show: bewitched

✨ WITCHY ART CHALLENGE ~ Day 5 ~ Witchcraft tool ✨

I just love how many different ouija board and planchette we can find and couldn’t resist to draw one myself~  


Famous Lesbians:

Agnes Moorehead (1900-1974) - actress

  • most famously known as Endora on Bewtiched, but had an extensive film and television career
  • she won one Emmy Award and two Golden Globe awards
  • was nominated for four Academy Awards and six Emmy Awards
  • Her co-star Paul Lynde on Bewitched, stated: “Well, the whole world knows Agnes was a lesbian–I mean classy as hell, but one of the all-time Hollywood dykes”; Paul Lynde is also reported as saying when Agnes caught her husband cheating on her, “Agnes screamed at him that if he could have a mistress, so could she.”