show: bbc sherlock

Holmes bro head canons because everyone needs Holmes bro head canons
  • Mycroft telling Sherlock it says gullible on the ceiling and he falls for it every time
  • Sherlock flicking Mycroft’s ear when ever he falls asleep while reading a book on the sofa
  • Mycroft pointing at something on Sherlock’s chest and when he looks down he flicks his nose
  • Sherlock telling Mycroft he’s not stupid and Mycroft saying hello not stupid, I’m Mycroft
  • Sherlock and Mycroft having week long prank wars until there mum gets so irritated she confiscates their books
  • Mycroft teasing Sherlock about how he’s smaller than him
  • Sherlock and Mycroft having water fights on hot days
  • Sherlock having a night mare and going straight to Mycroft’s room because he know he’ll help
  • Mycroft making Sherlock cocoa and reading him a story
  • Sherlock getting picked up from school by Mycroft, who holds his hand while crossing roads and teaches him deduction
  • Adult Sherlock and Mycroft pretending to hate each other in front of other people, and smirking at each other from opposite sides of the room because they know it’s pretend