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Hello everyone, Long time no see.
These days I’m working on something else ( for life, you know :p) .

Today I was been told that my friend-@cainonly’s  fan book  [ Heart tree ] has been sold out, that means I can post the fan arts of the book here which were draw last year . 

But honestly, they are not as good as I hoped,  
so……don’t too disappointed to me……………

♦ in the end (finale of my TGG AU)

after what felt like an eternity for sherlock he was finally able to leave the hospital. unconsciously he grabbed john’s sleeve,who didn’t seem to mind it, when they strode towards the exit..

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I love mary morstan because :

she is a caring person

she’s healed John when he fell apart 

she’s understands those two work best together:

she sees sherlock as human: 

she’s likes to tease Sherlock: 

she’s clever and protective of her friends and family:

she’s absolutely adorable:

she’s a loving partner and motherly figure :

I have a lot more reasons, but I fear my post will get to long

I love Mary watson she’s that small bit that makes perfection even better.