show: heathers

Dead Girl Walking / Another Day
  • *Veronica climbs in JD's window*
  • JD: ♪ Who do you think you are?
  • Barging in on me and my guitar
  • Little girl, hey, the door is that way
  • You better go you know the fire's out anyway
  • Take your powder, take your candle
  • Your sweet whisper, I just can't handle
  • Well take your hair in the moonlight
  • Your brown eyes, goodbye, goodnight
  • I should tell you, I should tell you
  • I should tell you, I should, no!
  • Another time, another place
  • Our temperature would climb, there'd be a long embrace
  • We'd do another dance, it'd be another play
  • Looking for romance? Come back another day
  • Another daaaaaaaaay ♪

Finished Big Fun animatic! :D

Death Note characters as things said in Heathers
  • Light: Dear Diary, I believe I'm a good person...
  • Misa: I know, I know life can be beautiful
  • L: Welcome to my Candy Store!
  • Ryuk: why do I act like such a creep?
  • Soichiro: I love my dead, gay son
  • Matsuda: why are you chasing me??
  • Aizawa: shut UP, Heather (Matsuda)!!™!! !$!
  • Ukita: I'm gonna count to tHREE, One, Two, *pulls out gun* fUCK IT-
  • Mello: I Like, killer clothes, kicking nerds in the nose
  • Kyosuke: you make my balls so blue
Be More Chill Headcanons: Teachers

-Mr.Reyes has two jobs, being a drama teacher and a cashier at Hobby Lobby as such he has little free time
-what little free time he does have he spends listening to the latest Broadway hits and eating hot pockets
-he genuinely likes the kids, otherwise he wouldn’t have the teaching job, but sometimes they push him to his limits
-Christine loves theater as much as he does but they butt heads constantly in practice over how a scene should go
-he may or may not be embezzling some of their funds for his food, neither of his jobs pay particularly well
-Mrs.Macnamara started teaching eleventh grade literature at Middleborough back in the nineties after transferring from Westerburg
-her wife Mrs.Sawyer teachers twelfth grade American Composition and is the girl’s baseball coach
-they will kiss in front of their students
-they’re not supposed to pick favorites but Mrs.Macnamara will admit that her and Brooke have a lot in common

P5 Heathers AU where Akira is Veronica and Akechi is JD. The Heathers are Ann, Makoto and Morgana. Martha is Futaba, and Kurt and Ram are Ryuji and Yusuke.

Oh, and 7-11 Slurpees are now Cracker Barrel Pancakes.

Let the atrocity begin.


Guys, I had a Coke Slushie and I’m going to get a Cherry one tomorrow….it’s totally not because I’m obsessed with Heathers…that’s…that’s just crazy.


My freeze your brain animatic is finally done!

anonymous asked:

Heather Duke and Heather McNamara for the college hcs? (Also Martha and Veronica if you want) Love your hcs btw!!!

  • Heather Duke gets cut off by her parents and has no choice but to room with Heather M
  • They work out a lot of their problems
  • Heather Duke goes from mooching off Heather M and slowly doing nice things to make up for being mean to her 
  • Veronica finds out Heather Duke is living with Heather M when she comes over for movie night and finds Duke and starts spraying water on her like she was a she-demon
  • Duke is not amused
  • Heather M basically says she couldn’t leave Heather Duke without a place to stay
  • Heather M’s major is Communications she wants to be a radio show host
  • Heather Duke ends up getting really good at softball and gets a scholarship to join the softball team and goes into pro
  • Martha becomes a kindergarten teacher and basically boasts how she has the best job
  • she may or may not have met a single dad and is dating after his kid left for the first grade