show: the most beautiful miracle


“The most beautiful miracle”

A newborn bonding with the mother. I know it can be a hassle watching videos but this one was really worth the minute. <3

the most beautiful miracle

i think a lot of people even if they ostensibly don’t believe in an afterlife still imagine themselves going on after they’re dead, contemplating nothingness or something. i imagine the truth is more you simply cease to exist. there is no peace, no relief, no “ahhh…” b/c there is nothing. you are gone. this is the life we get. here and now and that’s it. but that’s a tough nut to swallow especially when you lose a loved one. people want to see and believe in miracles. but i think the fact that we’re all walking around, animated w/ a life force, made up of pieces of stars blown apart when the universe was formed, able to love and express thoughts/ideas/emotions is the most beautiful miracle imaginable.