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People on my dash don't doubt Harry's love for his bandmates or his band, they criticize how his team is handling it. That's it. Or maybe you're following people who actually talk shit about Harry, in which case you're probably following the wrong people.

he literally deleted everything off his facebook,,,,,,,,,,,, how is that saying anything about 1d at all……?????????? he literally kept the link to the 1d website until he changed everything over to the white space,,,, like he is launching a solo career here,,,,, but that does not in any way suggest that he’s dissing the band or even create an allusion to such


H I D D L E S W E E K — F A V O R I T E  I N T E R V I E W

The Late Late Show with James Corden. Are you ever “Thomas Hiddleston”? I am if I’m on the naughty step with my mum, and I’m about four years old, yes. It’s if I’ve been misbehaving, and I’ve been very naughty. “Thomas! Thomas, for heaven’s sake, it’s the middle of the night! Will you go to bed?” That kind of thing. But even when you said it, it was kind of slightly sexual. Oh, dear.


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“even in high school, i thought maybe there was a chance it would go away and i wouldn’t have to tell the world about it. once i knew for sure i was going to be this way my whole life, it became necessary to have everyone know.”