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Dear Steven Moffat:

I know you’re (FINALLY) leaving “Doctor Who”, but you’ve got one more season left to do.  So, I have a request for both you and whoever steps into your shoes.


The Doctor has lost companions before.

He has been erased from their memories.

He has had companions die, often right before his eyes.

He has even killed his companions with his own hands when it became necessary.







Doctor Who Revival 10th Anniversary

On the 26th March 2005, at 7:00pm, a legend was reborn. Now about 10 years later, Doctor Who has gone from long-lost TV classic to worldwide phenomenon. We’ve been through 5 Doctors, 8 companions, 3 TARDISes, 3 spin-offs, 2 head writers, 12 specials and 8 series. But we all have to remember where it all began, with Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper in the classic episode “Rose”, in which the Ninth Doctor got a new companion, Rose Tyler, and fought against the Autons and Nestene Consciousness, monsters he had already battled twice before. 

I propose that to celebrate 10 years of this beloved show being revived, fans of the show could rewatch Rose at the original air time, 7.00pm on the 26th March, but this time in 2015. We could maybe even live tweet it, with the hashtag #10YearsOfWho. It’s just an idea, but I know I will be doing it, to celebrate 10 years of being a fan. 

if you are wondering...

796 episodes of doctor who. 796.

104 newwho

692 classic

classic episodes- usually 25 minutes

newwho- usually 45 minutes 

104x45= 4680

692x25= 17300

21980 minutes (1318800 seconds) (366.33 hours) of Doctor Who

((but even more ‘cause specials))

more than 366 HOURS of doctor who.

to watch it all would take more than 15 days STRAIGHT


"Quite right, too..."

The reason I love Russell T. Davies so much is not only down to his dramtic openings or his painful goodbyes but also his ability to hide the most important words so that upon re-watching the viewer gets to find and reiterate the words again and again and again.

My main point for this is from The scene of Bad Wolf Bay in Doomsday

I-I love you,”

Quite right, too

The amount of times I’ve heard these words and everytime I discover something new. “Quite right, too” The Doctor is pretty much keen on laying down the laws with relationships. He loves flirting but (as shown with Martha) wll point out if he thinks differently of what is being incinuated.

In this marvellous scene Rose says to the Doctor that she loves him and by doing so she not only confesses to him but she’s also confessing to herself that she’s in love with him.

“Quite right, too”

With these three words Russell does create the words that both let the David/The Doctor stay in character and also show that he was always in love with Rose.

“Quite right, too” As in. I should bloody think so and all!

With these three words, The Doctor confesses that this is what he wants. What he has always wanted “Quite right" 

As it should be.

And then just as a cross reference

"The Doctor and Rose, in the TARDIS, as it should be”


“The Doctor and Rose, in the TARDIS, quite right, too”

The main OTP shipper for the Doctor and Rose was not us the fans or even Russell T. Davies for that matter, it was as shown the Doctor.

My reactions to Oswin's true state..... as told in gifs

When the doctor just stands there….

Then when Oswin tells him to come in…

 But then when he explains it’s all a dream of her mind and they pan on to her dalek body….

Then when they show that she fought through the transformation process…

And then when she doesn’t kill him and delete’s him from the daleks memory…