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Wake Up
Wake Up

Sung Joon “Wake Up” Shut Up Flower Boy Band OST

This drama will literally rip out your heart in the first few episodes. It shows some epic bromances and great music. You will fall in love with the sound track and has a great cast including Sung Joon, L from Infinite, Lee Minki, and other cuties you will love. Taeyang’s bro Hyun Bae also makes some funny appearances. Highly recommend this drama!

I succeeded in converting someone into a kpop fan for the first time ever. Plus my top 10 favorite kpop groups.

Last week a co-worker heard me singing (or attempting to sing) I’m good by Henry and when she listened to the song she really liked it. Since her concept of korean music was limited to PSY’s Gangnam Style (no surprise there) I told her a bit about kpop groups . She mostly found funny that boybands were still a thing in Korea. So I showed her solo artists first (Heize, Zion T) and since I told her about BTS winning a Billboard award I ended up showing her Blood, Sweat and Tears. She immediatly professed her love for Jimin and asked me if that was my favorite kpop group,and told her even though I like some of their songs, they’re not. Then she told me to tell her five groups I was crazy about. That brought me all sorts of existencial problems. For example it made me realize that even though I listen to a lot of kpop groups I don’t really get too much into them except for a handful. It also made me feel guilty about all the groups that were left out of my list. Today I saw her again and I was surprised to learn she has fallen into the dark hole that is kpop. She just became the first person I have actually converted into kpop!

Top 10 kpop groups

Since I already made a list for my favorite kpop groups I thought I should share them.

Honorable Mention: CNBLUE. Choosing the tenth place is always the hardest part when I’m doing Top 10 lists. I changed the list a few times and in the end I couldn’t fit CNBLUE. I started listening to them because of We Got Married. Yonghwa is a gifted hit maker with a distinct voice and my kpop playlist has so many of their songs. As actors they’ve all had their chance to shine and if you like kdramas you should know You’re beautiful with Park Shin Hye,

10. Infinite.  If I’m being honest I was first atracted to Infinite because I had a crush on L, when I found out he was a part of Infinite I checked them out and saw every variety show available. I specially like Woohyun’s voice and Dongwoo’s rapping. Sungjong’s tone is always a treat as well. I also like they have a distinct sound that doesn’t really let itself be too influenced by the trend. My favorite song of theirs is Bad. You can watch Myungsoo (L) in several dramas like Shut up flower boy band.

 9. Super Junior. I love most of their hit songs specially Mamacita, Devil, Mr. Simple and Sorry Sorry. However their ballads are such a hidden gem (Evanescence, Reset, Islands) if you don’t know them much. Not gonna lie the first time I listened to them it was kind of a shock (not in a good way) but since then I’ve learned to appreciate them plus I’ve watched so much of them in variety shows that it’s hard not to love them. Then there’s my obsession with Kyuhyun. Most of them have tried acting. Check out Yesung in Voice with Jang Hyuk or Siwon in She was pretty.

8. Mamamoo. This is one of the two girl groups in my list. I definitely have an issue with cutesy girl groups in kpop, that’s a cultural barrier that I haven’t been able to pass. However Mamamoo’s concept is something I can relate and their voices are no joke! Moonbyul for me is -after CL of course- the best rapper in girl groups. Their jazzy pop sound is fun and Solar’s vocals are a stand out. Um, Oh Ah Yeah is my favorite song of them.

7.VIXX. Except for Hyde, I really enjoy all of their hits. Leo’s voice was what really got me into VIXX then I found out he’s a cutie watching him in variety shows which just made me love him more. I also really enjoy listening to Ravi. I think he’s so talented and has a cool rapping tone. VIXX LR’s Beautiful Liar would totally make my top 5 favorite kpop songs of all time. Check out N in Hotel King or Tunnel.

6. Winner. This group is kind of a new obsession of mine. I vaguely remember listening to Empty but I never really paid attention to them. It wasn’t until I got into New Journey to the West 3 that I got curious about Winner. I really like Don’t flirt, I’m Young and Sentimental but I have to confess it’s their new stuff (Really, really; Love me, love me; Fool and Island) that forced me to put them in the sixth place of my list even if I’ve only been listening to them for the past four months. What I’m most excited about is what they’ll come up with next. Even though I got into Winner because of Minho and I love his solo stuff, my bias is by far Seungyoon. That voice of his is so amazing and refreshing to hear in a kpop group. Check out Seungyoon in High Kick: Revenge of the short legged or in the upcoming drama Wise Prison Life.

5. BTOB. The thing about BTOB apart from their awesome funny personalities is those voices. The joke about even the rappers can sing in BTOB is because of Minhyuk and he shows it in his single Purple Rain ft Cheeze that was released recently. Hyungsik has my favorite voice in BTOB. He also writes songs. To be honest. I prefer their ballads to their upbeat songs but I’ll be your man and Movie are really fun. Check out Sungjae in School 2015 and Goblin.

4.  Shinee. They have changed their concept in every comeback, tried out a lot of sounds but they always are so effortlessly good. I never really had a bias on Shinee until last year that I got a bit too much into Jonghyun’s music solo stuff. My favorite songs are View, Excuse me miss, Everybody, Sherlock, Ring ding dong and Tell me what to do. You can check out Onew in Descendants of the Sun and Key in Drinking Solo.

3. Red Velvet. I’ve said this before in this blog but the thing about me and Red Velvet is that they always have such catchy songs that I can’t run away from them and end up loving every song. This was ever since their debut with Happiness. I remember I was like this song is too hyper and weird. Me, an hour after: La,la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la HAPPINESS!! That hasn’t changed at all as Red Flavor proved it. Wendy’s voice is a stand out.

2. Big Bang. I think MADE might be if not my favorite album then my second favorite album in kpop. I think it’s flawless. Lies, Stupid Liar and Blue are also songs that I cannot live without. I admire G-dragon but I love Taeyang’s voice and I’m obsessed with TOP’s personality. My favorite song is Loser. If you haven’t watched Secret Message with TOP and Juri Ueno, then you must! 

1. EXO. They are the reason why I got into kpop. Mama was such a weird song that I felt I needed to know more about it and the MV didn’t help to make things clear for me, thank you very much SM. However the vocals specially Kyungsoo’s (D.O.) were amazing. I started to learn about them and I was hooked! I loved every member in EXO of course but thanks to Showtime Chanyeol became my bias and there was no escaping after that. I love the upbeat EDM trap songs, their r&b songs and the ballads. EXODUS is my favorite album and Promise is my favorite song for all kinds of reasons: the actual song is amazing and the moment in time when it was released. I do believe EXO’s sound has developed and grown with each album but it’s always EXO. It’s never enough though. I never get bored of listening to their songs.

Unless you count EXO Next Door, except for Chen everyone has tried acting with mixed results. However you need to check out  Kyungsoo in I remember you with Seo In Guk or his movie Hyung with Jo Jung Suk and Park Shin Hye.

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Hiiii can u recommend a drama dealing with young love around college age or 12 grade. Something that shows Korean life but modern in the sense of like food and school and social life

🤔mmm I’m not sure about the modern part but you could try these:

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo - Bok Joo is a weightlifter and Joon-hyung is a swimmer in college it tells of their relationship and sports.

Because It’s the first time/My first time - about a group of friends and their stories/love.

Heartstrings - Two musical students from different backgrounds start to like each other.

School 2017 - Shows the injustice against students and the relationship/friendships between Eun-Ho and Tae-Woon.

Other dramas that fit into the school category:

To the Beautiful You, Cheer up!, Bring it On Ghost, Mischievous Kiss, Reply 1988, Reply 1997, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, School 2013, Dream High, Princess Hours/Goong, The Heirs, Moorim School, Orange Marmalade, The Liar and His Lover.

music tag?

Tagged by the lovely @dongsichengzz ! Okay so from what I could understand all I have to do is list the last ten songs I’ve been listening to a whole lot lately and then tag ten people to do as well ;

  1. Jaywalking -Shut Up Flower Boy Band OST (yeah im still crying come at me)
  2. With You -Cover by Hyunggu and Jinho
  3. Black Suit -SuJu 🖤
  4. Clap -Seventeen
  5. Replay -SHINee (my ulTS)
  6. Dream In A Dream -Ten (i listen to this song every day without fail)
  7. Fantasy/ Say My Name -JBJ (i love their whole debut ok can i please hug)
  8. Hellevator -Stray Kids (brb while i beat the shit outta the show producers k thx)
  9. Gorilla -Pentagon (don’t touch me i love hyo’s rap n im a fuckin yuto stan)
  10. Move -Taemin (y’all know im a soft bitch for Taem)

I tag: @blueberry-jisung @hyucksrose @chenlays @kyoyaz @frostedjeno @jaemins-daffodil @zelovevo @4jung @cosmic-yuta

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Imagine Vocal Team Garageband!AU. They do small time gigs but they've managed to gain quite a bit of a following. Flustered!Jisoo doesn't know what to do with all the fangirls and bassist!Jeonghan has fanboys (but they only have eyes for each other). Seungkwan and DK lowkey ship them together while Jihoon tries not to blush every time a fanboy!Seungcheol takes front row with a huge sign that reads, "JIHOONIE MAKES ME WOOZY" with sparkly hearts around it. -FairyHair!AU Anon (remember me? :D)

FairyHair ANON! ofc i remember you :) im finally able to reply to this! ITS SO CUTE! are you a fic writer?? you remind me of my friend and they write my absolute fave jihan fics so im like ahhh does this anon write? i want to read their fic!

but like okay, okay gosh i’ve been thinking about this since you sent it to me the other day, imagining them all on a small stage together like the guys from shut up flower boy band or mary stayed out all night and like theyre not big yet or anything but they play shows in hongdae every other week and they have a small following who love them and they have all these hopes and dreams of making it one day with their own songs and music.

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Hi! uh, I'm new to the fandom and i was wondering if there was any videos you could reccomend me to watch of Infinite? /-\ like interviews and them being the cuties they are ww~

hello ( ^ ▽ ^ )ノ welcome to the fandom~

i recommend watching their variety shows because we get to see that they are actually a bunch of lovable idiots compared to their charismatic onstage image. *this isnt a full list i just listed the ones i could think of on the top of my head*

Infinite Variety Shows

  • You’re My Oppa (x) [FETUSFINITE!!]
  • Sesame Player (x)
  • Ranking King (x)
  • Birth of a Family (x) [infinite + puppies ;u;]
  • This (Diss) is Infinite (x)

You can actually see how much they have grown by watching their variety shows but at the same time they havent changed at all

Variety Shows with Infinite as guests [hover over links to see what episodes & which members are guests:)]

  • Weekly Idol (x) [aka Infinite’s 2nd home]
  • Running Man (x) (x) (x,x) (x)
  • Hello Counselor (x) (x) (x)
  • Happy Together (x)
  • Mamma Mia (x) (x)
  • Beatles Code (x) (x)
  • High Society (x)


  • Welcome to Wara Store (x) [infinite as cartoon characters is super cute *o*]
  • Secret T (x) [more fetusfinite =u=b]
  • Mnet Scandal (x) [not for the weak hearted :\]
  • 10 Days in Japan (x)
  • 8 Days in America (x)
  • Second Invasion Concert: Couple Game (x) [THISTHISTHIS]
  • Infinite & Rainbow dance perf (x) [PFFFTTT]
  • BTD Trot ver perf (x)


  • Shut Up, Flower Boy Band
  • Love Poten
  • Reply 1997 [this is a must watch!]
  • High School Love On


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Okay, so maybe some fans are taking it too far but I guess we should take into consideration this was the first thing Jungkook was doing alone. We were all a bit hesitant and excited.

I am just going to be honest I have no idea what the show premise is about. I only know 4 of the people on it. When I saw Jo Seho was going to be a cast member I was kind of like meh.

I don’t really care for his humour or character. I liked him on roommate then it got to a point where he annoyed me. His jokes were extremely repetitive.

I knew Kim Minsuk because of the few drama rolls that he had been in “Shut Up Flower Boy Band” and “Hi School Love on”. I am excited that he is gaining recognition.

Then I was familiar with the other comedian Byungjae who I do find funny. They should’ve just had him.

It fans are to be upset about the whole food incident. I get that.

I agree that was rude. He brings them food and I get them maybe not wanting to eat on screen but there was no reason for them to basically shove the food back in his face.  I am not sure if it was maybe a cultural difference in humour but, if i did that to someone my mom would’ve whooped my ass.

That is extremely rude. Especially when you consider that this is his first experience on his own for a variety type show. He is out of his element. He seemed really enthusiastic when he showed up but it quickly died down. He was looked so uncomfortable every time they brought up his fans.

That would make anyone uncomfortable. To be put on the spot like that.

I also feel that he wouldn’t of cared if he was a team leader had he not felt so awkward. He felt super uncomfortable with all the comments about his popularity so I am pretty sure that is why he was asking fans not to vote for him.

Another thing I want to address is the whole fairness thing with voting. Jungkook is always going to be an advantage. He is the most well known member. Then when you take into consideration what  platform they are using you find an immediate flaw in the set up. BTS is one of the most popular groups on the V app. This puts the rest of members at a disadvantage. V app is mainly Kpop groups. All the other members are not really exposed on that platform. Clearly the production staff knew this but wanted it to be this way to attract views.

When you think about it how popular would it be if Jungkook wasn’t on it? The most popular member would be Kim Minsuk or Jo Seho who I know a lot of people can’t stand. He talks over people and is focused on being the center. Even with a great comedian like Byungjae the show probably would not have been too successful.

It is kind of annoying some members keep saying it isn’t fair. It was never set up to be fair. They should’ve looked into the V broadcasting system more. If they did they would know that hearts are endless. They are free and they recharge. No fan is going to stop after one.

Now I am not saying that the members are awful people and deserve bad things. That is taking it too far but I will say some of them behaved rude. They should remember that Kpop fans are extremely protective.

I am sad because I was looking forward to Jungkook’s first solo variety work. I was worried just because I know that they can seem super quiet and shy when they aren’t with other members. I just felt awful because he looked so uncomfortable.  Then it just seems like a huge mess which is probably going to turn BTS off of doing variety and make Armys look bad.

Which will make Jungkook feel guilty.

It’s just seems like this didn’t work out. I feel like this show is going to end badly.

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Side note; did you see how much each burger was?

I would’ve been pissed if I had spent that money just for the food not to be eaten.

[NEWS] 150817 INFINITE’s L Cast in Debut Film Role

On August 18, a source revealed to news outlet Newsen that INFINITE’s L has been cast in his first film. He will reportedly be acting as the lead male character in the movie “Mr. Shark” (working title). In this film, he will portray a young male who enjoys a special bond with sharks. Apparently, the film will be focused on sending a message about the preciousness of nature.

While the INFINITE member has prior acting experience, this will be his first role on a movie. Having acted in various projects including “What Is Mom,” “Shut Up Flower Boy Band,” “Cunning Single Lady, ” and “The Time We Were Not in Love,” the budding actor has packed on a lot of experience.

Meanwhile, INFINITE’s latest album “Reality” successfully swept various music charts and won awards at different music shows as well.

Are you excited to see INFINITE’s L in his first film role?

Credits: Soompi
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Infinite's L in a new drama

“엘은 이 작품에서 주인공 차정우(주상욱 분)의 비서인 길비서 역을 맡았다. ‘길비서'는 PC방 아르바이트생에서 국내 굴지의 기업 대표의 개인비서가 된 인물로 차정우의 힘든 시기를 함께하며 마음을 나눈 의리의 사나이다.

엘은 그동안 여러 작품에 출연하며 인피니트의 대표적인 '연기돌'로 꼽혔다. SBS '주군의 태양'에서 소지섭의 아역으로 출연해 깊은 인상을 남겼고, 케이블채널 tvN '닥치고 꽃미남밴드'에서도 날 선 카리스마를 보여줬다. '앙큼한 돌싱녀'에서는 또 어떤 매력을 보여줄지 많은 이의 관심이 쏠리고 있다.

한편 '앙큼한 돌싱녀'는 '미스코리아’ 후속으로 다음 달 26일 첫 방송된다.”


In this drama, L plays the role of the main character, Cha Jung Woo (Joo Sang Wook)’s secretary.  Secretary Gil started off working part-time in a internet cafe, but is now a loyal personal assistant to the country’s leading businessman and goes through all of the rough times together.

So far, L has appeared in various dramas and has been picked as Infinite’s “actor-dol.” In SBS’s “Master’s Sun,” he appeared as So Ji Sub’s younger self and left a great impression and in the cable channel tvN’s Shut Up Flower Boy Band, he showed sharp charisma. There is a lot of interest to see what kind of charm he will show in “Cunning Single Lady.”

“Cunning Single Lady” will follow “Miss Korea” and the first episode will air Feb 26.

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