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A little behind the scenes look of the early stages of Green Lantern the Animated Series.

My eternal gratitude to everyone who helped prove the doubters wrong.

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The official unofficial Green Lantern the Animated Series suggested team build for League of Legends!

GLTAS fans: you may or may not be aware that I now work at Riot Games, infamous for making League of Legends.

Grab your friends and relive your GLTAS feels with these similar archetypes:

Civilian Hal Jordan / Jayce

One’s a fighter pilot turned super hero who wields a power ring - the other’s a steam punk inventor who created a weapon called the Mercury Hammer.  Kilowog would be proud.

Razer / Varus

One lived a simple life on Volkrieg until his planet was attacked by Manhunters, sending him down a path of hate. The other was the warden of a sacred Ionian temple until a Noxus invasion corrupted his soul and drove him down a similar path of vengeance.  Oooh, so dark and broody.

Aya / Orianna

One was created by an Oan Science Director in an attempt to make the perfect artificial intelligence.  The other was built by a grieving father hoping to replace the ballerina daughter he lost.  Emotions detected.

Larfleeze / Twitch

One is a diseased dog-like hoarder that doesn’t want you to touch any of his stuff.  The other is a mutated sewer rat that doesn’t want you to touch any of his stuff.  STOP TOUCHING THEIR STUFF.

Saint Walker / Diana

One is a zen master bastion for hope who’s nickname is “Moonface”.  The other belongs to a moon worshipping order called the Lunari who crusade against the sun worshipping Solari.  Okay, this one’s a stretch, but you have to admit Diana’s in game model looks a lot like Saint Flawless.  If you squint. 

The best part of all this? - League of Legends is free to play!  

Let me know how this team build fairs!  See you in game!

PS: Warner Bros. lawyers, all these characters already existed before I started at Riot, so don’t come at me bro.

“you came back for me.“ 

a playlist for razer and aya [listen]

// 01. winter winds - mumford and sons // 02. clarity - zedd (cover by tanner patrick) // 03. everything has changed - taylor swift ft. ed sheeran // 04. king and lionheart - of monsters and men // 05. thinking out loud - ed sheeran // 06. honey and the bee - owl city // 07. chasing cars - snow patrol // 08. anthem of the angels - breaking benjamin // 09. i’ll follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie // 10. poet - bastille // 11. the call - regina spektor

Season 2 Ideas
  • Razer flying off on his own with his battery to search for Aya without hesitation… or preparation
  • Saint Walker following Razer (in a ship) to help him
  • The blue ring catching up to Razer, but Razer not feeling worthy of it and tossing it aside
  • Saint Walker catching up to Razer and catching the rejected ring; pops up behind Razer enthusiastically
  • “You seem to have dropped something, Red Lantern Razer!”
  • Razer is characteristically irritated and simply says “I don’t want it” as Saint Walker tries to give it back to him 
  • Saint Walker prodding Razer on his reasons why, Razer won’t admit it is because he feels unworthy, and simply keeps claiming “he doesn’t want it”
  • Saint Walker’s knowing smile as he says “Okay, then I’ll hold onto it for you” and he continues to follow a determined Razer around the galaxy and helping/irritating him the whole way
  • Razer admonishing Saint Walker on their journey, but it’s all bluster at this point