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I don’t think I’ve ever liked the main character as much as I like the villain and/or supporting characters and I’m not sure what that says about me.

I'm Not an Angel

A rope has been tied around my waist. I hang from the ceiling. Spotlights have been pointed at me. I see two ladders in front of me, but I can’t reach them. I see silhouettes, both men, standing on each ladder’s top rung. I assume it’s so they can look in my eyes, but I can’t see their faces. The spotlights impair my vision. I can sense other people behind me. I tell them that I’m afraid. They do not respond.

Out of the corner of my eye I see white. Large fake wings have been mounted on my back. The feathers flutter in the small breeze created from the rope’s slight sway. I feel the heaviness of the wings, my left shoulder is on fire. Tears fall from my eyes and hit the floor below. I know the fall won’t kill me, but it will hurt.

I ask them why I’m here. Why would they do this? They say nothing.

The sound of metal leaving metal. I picture large shears, my heart begins to race. I know what’s coming, and I can do nothing to stop it.

“You deserve better.”, they say.

I hear the blades cut, but not the whole way through. They’ve only damamged the rope. I beg them not to do this. They chant: “You deserve better”. I can’t breathe, my chest feels so tight, and these wings are so heavy. The rope breaks, I fall