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Yessss I love the fact that hiccup has a double chin when he looks down let's def talk about it

Like it makes me so hAPPY

Firstly because I get a triple double chin when I look down, and it is perhaps the only thing that Hiccup and I have in common

But secondly because the animators in this movie think of that sort of thing. Like somewhere along he way the riggers and animators were like “You know, we have this amazing new flesh-simulating software, what should we do with it?”

“Oh, I know, have a slo-mo shot of Fishlegs and Snotlout looking majestically into the sky to impress Ruff!”

“Eret’s biceps!”

“Squishy dragon faces!” 

and then some hero in the back, “Give Hiccup a double chin”

and the director of the rigging department lights up and points a commanding finger at our intrepid hero and says in a booming voice, “Good work, Jenkins, I like the way you think. GO FORTH AND MAKE IT SO”

like they could’ve given adult!Astrid large cleavage and made it bounce or something similarly, predictably male, but instead they gave our hero a double chin. It’s such a small touch but it makes me so happy.

I can just imagine the animators on their cintiques playing around with Apollo drawing the lines for his double chin being all

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