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Popped in on Rosie’s ( @junryou​ ) stream tonight and she sketched a gorgeous Razer!! (on the left) 

So I couldn’t resist sketching Aya (on the right) too to match and she said we should post them and so here they are together! uvu

Hey Voltron Fans!

Feeling lost after marathoning Voltron and don’t know what to now do with your life? 

Feeling the need for more tv about fun space families?

Wanna see more of Josh Keaton as a Space Dad™?

May I present:








YOU GET FANTASTIC STORIES AND WONDERFUL CHARACTER AND RELATIONSHIP DEVELOPMENT HEADED BY JIM KRIEG (creator Spooksville, writer on multiple DC animated products) AND GIANCARLO VOLPE (director on ATLA and Star Wars: The Clone Wars)*





“But Annica,” you say, “I don’t know anything about the Green Lantern mythos or DC. I won’t understand any of it!”

You won’t need to know the background! The story accessible and easy for anyone who doesn’t have background on Green Lantern. You might miss a few easter eggs within the series, but plot and character wise, you won’t be left out of the loop.

“But I’m not a huge fan of 3D animation on tv shows” you say.

Once upon a time, I was very much in you position, and I will admit, at the beginning, it may seem a big jarring, but honestly the animation fits very well with the series and it grows to be absolutely gorgeous and you’ll soon stop noticing the initial difference that was throwing you off. 

“But Hal Jordan is a jerk!”

Oooooooooh yes he is. Normally. Believe you me I am aware. Normally at least - however this version of Hal Jordan, while at times cocky, has wonderful development and becomes a very likeable character. All the characters are written in ways that, even if you don’t like them, you will sympathise with them at points (hell even some of the villains).

So basically what I’m trying to say is

Go watch Green Lantern: The Animated Series

(*you may also get tears. Just saying it now so you don’t hate on me later)


In my dream, you said if I came here I’d find a beacon of hope for the galaxy. Who is the savior, and where do I find him or her?



@kabuki-akuma So I heard you like Razaya

I have my theory...

Hreatbreaking as GL:TAS is, Aya must be still alive. We’ve seen her coming back before, and Razer himself said he was sure of it.

Originally posted by aqualadb03

Well, I do have a theory:

When a Green Lantern dies, their rings return to Oa, right?

Well, what if a small, seeminlgy insignificant portion of Aya’s spark of life, her essence, her being, survived after she sacrificed herself to save the universe from her own mistake?

She had potential to become a threat or a Lantern, but in the end she chose what was right and remediated the situation. 

Her spark of life might have traveled back to Oa, and into the Central Power Baterry. However, since Aya’s pretty much her own being, she must be on some kind of stasis; sort of deep asleep, recovering her energy and awaiting to wake up again.

If she’s coming back organic or humanoid AI, I’m not sure, but we can all agree she has been alive since ever.

The fairest reward the universe could give her for such a sacrifice and such dedication is to keep living, learning and feeling.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: green lantern: the animated series didn't get the attention it deserved. it had an intriguing plot, round characters (most of which who go through an emotional/moral arc), and the love story between Razor and Aya was perfect. i know that most people were put off by the weird cg art style, and i was too, at first, but after time i realized that it was necessary to give the full effect of the light and honestly the story was creative and the transitions were intriguing and guy gardener was a little bitch and

Not what I’m currently working on but I thought I’d post it here and DA since I’m no longer using Redbubble for prints :/

Anyway some Razaya fanart that I finally got around to finishing,only took almost a year to finish XD,mostly me just being an lazy ass but at the same it was good because I learned how to use some coloring techniques better :D