• what he says:i will be the shadow to your light and make you the best basketball player in japan.
  • what he really means:i think im gay for you lets play some basketball and kiss a bit maybe

au where feferi was alive for like a thousand sweeps before karkat was born and she’s become the heiress and karkat’s blood colour is found out. what with being such a rare specimen, he’s brought directly to her before/for being culled. and as soon as she sees him and just the look in his eyes shes like “oh boy oh boy well shit” and its like she knows that hes important and she cant quite place her finger on why and she tells the guards or whatever to release him and he wants to run away but he cant help but wonder what brought on his release so he talks with her and they actually become pretty close and then they fall in love and stuff?? ((but karkat still dies before her and shes extremely distraught wow because she had never really love-loved anybody before him and she’d been alive for a thousand sweeps and even though he was barely a blip in her timeline he meant so much to her and shes just so upset and she has to live for thousands of sweeps after that alone))

  • Person:Bucky and Steve will make a cute couple lol
  • Me who is across the whole freaking campus:STUCKY *stumbles on own feet while starting to sprint*
  • Me:IS *students staring @ me with wide eyes*
  • Me:MY *crashes into disapproving teachers*
  • Me:FUCKING *sidesteps students and does some twirls, flips, and olympic gymnast shit*
  • Me:AESTHETIC *trips and falls face flat on the ground*

Heey~ Sorry for the wait but Athena is back in business!!

Wow…how Long has it been?…

((  So, after all the mess this blog went through  these last months I decided to take a break and handle my situation both here and IRL. 

I started the job practices in the Hospital and BOY are they fun, luckily I had some time to spend on Athena and BOY I did spend time!.

As you might notice I changed her color scheme juuuuust A LIL bit, I made her look chubbier just because and Her hair grew again…

I could do also the changes I wanted to make for SO long, that means the backstory and her house! Both have a little corner of the blog just for themselves~.

As for the  backstory , I’m still working on it so I only have the first part ,of many to come, finished . It’s hard to work on it faster since I spend a lot of time redactating and all, so have patience.

The house on the other hand is there to stay :DD SMILEYFEIS. I had so much fun making it and I’m really proud !

Concerning the Headcanons, they’re on the way! I just wanted to change some and decorate the whole thing. 

Feel free to take a look into my blog and also drop an ask by ! Updates will come soon  ))