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I HATE those cheesy, stupid ass Facebook posts that go something along the lines of:

“Marriage isn’t easy. Marriage is ugly, messy, it’s fighting over little things, it’s seeing the worst in someone, seeing them angry and impatient. But it’s also laughing until you cry, eating ice cream on the kitchen floor at 3 am, etc”

Like… COME ON!!!! What kind of heterosexual bullshit is this?!

Seriously, marriage shouldn’t be as fucking miserable as people (mostly hetero people) always make it out to be.

Sorry, but my husband and I are happy together, we genuinely enjoy each other’s company, and we have healthy communication so that we hardly ever fight? And when we do fight, we’re able to talk it out?? There’s nothing ugly, messy, or difficult with our marriage.

Idk, perpetuating that shit just grinds my gears.

I will never understand the normalization of being in miserable marriages.


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I understand what the ascendant means, but I've seen people talking about the descendant. Is it significant, or does the descendant only barely affect you?

The best way to understand it for people whom use placidus as their preferred house system is the Descendant starts off the 7th house and rules over the following areas of life :

Business Partners
Marriage Partners
Open Enemies
Interactions with General Public
Views on General Public
The Grand Parents

My character is a pretty bad guy and can be violent. I HATE it when someone I’m rping with provokes my character and expects him not to react aggressively. It bothers me even more when the rper doesn’t want me to hurt their character but keeps egging mine on. If you can’t handle bad characters, DON’T rp with them!