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Okay, you know what? I’m not here to solve all your problems, Garrity. I’m not. I’m here to support you no matter what choice you make, that’s why I’m here. I’m your boyfriend, and I think I’m a pretty darn good one. You know what? Your dad threw you a good curve ball. But this self-pity that I’ve been seeing, it’s gotta stop. You’re better than that. And you can still get into any college you want. Any one you want, still. … If you can’t afford it, there’s scholarships to be had, I mean, your grades speak for themselves. And you know what? If it doesn’t, there’s San Antonio State, and I would love to have you. Did I just say I loved you? Did I? No? ‘Cause I’m kinda madly in love with you, and I’ll be here no matter what.


you walked into the cafeteria with Luke. he said something that made you laugh and Vince couldent help but stare at you. he thought you were so beautiful. “Vince!” Luke said when he saw him. 

Luke walked over with you and you smiled at Vince, “hey, im Vince.” he said, standing to great you.


he awkwardly held out a hand and you laughed again.

his heart melted.