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In another life…[Mark will still choose Craig~]

I’m watching Mark’s Charity Livestream of DD, and my god, he’s in love with Craig so much whenever he shows up on screen he just looks happy XD

(The Multiverse Theory discusses the theoretical alternate/parallel universes, of which one decision can affect the outcome of several things- but you get yours because you chose that path when there was a lot of choices. Come to think of it….it’s science of these kinds of games. I think this is too deep for a dating simulator lol Hope you all like it :D )

  • Lily: Sirius! You picked Remus and James?! You can not have two backups!
  • Sirius: Of course I can! It’s just good sense to backup your backup.
  • Remus: Sirius! We’re both your backup?!
  • James: How could you do this to me?!
  • Sirius: Okay, this kind of back talk is not gonna fly when we’re married!
  • Lily: Sirius you can’t have both of them, you have to pick one!
  • Remus: Pick me!
  • James: No! Pick me! I don’t want to end up an old maid!
  • Sirius: All right well let’s see, Remus would be a good father, but James is rich...This is hard!
  • James: This is crazy, I wanna switch to Lily!
  • Remus: Oh, I wanna switch to Lily too!
  • Lily: Okay, this is what we’re gonna do! I’m gonna write James on one napkin and I’m gonna write Remus on the other napkin and we are going to pick one and that person is going to be our backup! Okay?
  • Sirius: Alright.
  • Lily: Pick one.
  • Sirius: [reading the napkin] James.
  • Lily: [reading the napkin] Remus.
  • Sirius:
  • Lily:
  • Sirius and Lily: [switching papers] We should switch.
  • James and Remus: Yeah.

A concept: Honorable Victorias Secret Angel Taylor Swift performing Look What You Made Me Do, like the real incredible sexy badass she is at the VS Fashion Show in Shanghai 💁🏻😍🔥

I mean it would be AMAZING to watch @taylorswift


Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews announce the Blackhawks’ first pick (29th) in the 2017 NHL Draft (x)

I just really love Ditto and so do MC and Yoosung <3

Update: Edited some stuff cos the first version was doing my head in XD

…Give Ditto enough love and it will love you right back ♥ ♥ ♥


Promise to put that in your wedding vows.

I really hope that the season four promotional posters pulls a Hunger Games stunt where they have everyone facing to the right, but when they get to Shiro’s, he’ll be facing to the left.

As if to imply something’s off with him.


Take it, take it, take it! Mark is ready to stab you with some fresh sharp rap

victor nikiforov vs. the world

a scott pilgrim vs. the world inspired au ( a loose au)

okay so here’s an au i’ve thought about quite a bit (AND FORGOT TO ADD TO MY LIST HAHAHAH GOOD JOB ME) but idk that i’ll get around to writing it? i’d like to but also here’s the au as not!fic:

  • Victor is obviously Scott Pilgrim. You can fight me on this. We will have words. 
  • Battle of the bands sponsored by ass man industries.
  • in this au knives is JJ who has a one-sided crush on victor b/c DAMN IT HE JUST WANTS VICTOR TO REMEMBER HIS NAME
    • “jean jorts le forge?”
    • “john jacob jingleheimer?”
    • “Jack Jeffery leCanada?”
    • he’s also an evangelist vegan
      • who misses canadian bacon EVEN THOUGH IT’S NOT REAL BACON
  • He has to fight Yuuri’s seven evil exes except, well, some of them are not so evil:
    • Yuuri:…..exes???? who are you talking about
    • *cue stampede* *line forms*
    • definitely features the harem of chads
    • seung gil wanted to date phichit but thought yuuri and phichit were a package deal so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ at least his dog liked yuuri
      • they’re still dog friends
      • victor is the in law seung gil doesn’t like
    • phichit is yuuri’s ex only because they got married for tax reasons 
      • “also yuuri wouldn’t could a lot of the others. i don’t really want to fight you so…selfie contest and then shovel talk and then sushi?” 
      • Victor: *weeps in relief*
      • also victor: so did you guys sign a pre-nup or??? how quickly can we get that divorce to go through?
    • yurio fights victor mainly because of his TERRIBLE TEENAGE CRUSH on yuuri. Victor wins, though Yurio will argue he cheated. Yuuri is just like “oh wow, your form has gotten a lot better” but then Victor is all draped over him and it made Yurio have a feeling. 
      • yurio CAN’T HANDLE IT
      • until otabek, who has literally been waiting in the same alley for the entire story just WAITING for yurio zooms up and then they go and get burritos
    • yuuko and takeshi are the twins
      • just let me have my nishigori sandwich
    • chris is the final boss (pre-canon yuuchris what up) and gives Victor the sword, complete with suggestive puns and innuendo b/c 
      • Chris:“the Power of Love could mean a lot of things. I’m open to interpretations. If you want to share..”
      • Victor: OKAY BYE YUURI IS MY HUSBAND NOW *smoke bomb*
  • Georgi is obviously Victor’s drunk heterosexual roommate (though maybe popnaughty is an option in this au IT’S FLEXIBLE *rim shot*)
  • mila, sara and leo are victor’s band mates
  • yuuri is also in a band because REASONS
  • obviously victor also has to fight off all the people who are falling for yuuri so he’s constantly busy
  • victor and yuuri, buoyed by the power of love buy a farm in the country with their 27 poodle sons and daughters. 

the egos having really easy-to-watch nice videos though

will having a bunch of pastel pink and yellow slime, floam and stuff. icing cookies and cakes. cutting kinetic sand with knives. I feel like he’d like orbeez

dark videotapes himself playing piano and cello really smoothly and serenely. doing covers of songs beautifully. maybe the odd paint-mixing video or something

the host doing story readings and vividly painting the images in your mind. sometimes he tells his own stories and it’s entrancing and beautiful

google doing something similar to the show how it’s made. he probably posts ambient noise videos and soundtracks too tbh

Baking with Mark!

(Gif credit: @nctmark)

A/n: I’ve gotten so many request for my Getting Caught, that I’ve decided to make it into a series :) I’m so excited!!


  • Hey y'all
  • just wanted to tell you that
  • This whole scenario is based of this gif lol
  • so enjoy baking with boyfriend Mark!!!

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im happy that hansol is getting the opportunity to showcase his talents while he’s on “the unit”, but im also sad bc i was hoping to see him debut under nct. if it’s all true, and he’s really moved onto a new agency, i hope they give the respect he deserves and treats him better than sm did. he’s just too talented to get pushed to the side and i hope that everyone will continue to support him so he can really live his dream.

I so, so hope that Noel will be on the Big Fat Quiz this year, just to watch Jimmy Carr introduce the contestants and get to the end of the line with, “And Great British Bake Off host …? Noel? Fielding? ??? Noel? Care to explain?” And then all the other contestants giving him shit about it for the entire show.