afrancodesigner: Time flies 🃏 Shooting the CD packaging for Vices & Virtues, was an awesome experience. We shot at these beautiful 19th Century Victorians in Los Angeles. I wanted the costumes to be all vintage and authentic, so everything was from a costume house. I love the overall look, the photographer captured amazing moments. So much fun styling and designing for this shoot with Brendon & Spencer!


Hi Every one! I know its been a while since I last uploaded anything to my RWBY or Happy Rwby Au tag. Well the wait is over. I’m back and hopefully will keep you guys entertained until Vol. 5 huh? :D So a quick filler. Since I last updated, time has passed in the Au. A couple years to be exact. Many new things have happened and many new things are about to as well! I wont go into full detail but I’ll give you a run through.

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It me, Lairep, alive and well! First off, I apologize to people who’ve been worried about me, and I’ll be getting back to you in PMs because i missed you guys sm sm sm

As you can tell, my eye operation was a success, and now they’re healing well—no more scratches and constant stinging and uncomfortable thing-in-eye feeling. Plus, they also corrected my myopia, so I’m up to 20/16 vision now ayyyyyyyyyyy. Soon I won’t be needing thick-ass glasses and it is a wonderful feeling!

I’m still in recovery mode so I don’t have much time on the computer, but I have officially returned. Took me a while to get back up on the blog because tumblr won’t let me back on some raisin. It’s totally not because I forgot my password, no sir——-

I’ll be making another update post soon! There are many things I need to take care of IRL too. O: But I’m very happy to be on my blog again!

ALSO I HEARD MIRACULOUS LADYBUG SEASON 2 IS UP??? IM ARRIVING LATE TO THE PARTY BUT I WILL BE WATCHING IT AAAAAAAAAAAAAA—- I think I’ll even liveblog it because it’s the first time I’ll be seeing new episodes with the rest of the fandom. I’ll try to avoid spoilers in the meanwhile, I guess. I AM SO EXCITED THO OMG omG omg {{ (/ω\) }}

I hope everyone has been well! Can’t wait to see what you cutiepatoots have been up to (probably fangirling about the new season ofc)



i present to you… the life and death au! sasuhina-flavored, of course.

Death is secretly in love with Life.

He purposely hides and watches her from afar. She never fails to come, to bid farewell to her creations. Where her tears fall, plants emerge and thrive. Flowers bloom in her wake. He is absolutely taken with her.

One day, when he releases the spirit of her favorite tree, she calls out to him.


Any tree but this one; this one was her favorite.

When she wasn’t busy tending to the many creatures she brought into the world, she was here, perched on the cherry tree’s thick branches and reveling in the beauty of nature.

Winter was the best time to come, as the tree’s light pink, almost white, flowers were in bloom. Things were quieter for her in the winters, so she visited as often as she could - she was fascinated with the dance of petals as they drifted to the snow-covered ground.

(Incidentally, it was one of his busiest seasons.)

The harsh, mechanical whirring of chainsaws brought him back to the present situation.

Humans were cutting down her favorite tree and he could do nothing but wait until its soul was free from the vessel.

He felt the prickle of impatience. He knew she would arrive, she did for every one of her children.

It was inevitable.

The whirring continued until the massive trunk fell in a deafening crash, its branches shaking and cracking from the impact.

A ghostly version of the tree materialized where its physical body once stood, tall and beautiful, now wispy and opaque.

He touched the volatile form and it dissipated slowly, leaving a rain of transient flower petals in its wake.

As mesmerizing as the display was, he needed to leave. She would be there soon.

He retreated into the forest, staying until the humans were long gone and the sun was swallowed by the horizon.

Eventually, a barely visible glow became present near the stump of the cherry tree. If he didn’t know any better, he would have thought it to be a firefly. But the light grew and from it, a luminous figure materialized.

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‘I….uh….I just…..thank you guys. S-sorry….kind of speechless right now.’


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I’m pretty sure you’re a bit confused about the difference in Varian and his ages. I tend to play around with his age a lot for replies, but I focus more around Kidquisitor (10yro), Trespasser (12yro), and Older Varian (30yro).

If the tag says Varian the Lonely Dragon, then it’s this potato.