show: parks and rec [2]

  • John Laurens: (at a gay club) You know why tonight's so fun? Everybody's gay!

*Keith and Coran standing next to Allura, who’s passed out in the rec room*
Keith: She’s been asleep for 23 hours, it’s amazing what she’s slept through.
*montage of the team arguing, laughing and playing catch while Allura sleeps peacefully*
Coran: I’ve been monitoring her vital signs, she’s totally fine.
Keith: I love her so much…but I think I’m gonna draw a moustache on her face.

hello studyblrs near and far ! I just made this account a couple days ago & I have completely fallen in love with it, I’m so v excited to be finally joining this community !

🐾 about me 🐾
you can call me asuna. I’m seventeen, Chicana girl who just graduated high school in June. I live in Los Angeles, California and will attend my local CC august 28 ! ( expect original content until then! ) my favorite time spent is volunteering at my local animal shelter ! I’m also a Gryffindor ! 🦁

🐾 interest 🐾
art, design, animals, music, books, Marvel & DC ❤️. My favorite artist(s) are Elvis Presley & Johnny Cash, book(s): tigers curse is my ultimate fave, tv show(s): supernatural, once upon a time, gilmore girls, parks and rec. movies : GOTG 2 & Wonder Woman

🐾 why studyblr ? 🐾
I’ve made this studyblr to motivate me with my upcoming studies. I want to kick my bad habits of procrastination and laziness away. I’ve been diagnosed with depression and ADHD, and have had problems with memory loss that have made it hard for me to do things but I really want to conquer it and show that I can do anything I put my mind into. I aspire to be a veterinarian so here’s to working extremely hard !

🐾 goals 🐾
• starting / finishing my first bullet journal
• be productive everyday
• stay organized
• earn grades B or higher
• learn a new language
• read more books

🐾 inspiration and motivation 🐾
@anatriestudyblr @emmastudies @equaticns @estudiear @focusign @gabellestudies @haphazardstudy @intellectys @littlepostitnotes @lucrestudies @lumstudies @mlykstudy @mochistudies @rhubarbstudies @studyblr @studyblrs @studyign @studylustre @studytherin @studyquill @stvdybuddies @tbhstudying @tiny-notes

thank you so much to all the blogs mentioned and to any other ones I might’ve missed, your blogs really make me feel like I can do anything and inspire me to better myself. I really hope to make friends along the way!

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Relationship Status:  single af

Fave color: blue, preferably dark blues

Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick every day. lipstick when i want to give the impression that i will stab a man with my car keys if i need to

Last song I listened to: i’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately actually…. so Two Dope Queens. Check ‘em out. Also Nancy from WNYC. Kathy Tu is bae

Last movie I watched: Girls Trip

Top 3 TV shows:

3. Parks and Rec

2. 30 Rock

1 Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Top 3 characters:

3. Phillip Shea

2. Castiel

1. Rosa Diaz

Top 3 Bands: i don’t really listen to bands so i’m doing artists k??

3. SZA

2. Haim (oh look a band!)

1. Chance the Rapper

Book I’m Currently Reading: ehhh i’ve been trying to read an anthology of black lgtq icons for months

okay i’m tagging: @mishkawrites @wanderingcas @goodtidingsdean @casbakespie