show: wrestlemania


Thank you, Undertaker for giving me so many memories growing up and keeping wrestling exciting and real to me. As a kid no other wrestler caught my attention like you did. i always wanted to see you live and i got to,
your presents is like no other. you definitely left a legacy no one will ever touch. to me your record is 25-0. You are my definition of a wrestling god. No matter what, that ring will forever be your yard.


I passionately believe that when you have a hero who perceives their every action is justified - even when it’s seen by an outsider as villainy, that you truly have something special. 

Roman Reigns has mastered the art of babyface and heel tactics. Blending them together so well that you genuinely question is he the protagonist, or the antagonist? We will never know, and that’s why he’s the most interesting character to date. Nothing is black and white. 

Because how else do you react when you meet the person who saved your life unknowingly so many times? He was so dang good to me… he saw me bawling and went “no no no!” And just was smiling and laughing. Hugged me immediately and kept denying that he was a “big deal” and then put his hand on the side of my head and said “it is such a pleasure to meet you.” Then I told him I was getting his autograph tattooed on me when I got home so he laughed and said he had to make it perfect. Then he said “it was such a pleasure to meet you” again and then said “God bless you honey.” I’ll never be able to describe how this felt.. ever.

this match or the outcome is NOT about Roman tbh, it’s about Undertaker. A legendary career is most likely coming to an end, the way he always said he’d want to end it (putting young talent over)

thank you taker for everything, for being the most badass motherfucker I’ve ever seen. for making everything so memorable, there will NEVER be another like you