show: dollhouse


So, talk about the perfect project for a goth going into art conservation…!
This winter, I’m doing an internship at the Wenham Museum in Wenham, Massachusetts. I’ve been given the task of writing a condition report, proposing a treatment, and doing conservation work on this dollhouse.
But not just any dollhouse. This is The Addams Family Dollhouse, and it’s full of macabre delights in miniature!
I will be creating a blog about this internship for the museum soon, so stay tuned!


That’s what this whole operation was about, right? Giving people what they want. No, no, no. What they need. Everybody needs to get away. To slip out of their lives. The thing they couldn’t do. The pretty princess they never got to be.

Steter AU/Crossover Fic Idea

Dollhouse Crossover: Stiles is a Doll and Peter one of his regular customers. And even though Peter has signed a contract to never damage the merchandise, he’s always been a little rough, couldn’t help but mark that beautiful mole-dotted skin just a bit.

Sometimes Peter asks for a sweetly innocent Stiles, when he craves to spoil that beautiful boy, craves to debauch him and take him apart, to be called daddy and that hitching, breatheless tone of voice.

Mostly, though, he wants Stiles to be spunky and intelligent, able to give as good as he gets, with a biting humor and able to keep up. He never knows what to expect on those days. And nights.

The longer Peter keeps obssessing over Stiles, however, the stronger his instinct to claim and possess becomes. He’s a werewolf after all, and sharing has never been his strong suit.

He doesn’t know what biting a Doll would do, doesn’t know if it’ll damage Stiles beyond repair. Doesn’t even know if he’ll want the real Stiles if given the chance.

But the longer he has to share Stiles with faceless strangers, the less he cares about any of these things. If the Bite breaks his beautiful boy, at least no one else can have him either.

So he books an appointment in between fullmoons, 24 hours just to be sure it wouldn’t be traced back to him (if Stiles’ handlers or the House should come to the conclusion of “werewolf”, which they should during Stiles’ first fullmoon) and tires Stiles out with athletic sex until he’s asleep. Making sure to drain Stiles’ pain away as to make sure his vital sign won’t spike, he bites his wrist and then settles back to watch.

When it is time for Stiles to leave, the Bite is fully healed with no one the wiser.

Now all he has to do is wait.


During the next fullmoon, Stiles goes completely crazy and no one knows what’s going on. His last assignment had gone off without a hitch, as it always did when Lydia Martin booked his services, and Topher is unable to trace the anomaly in the system.

The Bite has a peculiar effect on Stiles, breaking through the Wipe and causing him to have alarming flashbacks. Coupled with his out-of-control instincts, he goes berserk, completely trashing the place and injuring other Dolls. No tranquilizer they have at hand is able to stop him and he finally is able to get out of the Dollhouse, tearing aimlessly through the city.


Accustomed to the pull of the moon, Peter simply waits until Stiles breaks out. He lets him roam a little when he does so, lets him get far enough away from the Dollhouse to be inconspicuous, before revealing himself to the newly turned pup.

They’ll be having so much fun.