show: once


…and another duet from these two! :) from the same live show, I guess.

Lea and Darren singing Falling Slowly, from the awesome Once. Sends chills through your whole body.

we are dancing / we are flying / and he’s taking me back to the skies

emotional harmonies: a mix of harmonies that make me cry when i listen to them 

1. loneliness of evening from cinderella / 2. a step too far from aida / 3. in my life/a heart full of love from les miserables / 4. sunrise from in the heights / 5. you love who you love from bonnie & clyde / 6. first date/last night from dogfight / 7. if only (quartet) from little mermaid / 8. suddenly seymour from little shop of horrors / 9. once and for all from newsies / 10. make up your mind/catch me i’m falling from next to normal / 11. when your mind’s made up from once / 12. what you own from rent 13. the one from first date / 14. the song of purple summer from spring awakening / 15. as long as you’re mine from wicked / 16. the i love you song from the 25th annual putnam county spelling bee


Drabble - Once

So this just sorta happened.


He only kissed her once and it wasn’t prepared or planned or even voluntarily. It just happened. He didn’t have a choice. He couldn’t do anything about it.

She just looked so beautiful, so desirable in her tight leggings, her hair up in a bun so that her whole face was presented to him and showed him what real, natural beauty looked like. Sometimes her tee glided from her shoulder when they danced and those short glances at exposed skin that not everybody got to see… it killed him. It created cravings in him that weren’t appropriate or permitted. And he didn’t believe he’d ever get used to the flutter in his stomach, to the shocks of adrenaline when she touched him, to the short-windedness when their faces were only inches apart.

But he could keep it together. He was a master in hiding his pain, in pretending he only saw a little sister in the young woman he wanted so badly that he sometimes felt the need to break a bowling ball so he could cope with the anger of not having her. He stayed calm and reasonable, didn’t touch her if it wasn’t necessary, didn’t look at her if it wasn’t necessary, didn’t breathe if it wasn’t necessary. Until week 7.

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A Shot at Romance.

(y/n) = your name


I sighed in annoyance, and put the bow and arrow down to my side. “I can’t do this Peter” I said looking at Peter, who was leaning against a tree, arms crossed and eyes staring intensely at me. He sighed and pushed himself off the tree. “C'mon (y/n), you haven’t even tried” Pan said coming to my side. I rolled my eyes. “But I know I won’t be able to do it..” I said irritated.

Peter moved behind me. Putting one hand on waist, making me tensed. “Relax” Peter whispered into my ear. “I’m not going to hurt you.” I snorted “Yeah, right” Peter moved his hand a little further down, making me squirm.

“Okay, Okay!” I said. Peter grabbed the arrow with his other hand and had me get into position. “Alright, so what you have to do is keep this arm” Peter said taking my left arm and keeping it steady. “then you have use this hand” Peter said putting my hand on the trigger “to not only pull the trigger but hold the handle. Okay?” I nodded. “Take a deep breath” I did what I was told, “Look at your target” I stared at the circle drawn on the three “and pull” I pulled the trigger, and watched as the arrow shot straight into the circle. 

I smiled and jumped up, and down. “I did it!” I turned to Peter, he was grinning at me “I did it!” I repeated, and lunged forward, throwing my arms around his shoulders, standing on my toes. I pulled back and toke a step back. “I’m sorry Peter” I started “I-I didn’t-” I stuttered, Peter put his hand up, shutting me up. “It’s okay" 

Sorry for the delay. I don’t know if it’s cute. They requested I do a cute Pan imagine but I don’t know if it’s cute though.