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Sasha/Payson or Kaylie/Austin?

Who even cares about kaylie Cruz who is an anorexic, honestly I’m sorry but Paulson 4ever

Payson Keeler is everything and after the Olympics (where she won at least 3 gold medals) she and Sasha finally hooked up and got married and coached together and had gorgeous blonde gymnastics babies. The end. 

I could write a 12 page thesis paper on the frustrations I have with Kaylie Cruz, but then I’d rage spiral and it’s not pretty.


“I am proud to announce the 2012 U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team.”

(Coach McIntire, Make It Or Break It, 3x08, United Stakes)

While I’m disappointed that tonight was the series finale of Make it or Break it, I’m also content with how the writers ended it. After all, I’m all for happy endings. Because quite frankly, I’m not keen on the idea of watching one of the girls not placing in the Olympics (which I’m thinking would probably have been Jordan because she’s not a main character). 

My bets for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd would be: Payson, Kaylie, Lauren.

Who do you think would place if the series wasn’t cancelled?