show: the hour

oh my goodness i finally realized why ren thought magnus looked familiar

she must have vaguely recognized him from when he came through with jack and june before


—chaeturtleday 🐢💓

happy birthday to the most beautiful, amazing, talented, humble, loving, and wonderful person in the universe. thank you for being born and i’m so lucky to be able to know and love you so much in this life. it’s the first birthday i’m spending with you and there will be many, many more to come. thank you for bringing me so much happiness and joy, you literally mean everything to me. thank you for helping me through hard times with your warm smile, and making me feel so loved with your kind heart. i wish you nothing but the absolute best, and hope you feel even more loved than you already are on this day. have the happiest birthday my dearest hyungwon, i love you so much ♡♡

me: *has three hours of homework*

me: *has four test tomorrow*

me: *has two loads of laundry to fold*

me: *hasn’t eaten in 8 hours*

me: *hasn’t slept in 3 years*

me: *wants to become internet famous*

me when i have free time: *starts a 32 season tv show*


“Ladies and gentlemen. If we cannot debate that which troubles our society, and more importantly troubles our government, then we cannot, in all honestly, calls ourselves a democracy. If we cannot question our leaders as they embark on what has been called an illegal military action, an action publicly opposed by the United States government and the countries of the United Nations Security Council… If we cannot reasonably and intelligently query our politicians about the rightness of an action that appears at heart to be deceitful then we are not a free-”       

ABOUT ME - 8? FAVE TV SHOWS:  BBC’s The Hour (2011-2012)