show: lost [2]


PRODUCE 101 S02 fav trainee ( 2 / ? ) : ong seongwoo 

big biiiiiiig protip for anyone who wants to write a mystery/suspenseful show/book/what have you that opens up a lot of mysteries over time and needs lore to help explain things: dont pull a lost. dont tease your audience into saying that everything will be answered and that everything is planned out if you genuinely dont know/cant answer some questions. dont have false mysteries. just dont pull a lost.

Why do hackers exist? Can’t you find something better to do than ruin someone’s livelihood? Ugh, PLEASE WATCH WYNONNA EARP LIVE TOMORROW NIGHT IF YOU CAN! Not only because everyone involved work their tails off, but because this brilliant program needs to live on!


Alura in every scene 5/?: In the last message that she had left for her daughter, Alura assures Kara that there’s no correct path in life, and that it’s okay if she looses her way once in a while. (Episode 1x1)

small theory (up to ch. 3)

To me it kinda seems like Mark could have killed someone else and taken their place? Like the Colonel for instance-

  • He’s not all that bothered by Mark’s death
  • He seems to know the house pretty dang well
  • He’s trying to get us off his scent
  • The whole “I will not be called a murderer in my own home!!!” thing???

Everyone was saying how they were such good friends and then Mark just dropped off the face of the Earth. Maybe he finally wanted to fit in again. Maybe he thought the only way he could do that was by becoming someone else, and “disposing of” his past? Maybe he thought he could just become someone else without any mysterious past and start fresh?

Maybe he chose the Colonel because he’s, as Damien describes, “very eccentric”, and it would be easy to act as him. BUT I also like the idea that maybe it was Damien that Mark switched places with.

Compared to everyone else, Damien is the only one who’s genuinely distraught over Mark’s murder (except for the butler’s lil breakdown, but that was a blip). You could almost say that, in comparison (because irl he’d be the only one acting realistically lmao), he’s overreacting- or overacting.

This could explain the possibility of Celine being possessed by Dark- if Damien is Dark, and Celine was attempting to talk to “Mark”, then it only makes sense that Damien/Dark would want to exact their revenge, and what better way to do that than to possess her and go rogue? 

The disappearance of the body could be accounted to Mark’s attempts to get rid of the evidence before someone realizes that it’s not actually Mark.

but idk man just speculating at this point. thank u for listening

“Does she (Camille) still love you?“
"I don’t think so,” Magnus said dryly. “She wasn’t very pleasant the last time I saw her. Of course, that could be because I’ve got an eighteen year-old boyfriend with a stamina rune and she doesn’t.”
Alec sputtered. “As the person being objectified, I … object to that description of me.”

ammarantas  asked:

Question time! why do u think charlie kept all the virgin marys after he was clean?

I have thought A LOT about this question and I’m still not sure what to tell you but I have a theory.

When I first saw Charlie carrying the statues like most people I assumed he was relapsing. But we know that’s not the case because the only way to get the heroin was to break a statue into pieces and he always had the same number of statues.

My theory is that he kept the statues as a way to test himself. In the 3rd ep Locke told him that he was going to run out of heroin in The Island sooner or later but he could regain control over his life by choosing to be clean on purpose instead of being clean because he was forced to by the situation. It is very important that at the end of that episode he asks for the heroin to Locke and throw it himself to the fire, instead of letting Locke to keep it away from him it was important for Charlie to throw the drug away himself.

I think the reason behind keeping the Virgin Mary statues is the same. Charlie is proving his determination to stay clean by having the temptation near everyday but not giving into it. It is also a typical christian mindset, to be tempted and resist is considered more powerful than never feeling the temptation. We know Charlie used to be very religious until he joined the band so it adds up with the history of the character. Charlie needed to prove himself that he was strong enough to refuse the heroin, that given the choice he could choose right.

It was suspicious that he lied to Claire when he was caught and said that he didn’t know the drug was there but he probably thought Claire wouldn’t understand why he was keeping the statues if he was honest. I also think Charlie is too ashamed of his addiction to openly talk about it with her. The time he told her he used to be an addict was when he was freaking out because of her contractions and it slipped, he wasn’t planning on telling her. It’s not difficult to see why. Charlie is the type of person who wants to take care of his loved ones, we saw in the flashbacks how that used to be his role in his family and specially with Liam and then he tried to provide for his girlfriend Lucy but he failed because of the addiction, the heroin made him lose a role that defined him.

Now in The Island he wants to recover that role and provide for Claire and take care of Aaron but he’s scared if he is totally honest and explains her how bad he hit rock bottom that would show Claire that he is not able to be the family man he’s trying to be and she would leave him. He is scared of losing Claire and Aaron like he lost Lucy and Liam.