) so I won’t be able to get into the details here. I’m okay, though! So feel free to keep sending me messages. :-)