show: highline ballroom


More videos clips from the Arthur Darvill and friends concert (with a surprise appearance from #GlenHansard !!!!!) #arthurdarvill #doctorwho #rorypond #once

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“When Your Mind’s Made Up” Arthur Darvill, Glen Hansard, and the broadway cast of “Once” at the Highline Ballroom, December 16th, 2013


C'était Salement Romantique - Coeur de Pirate

Another video from last night’s amazing concert :)


Q:  Do you ever dream about shit before it happens, or do you get inspiration from dreams?

A: “You know, actually, last year I had this dream – I still think about it all the time – where I was in the backseat of a car, making out with the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen, listening to this music that was just like… the most beautiful chords I’d ever heard, just speeding, driving through the middle of this music festival, like hitting people.  Yeah, I don’t know, it was crazy.  But I’m definitely going to use that in a film someday.  So yeah, yeah I do.”