show: ex astris scientia

Tribute to Leonard Nimoy.

‘I think about myself as like an ocean liner that’s been going full speed for a long distance, and the captain pulls the throttle back all the way to 'stop,’ but the ship doesn’t stop immediately, does it? It has its own momentum and it keeps on going, and I’m very flattered that people are still finding me useful'The hobgobblin is dead.

Thank you Mister Nimoy, thank you for the dreams, for the lessons, the stories… Everything. Star Trek is not and will never be 'just a show to me’. NEVER.

Star Trek teaches me so many things… So many… Space, definitively, is the final frontier.

You will ever be MY Spock. Ever.

ex astris, scientia (doctor who/star trek fusion, 4/?)

“So, you and the Doctor,” Amy says indelicately, around a mouthful of replicated potato. “What’s that like?”

Rose is only half paying attention, immersed in the results of a test she’d run on the last away mission, and Amy’s words mostly go in one ear and out the other. “What’s what like?”

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The senior staff meeting is a bit intimidating, at first.

Rose gets to the briefing room on Deck Two fifteen minutes ahead of oh-eight-hundred, only to find that there’s nobody there just yet. It’s almost eerily quiet in the room – there’s no sound except her own breathing and the gentle, omnipresent hum of a spaceship in flight.

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ex astris, scientia (doctor who/star trek fusion, 3/?)

It turns out that the locals aren’t so much “pre-spaceflight” as they are “technologically advanced enough to fool the sensors on a Harmony-class starship” – not to mention “tetchy”, “rude”, and “isolationist to the point of insanity.”

The Doctor leaps into action immediately, jumping to catch Rory as he staggers backwards in shock, clutching at his chest and shouting “Rory!”

Rose is right behind the Doctor, running a few steps past him and towards the forested area that the arrow had flown from. There’s no sign of life or movement that she can see – no shifting foliage or cracking twigs, no beady eyes peeking through the leaves. A cursory inspection of the closest trees and bushes doesn’t reveal anything suspicious, either. It’s almost as though the arrow came from nowhere, of its own volition. She’s mulling over the wisdom of grabbing a phaser and a tricorder – just charging into the forest on her own for a more thorough investigation – when a loud groan from Rory draws her attention.

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wilfredtennant  asked:

I'm missing Ex Astris Scientia! Any chance of an update soon? Pretty pretty please?!

aw, sorry you’re missing it! You’re in luck, though, because there should be an update very soon indeed - either tomorrow or the day after, depending on how much time this chapter takes to edit. I feel terrible about going so long in between updates, but offline life’s been a bit demanding as of late. I’ve already started writing chapter 5 as well, so hopefully it won’t be so long for the update after this one! :)