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Well, a whole year has passed! I can’t even believe it? Like, whoa, a WHOLE YEAR. I remember making this blog two days after I bought my tablet, I wasn’t sure at first, I was always dreaming with making something about Reset!Frisk (aka Myos), I was unsure about it, but a lot of people supported me from the start saying I should do it. 

One of ‘em was Ovni (mod Ovni) who helped me in this collab, he was one of the first ones to support my idea, also the one I showed the spoilers of the comics first, he has been a great motivation to continue despite me feeling down about it most of the time. Also he has colored some UnderReset updates as well, PRAISE HIM

@ask-usfrisk / @friskyjunk-garbage (Diana) wellp, you has been always my rp partner and it was important to me when you supported me as well, and and and all these months rping with you and coming up with ideas has been great!

@dvtale / @monochromeautumn / @violence-and-junkiecolors (Deino) DUUUUD, YOU ARE THE BESTEST CRAP(?)ICORN EVER and I love our conversation or the fact that you joined me with an UT blog *and then i joined you in fandomstuck on tumblr, thank you a lot for that sdfkj.nsdf*

@xbluebanshee (Geo) it doesn’t let me tag you in your other tumblr, but you also had been a great motivation, specially after you also joined and and planning stuff with you it’s super cool and your art it’s great and you have improved quite a lot (same goes for all the people above)

And well, I also dreamed about interacting with other blogs or meeting more people on tumblr, artists of every kind (even writers) such as Tuan, who had been the bestest friend I could met on tumblr, he’s like…the most supportive cutiepie ever!!

Other people like Lynn, askthegoatbro,thunder, sama (hohooh), my furriends and mods who are there whenever i need it and you all are greeeat.

Also I enjoyed the interactions we had with Ray (ask-caramel-prince)

Or even got to meet fanatastic people (WHO SEND MEMES AT 3 AM) like Min, dude, give Min LOVE, LOTS OF LOVE THEY DESERVE IT!

I would continue, but I would never end sdkjfnsdf

Thank you so much, I knw this is like 4 days late, but HEY I wanted to make you all something noice alongside Ovni.


Steven Universe Fandom regarding SDCC 2017

So you mean to tell me you’re upset that people didn’t record the trailer for all to see because they were told not to?

Believe me I understand how upsetting it is that we’re left in the dark while the people who attended SDCC get to see a trailer, but you got to understand that when people said recording isn’t allowed then that qualifies the people who recorded it anyway as leakers, and that’s very taboo when it comes to fandoms of ANY show.

I mean first you say how illegal leaking is, now you’re telling me you WANT them to leak footage?

I will never understand what people want.


I’m sure some of you may have noticed a dip in activity for us izuocha shippers, specifically that nice tagging thing we did and quite possibly why your getting tags here instead

Well hatefilledpoptarts to explain now what this shiny new blog is and how its come about, as well as some basic guidelines.

why the izuocha-tagging-squad exists

As it stands there is a slowly increasing amount of izuocha shippers interested in being involved

and if you have a look I’m going to show a screenshot of my first time tagging

a pretty short list at the start of all this

welp this was the steady increase before the open invitation

and this here is after the invitation

it got big

really big

so we’ve come to the logical conclusion keeping track of this many names and filling out a reblog for this amount of tags for every new izuocha piece we want to share is not going to cut it anymore, some of us forgot names and some of us refill in tags that were missed; its much too much resulting in confusion at times and we just can’t keep filling out this large of a list every time doing our best to remember everyone and keeping it in order.

So, to combat that stress, and to continue making the izuocha community welcoming for new shippers, a small group of us original taggers got together and went ahead to make this shared space to put it all our finds and tag everyone if thats what they want; where people who want to see izuocha on the regular can follow or even join as a member to reblog and share their own work.

What to do here

This will be our shared space where we’ll be putting all the izuocha fan works we find here instead of bringing it onto our personal blogs to tag

If there is anyone who’d like to participate as a contributing member of the blog, you can contact me in order to receive an invitation that tumblr will send directly to your e-mail.

Tagging is optional, if there are members who’d like to keep up the tradition, but it won’t be required in order to participate, just reblog or submit something if you like.

If you look here,

we do have a master list now to better manage keeping track of our members and can be updated if more requests are taken

And if you’d like to just view a lot of izuocha content then you can go ahead follow us to see all our finds ╭( ・ㅂ・)و

what should be shared

what to bring in:

  • fanart
  • fan fiction
  • headcanons
  • graphics
  • edits
  • cosplay
  • metas
  • analysis
  • absolutely any cute gushing of the two
  • wholesome memes are also good

what not to bring in:

  • nsfw material, we do take sloppy makeouts but as for drawing the line these two keep their pants on!
  • anti shipping regarding other pairings won’t be tolerated here
  • no dragging of any other ships to heighten izuocha as a pairing, lets be nice here

any side pairings are allowed so long as there is izuocha in the mix, preferred they be the main pair
no polyamorous ships plz

That should be all,

once again contact me, @hatefilledpoptarts to receive an invite

I will also open the askbox until Aug. if you have any questions about the sideblog or found something confusing. I’ll do my best to give a proper response on what we’re trying do here (`・ω・´)9

Keep in mind this is still fresh and we’re still taking our time to get a feet on the ground.

Hope to see you guys here and lets enjoy this great ship even more (^v^)

Filling in the list for one last time:
@thathilomgirl @rex101111 @cosmic-hoodie @c-jay321 @zakamore1 @mari-victal @chapelseed @marcow95 @absolutescribbles @upupdowndownleftrighta @izukusfreckles @armoredleo @happycloude-91 @cake-ademia @mynameisrobotala @satoshiakimoto97

Appreciation Aesthetics | Day 1 | One Shot | Misdial by @breeeliss | reconnection

When Chloe wakes up in the middle of the night, she desperately tries to call Sabrina to help her get back to sleep.

She misdials and calls Marinette instead.

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Since those Kyuranger plushies exist in universe, imagine these:

- Raptor doing her usual daydreaming while playing with the plushies

- Hammy doing her substitution technique using the plushie of herself

- If any of the Kyus go missing, one of the others could go around asking “Have you seen anyone who looks like this? *holds up plushie*”

- When Tsurugi is officially welcomed to the team, Kotaro shows off a plushie of him. (No idea whether it was Kotaro or Stinger who made it)

- Considering what Stinger said about his clan knowing how to sew (I forgot exactly how that line went), would that mean that Scorpio can make plushies too? What if he made plushies of all the Jark Matter members he met.

- Not really a plushie related thing but a Stinger and sewing related thing, what if: Fashion Designer Stinger

I hope someone in the Kyuranger fandom gets inspired by these ideas.

S2E7 David x reader: bonjour Bonquisha

This all happens after the events of episode 7 so SPOILERS!!! I felt like I wanted more closure. Like what happens next?? And I feel like the two seasons have been one continuous summer kinda like in other tv shows so I personally think they’ve only been dating for a couple months at most. Like each episode is one week events or something. Reader is still Max’s older sister and lives decently far away. Max called her up and was like your mans is depressed come fix him. And she was like first he’s not my mans so shut up you prick and second why should I listen to you. But she came anyways, however very late. (Also I would marry David in a heartbeat. And I told my bf that and now he makes fun of me *sadface*)


“WHAT IN FRESH HELL IS GOING ON HERE??” (Name) burst open the doors and took a look at the scene around her.
She came up running to the man on the ground to help him up “I am so extremely sorry for this” she turned to David, “YOU. Come with me. Now.” (Name) took her friend’s ear and yanked it which forced him to follow her outside the only restaurant in town. Max’s eyes were huge and his friends looked to him in question. “I’ve never seen her this angry before. I didn’t think she’d ACTUALLY come!!”

Outside the restaurant was dark and cold. (Name) crossed her arms and stared down her old friend.
“What the hell is going on?? Why were you beating up that poor man??” However, almost like magic, (name) began to giggle a little and stifle her laughter.
“I’m sorry but YOU?? Of all people?? Never mind. Max told me everything mostly. David look” she got real close to him and sat him down on a bench. (Name) bent down to get eye level.
“I know you didn’t have anyone to sit you down and talk to you in life but I’m going to do it right here a little bit. Did you love her?”
David’s eyes got real wide and full of tears, “yes!… I don’t know.”
(Name) gave out a sigh, “I understand. It was your first girlfriend. Your first REAL relationship anyway.” David’s eyes were red and swollen from crying. He didn’t know what to do with himself so he shifted his eyes to the ground and his feet.
“Come on” (name) lightly slapped David on the back. “Let’s go back to my place and watch some shitty movies. Things with real dumb plots and you can laugh and take your mind off of everything.” (Name) placed him up off his feet and began taking him to her car. She stopped and turned around real quick, “one more thing.” She placed a small and warm kiss on his cheek, “don’t forget you always have me.”

anonymous asked:

ok but after finding out you guys are pregnant I personally think Harry would be a bit hesitant about making love and stuff because where he is so protective he would be worried about "hurting the baby" (even tho it doesn't actually) so do you think he would come through after a bit of convincing and showing him the facts because I don't think that if I was pregnant I would be able to go 9 months without feeling H and especially with the hormones and everything...... what do you think???

I think it would take a little bit of convincing, especially if it was later in your pregnancy, when your tummy is noticeably bigger than in the first few months.

But once you have him in the idea, he’d be really sweet and gentle with you, taking things slowly and make sure you feel as good possible.

anonymous asked:

they are plenty of female super heroes/role models particular in the Marvel/Dc universe. We have Super Girl, Jessica Jones. Agent Carter, and many more in the spin offs. AS well as strong female heros characters in Divergent and the Hunger games. So you cant say we only have wonder woman because that just isn't true. Also i'm a girl who doesn't care much to have a male role model

Hello anon! Sorry for the late reply.

You’re completely right - there are plenty of female super heroes and role models in the Marvel and DC universe and I absolutely love them. Jessica Jones was a brilliantly constructed show that reflected a particular way of being in the world that’s female. Agent Carter was a romantic subplot that was given her own lease of life. 

Yet, how come it still remains true that Wonder Woman is the first female superhero to get her own movie in the MCU or DCEU? How come it’s still true that it’s the first female-led superhero film in more than a decade and the first to be directed by a woman? 

Good strides are being made, but as I mentioned, for every one Wonder Woman film, there are plenty of Spider-man, Superman and Batman films. What I meant was also not just a literal comparison but a metaphor for the bigger picture: female protagonists still only account for 28% of comedies, 24% in drama films, 14% in animated features, 14% of sci-fi films and 3% in action films (San Diego State University). 

If like me, you’re a girl who doesn’t care much to have a male role model, the news of the Thirteenth Doctor should be an absolute joy. 

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rickmobile anon again! So how many hours early do you need to be? I'm on a time schedule so I might only be able to make it 3-4 hours early..

[We were there at 4 am so… a lot of people showed up around 7 am and it started at 2 so… by the time noon rolled around there were about 1000 people, everything’s limited to first come first serve so, definitely as early as you can get!]


Hiya! So due to some recent personal issues, I’m going to try doing commissions! Everything will be on a first-come first-serve basis.

You can pay me up front ( which will be required for all sketches ), or you can request I show you the sketch before you pay me in full ( only for the line art options ). Prices on line art are fairly negotiable. All of my art comes in.. fairly big sizes, so if you’d like a specific size or something smaller, please let me know!

To commission me, please PM me on this blog, and I will give you either my discord or my skype so that we can talk further and work out details and payment

Please keep in mind I have every right to refuse a commission. I can only accept USD, and only via PAYPAL.

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that was the funniest fucking angry anon message i've seen. I like how you handled it. have a good day!

I tell you something. I was at the last 1D
show in Sheffield in 2015 (the hug 😊).Louis was about to be a dad and Xander Ritz was in the audience for Harry that night. You want to know how much all that mattered in the moment the boys walked on stage: 0%
Their music always will always come first.

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hey what do you think of supernatural?

Eh. I gave it a shot. Never was a show I cared enough to watch all of, I just skipped to episodes that looked interesting or arc important so I would know what people were talking about. Eventually realized the things I thought it did best were not the things it was interested in doing, and decided it wasn’t worth my time.

I’ll probably be sitting through its Comic Con panel on Sunday all the same, though. Generally comes before the Doctor Who one, and I just sit through whatever comes first.

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I don't trust the spoiler account because the only reason they've been right so far is because they watched the trailer way ahead of us

Hmmm that could be true. They were right about Jackson/Ethan dating though which is something no one suspected, plus you couldn’t tell they were dating from that first trailer. they must have some information if they saw the trailer before us. Even people with screeners don’t get trailers ahead of time. For me it shows up in the press site when it shows up for everyone else. And I do have to say everything they’ve said so far checks out. They were also right about some bts pics of Dylan in 6b coming out yesterday but I’m still not 100% sold on everything they’ve said. 🤷‍♀️

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Hi! I've lurked around the sickfic community for a while now without actually contributing anything, and I've always really loved your blog! I've recently created my own, and I was just wondering if you had any advice for a newbie who wants to get involved? also I'm loving your Spider-Man fics :)

Well first off, I want to follow you so come tell me what your UN is! As for getting involved, I think just being here and supporting others with their work as well as creating your own if you are feeling up to it is a good start and will get you going right away :) You can write, draw, create scenarios, create “whump” lists for shows, anything really! We love all content! (Also, thank you! I think writing Spiderman is my new calling lmao) 


Video shows officer threatening black man for jaywalking without an ID

  • A Facebook video shows a young black man being threatened by a Jacksonville, Florida, sheriff’s officer for jaywalking without an ID.
  • On June 20, Devonte Shipman, 21, and his friend were crossing the street when they were stopped by Sheriff’s Officer J.S. Bolden. 
  • In the video, the officer demands they come over to his police car, which Shipman at first refuses. Bolden then accuses the two of “resisting without violence” and says, “If you don’t, I’m going to put you in jail.”
  • The video, which has nearly 500,000 views as of Tuesday afternoon, shows the officer asking for identification as they walk to the car. 
  • When Shipman informs Bolden that he doesn’t have any, the officer cites it as another infraction and claims “I can detain you for seven hours until I figure out who you are.”
  • Shipman says he tried to remain calm and respectful because he was fearful of the scene turning violent. Read more (6/27/17)

follow @the-movemnt

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Can you recap what happened on fallon

  • he pranced when he first walked out 
  • jimmy said carolina was a jam multiple times
  • he also said his album was amazing
  • he also said dunkirk was amazing
  • they talked about two ghosts being the next single and harry said the two ghosts were talking to each other and not him so he said “give me some ghostie”
  • they talked about harry singing with stevie nicks
  • jimmy brought this tiny little bottle that stevie gave him and told harry that if you blow a wish into it, your wish will come true
  • jimmy said his wish came true because harry’s there :’)
  • harry made a wish and blew all cutely into the bottle :(
  • jimmy dramatically fell over and harry got up and pretended to punch him and then took over and gave the outro for a commercial break 
  • they were talking about harrys world tour and harry said “i like the world” and jimmy said “the world likes you” with no hesitance
  • a clip of dunkirk was shown and he and jimmy made really weird noises
  • harry gave a speech about how if people come together we can do wonderful things
  • they sang a tiny bit of ‘Party At My Parents House’ and harry said the civil war skit on SNL was his first war movie jjdfhkefkj
  • jimmy complimented harry the entire time that’s it that;s the entire show 

anonymous asked:

Can you explain why you think Jake Peralta has ADHD?

I’m actually really glad you asked because oooh boy, let met tell you, Jake Peralta, in my humble opinion as a fellow sufferer, is currently the single most obvious but sadly non confirmed (yet… one can still hope) fictional character with (most likely) undiagnosed ADHD out there. His strengths as well as his flaws all point towards him having the disorder.

So let me start with the good things:

- He’s a quick thinker! He thinks in unconventional ways with his mind taking leaps and turns whenever it feels like it. Often allowing him to solve cases in creative ways. … It also makes for interesting conversations most of the time.

- Using his impulsivity in a good way! When he figures something out, he’s usually the first one to get up AND DO SOMETHING. 

- Excitability! Have you seen how his eyes lights up when he feels like he’s doing what he thinks is right? He becomes like a little hyperactive child again. Usually, adults with the disorder, aren’t as much outwardly hyperactive anymore as children are. Instead, this tends to turn into feelings of restlessness and gets internalized. But of course, in a show like this, it makes sense to show him like this.

- Hyperfocus! Die Hard, anyone?! That guy has had the same hyperfixation for years!!! And I bet, he frequently uses his hyperfocus capability to get things done, too. That is, if he’s interested enough, of course.

- His energetic personality! Brings some energy and passion into the work place, don’t you think? And also it’s how many adults with ADHD are perceived if they feel well-integrated and at ease with their surroundings. Always the one coming up with new ideas? That’s us!

Now onto the not so good stuff when you’re the one struggling with it:

- Again, impulsivity. Saying the first thing that comes to your mind, talking… A Lot, acting without thinking and without regard for consequences. As seen on the show, it has not always been the best “decision” for him.

- Mood swings! Unfortunately, many are not aware of this fact but in many cases, ADHD actually comes with fast and frequent mood swings. The smallest things can trigger intense emotional responses. Jake definitely has that as he tends to jump from “Life is meaningless!” to “I’m the greatest!” without a problem. Just solved a case? I’M SO HAPPY!!! Oh no, they got away with it? Why bother anymore…… Yeah, that…

- You know the episodes where he and Captain Holt are undercover as part of the Witness Protection Program and Holt points out how Jake seems depressed lately? Yeah, people with ADHD can way too easily fall into this mindset (mood swings, anyone?). With the absence of regular work to keep his fast-pacing mind occupied, it’s not a surprise that he starts feeling this way.

- Not able to handle boredom! He has always something going. Games, ideas, looking for new cases. He never slows down and seems to keep himself occupied at all times. Classic ADHD!

- The way he handles words and numbers, anyone? How he never reads books? Oh, and then his troubles with finances? His locker and desk looking… like that? Classic signs of troubles with organisation and attention to me.

- Easily discouraged! It can’t be denied that he hasn’t had an easy childhood. Together with the troubles with his father, ADHD could be a way to explain why he now is the way he is. 

- Problems with low self-esteem (*cough* and definitely Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria)! Either he feels like THE BEST COP OUT THERE or he falls into this thinking pattern where you have trouble believing that people actually care about you. Probably something he should talk about in therapy, as he puts it himself.

Together with his tendency to procrastinate when it comes to boring stuff, his inability to express and cope with his feelings sometimes, his forgetfulness and not so ideal time management (for example, being late to work all the time),  I strongly believe that Jake Peralta has ADHD and should be written and confirmed as such (hey, it’s never too late!).
An episode focusing on him suspecting he has the condition and eventually seeing a specialist? I’d cry. Honestly.

The fact that so many real people with the disorder relate to him??? Okay, that’s not actually relevant here but definitely something the writers should take into consideration. BUT, don’t feel bad if you don’t! Not everyone’s ADHD is the same! :)

Psst, you won’t believe how many times I sit there thinking “that’s so me!” while watching the episodes. There’s even more “evidence” sprinkled throughout the show. All the small details not listed aboved. It’s marvelous and oh-so-relatable.

And just imagine the many excited faces watching the show when a main character on a immensely popular show like this would be confirmed as being one of them! Just thinking of the tiny, tiny, TINY possibility puts me into happy stimming mode!!! It would also help increase awareness in those who may not know anything about it and help reduce prejudices ‘cause ding dong, ADHD is not a fake disorder and adults can have it, too. Surprise!

(P.S. Please also check out this awesome post!)


LOIS:  Look, Clark, I know that I got a little thorny when you raised the red flag on A.C.
CLARK:  I was just trying to look out for you.
LOIS:  And I appreciate it.  I’ve just never had someone to help guide me through the shark-infested ocean of romance. … Not that I can’t fend for myself.
CLARK:  You know, I think I was wrong about our friend A.C.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME~ As a gift, I got myself the chutzpah to start practicing comics and long-form storytelling.

These are the first 6 pages of Fiend and Hera’s story, False Edge. It’s perfect for a first try: I’m invested in the characters, but without being so precious with them that I’m scared to mess up. Plus, it’s full of excuses to draw monsters and violence and gratuitous shots of Fiend’s butt. But for now: nice cat people.

ANYWAY if you wanna see where this goes (and where Fiend comes in), I’ll be posting new pages at @false-edge everyyyyyy what’s today. Wednesday.

Boy, I’m going to live to hate Wednesdays.