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I’m moving and decided to sell all of my Kpop collection: BTS, Exo, Monsta X, Got7, Seventeen, BAP, Teen Top, Astro, BtoB, B1a4, Ikon, Suju.

Check out my sale list for prices and details:) 

Pm me for more pictures and details (Line: linh.linh1421 | Email:

Payment method is Paypal only. Ship Internationally. I’m willing to give you a better deal the more you buy :)

Weekly Tumblr Shoutouts Part 2

Oh heck bois we’re back at it again! You probably thought I would forget since I’m a mess, but miraculously I didn’t! Here we go!

1. @iceiceskaters. This beautiful babe sent me a wonderful cover of “Agape” earlier this week and ever since then, we’ve been mutuals! She has an amazing voice, she’s just fabulous, and she’s honestly so relatable??? But she’s way more talented than me in every way??? Like she’s great and nice and sweet??? I don’t deserve her. 

2. @stammi-ravioli. This person, right here, is my official meme dealer. They send me funny videos, random shitposts, and pictures of ramen. They’re one of the funniest people just ever (I mean, come on, look at that amazing URL) and just bless this person, ok? Thank you for your memes, my dude!

3. @musty-memes. This gal is a wonderful human being. period. She actually puts up with my bullshit rants about different YOI fanfics, good memes, art, and various other things. Basically she puts up with me, so she has patients. Also she’s just really funny and nice and kickass at cosplay and shit. 

4. @missmayhirai. Just gonna add her in there because even though we haven’t really talked at all, she sent me the most amazing Chihoko fanart like omfg! She’s super talented! Heck! (Thank you so much, once again for that art!)

Anyway, pals, that’s all for the weekly shoutouts. I apologize if I called out out and you didn’t wanna be. I just really want to thank all these amazing people that put up with my shitty blog and actually like it??? Thank you! Also if I missed you and you want a shoutout, feel free to let me know cause you’re all amazing and I would be happy to give you a shoutout! 

Keep it classy!


There are many tables to eat at in life. There is the table of public opinion. The food is sweet, but it sours in the stomach. There is the table of personal achievement. That’s a power meal for sure, yet the crash is as rapid as the ascent. There’s only one table with rich food that settles well and brings supernatural strength; it’s the table of God’s will. - Bill Johnson #WTSInspire

Weekly Tumblr Shoutout(s)

Uh so I decided that since my blog is basically a mess I should probably do a post thing that people can rely on. It’s only been around 2 weeks since I’ve had this blog and I’ve already met so many amazing tumblrs so I decided I would give shoutouts to a few blogs a week. (Will probably decide Here it goes!

1. @thefuckingassholesupi. I know I’ve already mentioned this wonderful gal, but I’m gonna do it again. Seriously she was the first mutual I ever talked to and is honestly the sweetest person. She’s an amazing artist and is very funny and kind. 

2. @mysanitynotfound. I’ve been following this beautiful blog since I first made this account. She was one of my very first followers, too. I love her content and she’s sent me some really lovely asks. I dunno man she’s just great and is one of the nicest tumblr users like ever. 

3. @iknowmoreaboutsonicthanyou. This blog is just great, honestly. One of the first tumblr users I encountered, one of my first followers, and one of the first people I followed. Her tumblr has some hilarious shit and just over all very good posts. 

Alright that’s it! I know this post was pretty much just me gushing about my amazing mutuals… actually it was exactly that… but I just really love everyone here and I think they deserve to know that! If you want a shoutout just let me know! Thank you for all being amazing!


Working Title Situations and Field Notes; a poster, flyer and a publication by Topo Copy for Workspace Brussels.

Workspace Brussels is a workspace for live arts in their most hybrid forms. Twice a year the Working Title Situations invite you to get in touch with some of the most intriguing new languages and formats artists develop in the field of performance and installation art. Celebrate the spirit of creation.

Field Notes, the half-yearly publication of workspacebrussels, presents a selection of the most promising projects that are under development in the workspace. Combined with essays or artist pages, the Field Notes are also a vehicle to foreground artistic questions that emerge from the residencies or run through our Working Title Situations. Every edition is designed by a different emerging graphic designer or visual artist, which makes the series an ever expanding collection of takes on the art of publishing.

Working Title Situation #02
11-12 December 2015 @ Kaaistudio’s

Working Title Situation #03
18-19 December 2015 @ Beursschouwburg


Thank you for all your support during Widowtracer Week!! >.< This is the first time I’ve ever done a themed art week ever..and I think I’ll actually finish it! ;;; It’s been pretty crazy cause I originally wasn’t planning to join, but the ideas happened and I had a lot of fun and learned a lot from the challenge! If I ever do this again, I’ll try to prepare more in advance..or hopefully I’m even faster by then! >w<

I want to thank you all for showing your support for Widowtracer not only this week, but any time you do! Whether it’s by sharing/liking my art, the art of other artists, or fanfiction by writers. ^^ We all appreciate your comments and they inspire us and motivate us to keep creating and developing our skills. Personally, it’s always my goal to show different sides to WT..and also explore different genres with them, whether it’s comedy, fluff, angst..or a mix of everything. WT is one of those pairings that can be that flexible with genres! If by any tiny chance the folks at Blizzard happen to see all the positive responses to any WT fanwork…maybe we’ll see more interactions between the two in the future. ^^ We just gotta keep showing our enthusiasm consistently!

I’m grateful to be able to make all this art and comics and share it with you. :) I’m still a newbie in this fandom but I’ve met some very nice people here! ^^

I’m off to work on Day 7 now! It’s the finale of Widowtracer Week! Right now, it looks like it will be posted tomorrow instead of today…I think Day 7 is going to be the most difficult to draw so far.. There are parts of it that I really want to get right…Since it’s the last part of WT Week, I chose an idea that’s going to be quite challenging so I wanna try to do my best job on it. Wish me luck! ^^

Have a great day everyone!