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this is a thing that just struck me now, regarding Lands and their owners -- you know how LOTAK's krypton is sometimes said to symbolize dirk's suffocating/toxic tendencies (since krypton is both narcotic and asphyxiant)? an argument can be made for the xenon on LOMAX symbolizing something about jake as well. xenon gas is actually a potent anaesthetic when inhaled, perhaps signifying jake's thing for willfully feigning obliviousness as though he were drugged/sedated

FUCK yeah that’s really goddamn legit and now I want to know if Jane’s and Roxy’s are as on point too because my guess is: probably 

Helium builds up pressure in balloons until they fucking pop??? fits with Jane at least somewhat. Hit me up if you think of any more 


Often seen as the most territorial and dominant of the types, male or female alphas are differentiated, physically, by several key characteristics: ruts, knots, and possessive scenting.

Ruts  are seasonal cycles often occurring every couple months unless otherwise triggered by an Omega-typed individuals estrus cycle. During a rut, an Alpha is more aggressive or territorial, but does not biologically need to mate.

Oftentimes, ruts are the time periods where Alphas feel an increased need to find a mate, often unconsciously showing themselves and their skills off in attempt to get attention.

For younger Alphas, they are more susceptible to the negative side-effects that a rut brings, while older and more experienced Alphas have the ability to ignore them, often simply being mistaken for being grumpy or in ill-spirits.

Knots, similar to what one might find in popular werewolf AUs, are an anatomical bulge found at the base of an alpha’s cock, often unnoticed and until the Alpha is aroused or near orgasm. Only then will the knot thicken and swell, as its biological function is to lock the alpha’s cock inside their mate while they release semen.

They don’t occur with every sexual encounter, and are the most common during an Alpha’s rut cycle or if responding to an Omega-typed individuals estrus cycle.

Alphas, male and female, are generally the most virile when they knot, often being unable to help a mate conceive without it. In other words, an Alpha has a far smaller chance of impregnating a mate without knotting them.

Alpha Male Specifics

Alpha males can sire young, but have no biological ability to give birth to young. They go through ruts every couple of months normally, but will never undergo heats.

Alpha Female Specifics

Alpha females have a cock-like structure in place of a clitoris, and can both sire and give birth to young, but have a lessened fertility in the latter regard. They go through ruts every couple of months normally, but will never undergo heats.

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can you examine Dirk and Jane's relationship? because I fucking love their friendship and you have a cool mind so I wanna maybe know any fleshed out thoughts you might have.

allow me to answer in screencap form 

Not here specifically, but only because I think it’s likely Dirk will show up in my Jane post which I’m…thinking is gonna be…the next thing I write? Possibly also the last thing for a while before I refocus on video editing and uh, you know. Making money from a job for a while. Capitalism :( 

The tl;dr shortform version is Jane and Dirk fucking love each other and are also deeply jealous of each other and are also deeply guilty about being jealous of each other. It’s a mess. I love them. Dirk probably looks at John and Jade and fucking keels over and dies just from how much he sees Jake and Jane in them and loves them for it probably. 

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Alphas’ whumps’ list

(referred to Cameron Hicks character)

Season 1

.01: conditioned, dazed, fought, hypnotized and passed out, tied up into a magnetic resonance machine, handcuffed to the chair, stuck with a syringe, handcuffed again.

.02: none.

.03: affected by rage, involved in two different fights, pushed and slammed to the ground, without consequences.

.04: none.

.05: none.

.06: none.

.07: stunned, without consequences.

.08: conditioned, dazed, fallen ill, paralized.

.09: stabbed with a knife, treated on the field, started to bleed again, wound sewn on the field, still bleeding.

.10: attacked with soporific bullets, passed out, incarcerated, violent fought (plus Dr. Lee’s whumps).

.11: fought, bruises all over his face.

Season 2

.01: stunned by sonic blast (plus Dr. Lee’s whumps).

.02: none.

.03: none.

.04: hypnotized, dazed (plus John’s whumps), conditioned, flick to his arm.

.05: hallucinations, cut himself with a scalpel.

.06: fought, punched and kicked, cut his leg, intoxicated by smoke.

.07: none.

.08: angry.

.09: angry, slammed to the ground, very intense pain for his mind been fathomed, passed out, slammed against the wall several times, conditioned almost committed suicide, roughly jumped from a moving trunck, hurt at his ribs, involved into an explosion, slammed to the ground, passed out, heart broken.

.10: heart broken for bereavement (plus Dr. Lee’s same whump).

.11: attacked, slammed against the car and passed out, kidnapped, almost drown.

.12: none (plus Dr. Lee’s whumps).

.13: passed out (plus Dr. Lee’s whumps).



work in progress, feels good to draw proper again after almost 2 months of nothing. I’m really liking the way it’s looking 🙂 I’m kinda proud of it so far. I’m not one to usually draw multiple characters all at once or even detailed backgrounds on any of my previous pieces so this right here is BIG for me 😊 anyhoo it’s an Undertale inspired artwork


Alphas Rewatch ll 2x08 - Falling

Gary: Busted! Bill, she’s a criminal! She’s busted and I get to cuff her!

Ok where on earth is the alphas fandom on this god forsaken site? Is there a special tag I don’t know about? I blasted through the two seasons and need more material.
But I can’t find more than a couple gifs in the tags I’ve been trying. So where does one find Alphas? The TV show where neurodivergent folks have super powers? I need to get excited with more than one person about this. Is it just one of those fandoms with only a few people and almost no material?