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‘I’m still not over Ten yet how the fuck am i supposed to get over Eleven’

- A Feature Film written and directed by me

"That wasn't fair to Clara!"

Of course it wasn’t. That’s the point. It’s not fair to her. It all happened so fast for her she didn’t even kiss him goodbye. And that sets up her emotions for the next season. It gives her character somewhere to go. Just like Rose was traumatized when Nine was suddenly gone and replaced with some other guy who couldn’t fly the Tardis right and couldn’t even stay awake.

I totally identified with Clara. Her face said everything I was feeling when I watched the episode. Because yeah Eleven lived on that planet for years and years but for us (Clara and the fans) it happened in a flash. Literally, I blinked and he was gone and another man was standing in his shoes.

Her heart must be so broken.