show: chicago


The first time we were putting up the show I was still writing, and now Tommy’s got a job, he’s directing them, Alex is doing musical direction, Andy’s – But I have nothing to do. The play is written, so I’m just the proud grandparent. (x)

Old Man Miranda has transformed to Proud Grandpa Miranda! lol.

How come Tumblr hasn't go crazy about the kidnapping?

Seriously, where are all the SJWs condemning the ableist crime….

Oh wait! This was against a white guy, so obviously, tumblr will be quiet!

Let me tell you something, if the roles were reversed, and it were 4 white guys kicking a mentally disabled black guy, all of you would be saying how it was a racist hate crime. You would be posting how much you hate white people, and how white people suck.

But what had happened was that it was 4 black people against a mentally disabled white guy and where are y'all at?!?!??!! Oh yeah, not saying anything, cause you won’t. Cause according to y'all “you can’t be racist against white people” well, news flash, you can. And this is the evidence.

Let’s take race and politics aside.

The fact remains that 4 people kidnapped a mentally disabled person and tortured him for 48 hours.

Let that sink in for a minute, and re-evaluate yourself.

broadway songs that can resurrect me

-bitch of living

-ring of keys

-i’m breaking down

-my shot

-the origin of love

-no good deed

-you will be found

-cell block tango

-maybe this time

-i’m here

-what the heck i gotta do

-we ain’t no cheerleaders

-monica’s song

-holding out for a hero

-finale, in the heights

-angel of music

-tomorrow is a latter day

-sweet transvestite


I’m having my 2nd Flipbookit show in Chicago’s Rotofugi Designer Toy Store & Gallery from today till Dec 4 with 25 other artists. You guys should totally go say hi to my cone of shame cat that becomes a happy puppy animation in the show if you’re in the area, and send me pics + videos if you do!! ♥

Flipbookits will also available for sale in the gallery if any of you’re interested! 
2780 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60614

- Now till 12/4/2016
- They open every day from 11am-7pm!
- Facebook event page here

(my 1st flipbookit show animation in Brooklyn here!)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIN!!!!! Ahhh idk if he’ll see this but I still want to write something for him, because ya know, Lin and Hammie and writing. Anyway, Lin, if you do see this, I want to thank you for everything. The amount of hard work and effort that you put into things is insane. You’re never scared to speak out and represent so many groups of people (ex. immigrants, the LGBT community). You inspire me and so many other young (and older) people to work hard, and that our background or race doesn’t matter because we can still be successful. Thanks to Hamilton and In The Heights (also 21 Chump Street), I’ve built so many new friendships, both in real life and on here. You’ve also helped me strengthen my passion for theatre and music and the arts in general, and you’ve made me feel proud to be Hispanic.

I know that was long, but Lin has done so much and he deserves it and I hope he has a greatttttt birthday (don’t eat too much cake)


Talklessblogmore aka Dani ❤❤