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Romantic & Idol: Review

Ok, I just finished watching seasons 1 and 2 and here are my thoughts!

Season 1

  • The cast was ok, but I only really paid attention to Jihyun, Jun.K, and Mir. It was great to see Jihyun on a show since I don’t think she ever gets much spotlight in 4minute. I wasn’t surprised that all the guys liked her because she has a nice personality and (imo) was the prettiest girl there. Jun.K was quite charming and it looks like he’d make a great boyfriend or husband. Mir was super fun to watch with all his energy and randomness. I think he made the show much more entertaining.
  • I think Jihyun & Hyungsik were the best couple (it was so cute how she played a ZE:A song for him!). It was great that they were always paired together since it helped them build a better connection. They compliment each other well and could actually have a meaningful relationship after the show.
  • I don’t think JB was necessarily a jerk since it was clear that he simply wasn’t attracted to Seungah (even she knew that). Regardless of the age gap JB & Seungah simply had no spark. I do like the fact that JB apologized for not being interested in Seugah and at least he picked her in the end instead of just totally rejecting her. I don’t think anything was wrong with Seungah, but it didn’t seem like any of the guys wanted to date an older woman :/
  • The first season ended nicely and everyone seemed to have a good time.

Season 2

  • I think this cast was much more boring than S1 (tbh, I watched this season 99% because of Jonghoon). None of them were that funny or had big personalities to make the show more entertaining. The group chemistry in S1 was also better than in S2.
  • The show didn’t give everyone decent air time because we hardly got to see Kevin, N, Jiwon, or Eunyoung. Plus, G.Na was pretty much the Seungah of season 2. She seems like a nice person but none of the guys were interested in dating older girls. Since this keeps happening, they should probably screen guy contestants ahead of time to know whether they even like dating older girls. It makes no sense to keep casting “noonas” that aren’t going to be picked by anyone, especially since it ends up being so embarrassing for them.
  • I understand why people felt bad for G.Na but it was pretty unfair to start hating on Jonghoon just because he didn’t like her the most. He said from the very beginning that he really liked Yewon so what did you expect? He only likes G.Na as a friend (which she clearly figured out) so that’s that and no bashing is needed. But compared to the whole JB-Seungah drama, Jonghoon and G.Na worked much better and they looked like they enjoyed their time together. Unlike JB, who probably doesn’t care if he ever sees Seungah again, it looks like G.Na and Jonghoon will at least be friends or keep in touch.
  • The show’s ending was just a mess. People’s feelings were all over the place so that’s why so few ended up getting matched together. It looks like Minhyuk can’t decide what to eat for breakfast much less chose what girl he likes. He went back and forth between Yewon and Jiwon so much that Yewon lost her patience with him. Then he had the nerve to pick her at the last minute as if he just flipped a coin and Yewon won the toss. But worst of all, I can’t believe after all that Yewon still chose Minhyuk! Jonghoon seemed to actually have genuine feelings for Yewon and he did so much to show that he liked her. Even if she liked Minhyuk more he still doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing, and she rejected the man who looked like he’d do anything for her. This was really annoying to watch, especially since Jonghoon’s heart was crushed and the Yewon-Minhyuk couple is nowhere near as great as the Jihyun-Hyungsik couple. The final decisions in S2 were a complete disaster and disappointment, but the overall season was good.


The show needs to watch out for this “forever alone noona syndrome” (F.A.N.S) that keeps happening, plus it would probably help to have a bigger cast and for them to have more time together (1 month would be much better than just 3 nights and 4 days). I think the general concept of the show is good, but it would be better if they do the show at other places besides Jeju island– going overseas would be cool.

Anyway, I like this show and I hope they have another season.

R&I2 Final Episode


This season was super scripted. Season 1 just felt more genuine.

There was only one couple in the end.

Oh well…. You could already guess who they are already.

I’m just glad Eunyoung was still smiling in the end, Kevin is such a gentlemen. AND N GOT WHAT HE DESERVED BWAHAHA And G.Na, You know you deserved better than this show. I am soo glad its over! I hope they all are still friends tho!