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I keep imagining something really big happening that'll show Namjoon antis that they were wrong about him all along. I know it might be unrealistic but there's a tiny part of me that hopes that it'll happen some day.

okay but like, consider the fact that something like that has already happened multiple times? i mean think about it. yoongi made a few vaguely gay comments and the fandom worships him as a gay icon. but namjoon has repeatedly talked about lgbtq rights and shown his support? silence. 

namjoon made sure his collab with Wale talked about social issues like BLM bc he wanted to inspire rather than make another party song. if anyone else had done that it would blow the fuck up. namjoon? nobody cares. or like how namjoon is the only member to really educate himself on feminism, reading books on the subject and even talking about the glass ceiling in not today and writing 21st century girls to empower women. if anyone else did that? people would lose their minds. i prime example: namjoon has discussed mental illness since BEFORE debut. he has continually worked to empower young people who suffer like he has. but no one cares or knows. yoongi does this once on his mixtape? people worship him. 

i mean imagine if jungkook was found reading a book about feminism? imagine if yoongi tweeted about being moved by pro lgbtq lyrics or recommended a lesbian film? if jimin wanted to make his collab about blm? if taehyung did a vlive and discussed how he needs to be open to criticism always, how he needs to continue to grow and be critical of his own self not allowing his pride to hold himself back from taking responsibility for his actions? this is so mature, so out of the ordinary for idols that people would be blowing it up. namjoon does this and people continue to treat him as the one problematic member. so hear me now:

namjoon is held to an incredibly high standard while the rest can do as they please in comparison

that seems to be a really dramatic statement but think about it. the other members have committed the SAME acts that namjoon is constantly hated for. namjoon is not the only member to say the n word. majority of the group has made colorist comments. hes not the only one guilty of cultural appropriation. the whole group had sexist lyrics. everyone has a problematic past. yet namjoon is the only one recognized for it. no one is losing their mind trying to get an apology out of the other members – most pretend that nothing is wrong. but namjoon? every things he done has been carefully recorded by everyone into a little book of “reasons namjoons is horrible”. dont get me wrong, he was problematic and i support the people angered by it. but its so glaringly unfair how you all treat him.

the other members are about equally as problematic… yet they have not apologized, they have not educated themselves, they have not shown any effort to change their problematic mindsets. no other member has put themselves on the line advocating for lgbtq rights (instead some have made mildly homophobic comments). no other member has educated themselves on feminism and advocated for it in music (instead some have made sexist comments). no other member has shown remorse for their appropriation of black hip hop culture and spoken out against that ignorance or advocated blm. no member is as singularly focused on helping people as namjoon is. despite mocking he still always tries to give advice and open up so we feel comforted. he constantly writes lyrics to help listeners; even when talking about his own pain he turns it into a message that we can all learn from. he cares. he cares so much i can’t believe hes real. and yet no one cares.

i hate to be the bearer of bad news but namjoon has already done those outstanding things. no other idols is expected to do this… no other idols really do. but he does. he does all the time. he continues because even if people don’t care, he does. hes one of the most genuinely good people out there. and army will continue to not care because he isnt the other members. 

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friendship ♡

(i can’t believe sam left me this too. i’m,,,, touched.)

really, this ask depends on which friendship you want me to show, so in a sense of showsmanship, i’m giving it all to you:

  • once, in the middle of andrew’s third year, renee took them both to a mani-pedi after sparring.
    • it was jarring for the people who gave them the treatment but, hey, they were getting paid anyway.
    • andrew got all black nails and renee got her team spirit on and got white with orange tips.
  • aaron has a gun. when neil finds out, he offers to teach aaron how to shoot and take care of it, even offers to license it. aaron declines the licensing, but he does take the shooting practice. on a vacant wednesday, they take the bus to columbia, and they don’t walk out of the shooting range until aaron got all eight bullets through the bullseye. obsessed perfectionism, be damned. aaron was not going to walk out of that building without showing neil up a little. 
    • neil is a little proud.
  • neil is really easy to get into new things, mundane things, as soon as the foxes explain it to him properly. I mean, andrew would get him into something with the snap of his fingers, but the rest would have to give a little more convincing.
    • dan had to explain the idea of never have i ever five times before neil joined in willingly
    • amusement parks were matt’s huge explanation of the year. it was fairly easy for him though, because all he had to do was explain what a roller coaster was before neil jumped in.
    • renee once convinced neil into joining her for community service. “we’re feeding some homeless people in the neighborhood.” 
      • andrew got in on that too. the next week, all the foxes were seen on community service.
    • allison had to explain fashion. lord, i don’t think they’ll ever be over with this. neil does end up knowing how to color code his clothes once allison graduates though.

send me ♡ + a word, and i’ll write a headcanon 


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The White Princess Live Blog - Ep. 5

I had a lot of feelings about this week’s episode.  Mainly that the episode was utter horse crap.  But, I wrote 6 pages of live notes while watching.  There was a tightfisted sprinkling of decent scenes, but for the most part this episode felt like we were trudging over old ground and gaining nothing plot-wise.  Make sure to click the “read more”

Just want to say, if i hadn’t known there was a 5 year time jump in this episode i think i would have been confused for the first 15 minutes of the episode, since it isn’t explicitly stated in the episode that there has been a skipping forward.

Sooooo dramatic with the backlighting.  Who could this *majestic* figure in silhouette be?


I will never get over how easy it is for these two women to plot.  It just seems so unbelievable.  

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Feud: Patti and Andrew

Okay so I’m not sure how many of you have seen Feud: Bette and Joan, but the show was amazing it was created by Ryan Murphy and the first season focusecd on the infamous feud between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford it has already been announced that the second will be about separation and divorce of Princess Diana and Prince Charles of Wales. Now I was thinking what would be a good season three installment? I originally thought about the Hatfield–McCoy feud, but I realized that was too easy. Then I thought of something that will blow your mind. The ultimate theatre feud of all time Patti LuPone vs Andrew Lloyd Webber. It’s no secret that Patti hates Webber. The show could start out in the Evita years when she has stated in her memoir she was treated like garbage because she wasn’t Elaine Paige. And apparently even all throughout rehearsals she was afraid that she would replaced by Paige. She also kept getting compared to Paige and told to do what she [Paige] did in the West End run of the show. The only good things that came out of that experience for her was her deep friendship with Mandy Patinkin and her first Tony. This feud then continued during Sunset Boulevard and while I won’t get into too many details LuPone did have some nice batting practice in her room the night she got fired so there is that. She also sued Webber when she got fired because in her contract it said she was agreed to do the Broadway run of the show. She won the lawsuit and used the money to build a pool which she titled “The Andrew Lloyd Webber Memorial Pool.” Now I know thousands of people who would love to watch this (Me being one of them) However it’s also a great drama and story and would be a great season. I’m sure they will probably want to stick to where a majority of the people aren’t dead that way they can’t be sued… as much. However I would still love to see this go on and who knows… I might just do a Casting Goals for this later on.

Please excuse crappy photo edit. I’m still getting used to my new computer.

A Perfect Catastrophic Harmony

REQUEST: from @outofworkactress

I’m bombarding you now but please don’t feel pressured, let your work do the talking. Maybe one where y/n and her friends are around England, and showing her round & her friends see she’s taken notice in Ni and NI’s friends notice he’s taken an interest in the “loud American” and they plan to shove them together, by naturally sitting together and embarrassing them until they talk XO

A/N: I hope this is good enough for you angel, I’m sorry it’s not better but hopefully cheeky Ni makes up for it (and isn’t too OOC).

Title: Someone’s Disaster
by Beach Weather

My Aneurin playlist can be found on Spotify (this is what I listen to when I write about him and songs that are featured in fics about him) (x)

“Now you’re here love, you’ve gotta meet the guys, you’ll love them and vice versa,” Anna, Y/N’s friend, gushed. The American girl had been in the country no more than five hours and truth be told, whilst she loved her friends, she just wanted to sleep.

“We’ve filled ‘em in on all the best bits of you,” Darcy smirked, her perfectly filled in eyebrow quirking.

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2016 Little Mix Recap:The Get Weird Tour, Little Mix’s 3rd tour beginning March 13 in Cardiff, Wales and ending on June 25 in Madrid, Spain. The tour traveled across Europe, Asia and Oceania with a total of 60 shows. The Get Weird Tour is the fifth highest grossing tour by a girl group of all time and the fourth by a western one, grossing over $24.5 million. It holds the record for being the highest selling UK arena tour with over 300,000 tickets sold and it remains the biggest girl group tour this decade, having sold out the full majority of the venues.

As I’ve said before, I’m not a fan of the whole thing in Merlin where every single little thing is historically anachronistic, but they (the writers, producers, fans, anyone) still feel the need to place the show in the finale in a very specific setting in a very specific time.

That said, I’m chucking canon (where’s that post about roasting and carving for juicy bits) and chucking the whole “Albion is Britain or the British Isles and Camelot is either somewhere in Wales or Somerset no one’s sure we don’t know what we’re doing” and I’m placing Merlin in, like the title said, A Land of Myth, and a Time of Magic.

Meet Albion! It’s a small island/landmass (who knows as my canon won’t extend beyond it). It is not tied to any restrictions of the real world so all the travelling distances they use in the show can just stay, as well as the dragons. The white lines represent country borders.

It’s a work in progress as there will be a MUCH more detailed version, it’s just on a short hiatus. But you can see this as part 1.

I’m uploading this because I’m planning to upload some aesthetic pics for these countries, but only if you guys are interested! ^^

EDIT 28/5/17: Added more land to the Southron Lands. They seemed empty.

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Was going through TT's blog, and saw a post there about IB-DBO separation, and she seemed totally against the idea. I think old IB viewers value the serial as a whole, but unfortunately for viewers who have only seen DBO, this merger is a curse. Plus, the makers are not doing anything to hold onto the left over DBO viewers. What do you think? Should the serials be separated again? (this time minus the sci-fi shit of last DBO).

What the show needs isn’t separation, it’s a complete overhaul in the writing department. Yes, DBO gave birth to RiKara but except for the glorious first two weeks and ginti ke chand sequences in its almost 5 month long run..konse pahaad ukhaade the uss show ne? Yes, I reminiscence the good old days of DBO but only because back then there was hope ke kahan jaenge..ghum phir ke they will have to give us RiKara. I assume by the “DBO Viewers” you mean the original RiKara fans. I’m a DBO viewer and honestly I love the ShivRi, RuRi, even AniRi dynamics that I got to see in IB and not in DBO. DBO as a whole was about many things and RiKara was NOT at the top of it. It was mostly Gauri’s story and yes, I do miss my Queenie being at the front center of action. But other than that..what did DBO have that I’d wish it would come back? Dabbas and snakes and the almost supernatural thing that it became? Err…no thanks.

Let’s assume DBO does come back..what guarantee would there be ke it would be satisfying? Cuz Tej, Jhanvi, Svetlana, Rudra, Bhavya..they are all DBO characters. And the episodes can easily be filled with their dramas considering their screenspace in IB. Their tracks which we have been given a hard skip this past month, DBO can be all about them. What would you do then?

IB CVs have ALL the opportunities to make IB a wholesome family entertainment but they are not. And it’s ALLLLLLLL because the writer/writers have NO idea how to use ALL the characters at once. Instead of writing tracks which would give importance to every character, SPECIALLY give progress to the brothers’ story…each “couple” is given a different story altogether and nothing is being done to make it fit in the larger picture. Look at TejViLana’s angle or Ruvya’s Sultan(a) they in any shape or form fit the “central” narrative of the show? What IS the central narrative of the show anyway? Shivaay’s love life ke issues? Because it’s definitely no longer about the brothers as much as they want it to look like that.

You have all these rich characters and richer dynamics between them but what do you do with them? NOTHING. The characters aren’t treated as being part of one universe! Sab ki alag alag dunya hai. Ruyva ka apna DBO chal raha hai, TejViLana ka apna! Shivika always had their IB so they are set. And Rikara toh hain hi dhobi ke kutte na ghar ke ghaat ke. Tellywood is FULL of shows which only have 5, 20 minutes long episodes per week to tell a story and they do a MUCH more justifiable job than what IB does in 5, 40 minute long episodes. I know the IB fandom scoffs at shows like YRKKH and call them “bacha romancing” or just term it as a one big shaadi track going on for 8 years but look at that show! It’s crowded AF but I don’t think there characters are used as props. However futile, every character does contribute to the story and their individual stories DO fit in the larger narrative of the things. No one gets exported to outdoor shoots with a different set of crew in the name of giving “tracks” and then come back from there to the center stage acting as if they never left in the first place.

Unless THAT changes, unless the writers decide WHAT they want from the show, what direction should the show go in..what the CENTRAL CONFLICT of the show amount of spin offs will be good. Cuz dekha jaye to spin off hi chal rahe hain abhi bhi, just not RiKara’s. Because the show AS A WHOLE is just TOO messy. It’s messily handled, it’s messily edited, it’s messily presented. It’s SO obvious that different writers are writing for different characters which is why there is no continuity and flow. Scenes are shot separately and then stitched together to make an episode. IB as a show has lost its plot LOOOOOOOOONG back. It’s just “chal raha hai, chalne do” at this moment.

Shows work when they entertain as a whole. IB has become all about camps. Shivika wale just watch their bits, RiKara wale wait for their bits, Ruvya wale are happy with their bits..baqi no one cares about the TejViLana angle cuz FGS what does it even mean?! Unless the CVs realize that IB is an ensemble show and treat it like one instead of making everyone lead of their own stories..I don’t see how the show can as a whole be a satisfying watch for everyone. But unfortunately I don’t see it changing any time soon. Cuz yahan qismat aisi hai ke a brilliant concept with distinguishable characters and juicy dynamics between has have fallen into the hands of the team of the most INCOMPETENT writers and production house.

I.O.I reaction to all liking the same girl


They all like her shoot there she is let me go get her attention 

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Okay the other members like her but they need to know that she will be mine 

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Kay i didn’t know that  the other members liked her maybe i could impress her by singing a song for her

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Kay they all like her to don’t freak out wait is yoojung talking to her can this photo shoot hurry up

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 Kay they all like her wait Mina is waling towards her “Hey y/n can you come over here now” I hope the pointing wasn’t to much

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“Hey y/n” Wait did me and nayoung say that in the same time why do all of the have to like her wait y/n is walking towards me I’m so happy

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Why do all of them have to like them I have a bubble machine maybe I could get her attention with it

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They all like her why does this have to happen She just showed up wait jieqiong is talking to her first

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Okay they all like her okay just stay calm doyeon she is talking to the other members just act cool act calm 

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Wait they all like her how did I not know this some of the members are talking to her maybe I could get her attention by acting cute

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They all like wait what they all like her  some of them are talking to her maybe I could get her something to drink to get her attention

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Favorites Game

The Rules:  Tag 8 people and then list your faves.

Thanks, @vivilove-jonsa, for asking me to play!

I’m tagging @what-would-ww-do, @ladymd, @sandor-thehound, @adult-orphan, @mllekaren, @azraelgfg@mistressjenbradlee@carobaldoni, @kittykatknits, and @amymel86   

Feel free to play or ignore!  And I apologize if you’re been tagged twice!                                

Favorite Color:  Purple

Favorite Animal:  Cats

Favorite 3 Movies:  There are too many to have just 3 faves, but here are three films that I’d rewatch rightnow if someone slapped them in the DVD player:  The Outlaw Josey Wales, The Lord of the Rings, and The Winter Solider

Fav 3 TV Shows:  OK, y’all, I’m old enough to have too many faves, but here are three that I’d watch in a heartbeat: Game of Thrones, Once Upon a Time, and The Twilight Zone

Favorite OTPs:  Sandor Clegane & Sansa Stark, Lizzie Bennet & Mr. Darcy, and Prince Vlad/Dracula & Wilhemina Harker

Favorite Day of the Week:  Friday

Favorite Season:  Fall

Fav 3 Characters:  Sandor Clegane, Bucky Barnes, Han Solo

Fav Superhero:  The Winter Solider

Fav Childhood Movie:  The Empire Strikes Back

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It's times like this where the kpop community shows they antiblackness. When Namjoon wanted to collab with Wales y'all were getting y'all panties in a twist when the man ain't even do anything wrong. But when it's two white men collaborating with them who may I add have said the ugliest things about females which makes up around 90% of the fandom it's silence. They ain't shit 😂😂

for real… people were going after Wale for nothing but a baseless rumor after their collab ? it really says somethin when fans were goin up in arms over complete hearsay, but when it comes to the chain*mokers and their very real racism/misogyny people were like “we’re the face of bts!” “be polite!” “think about how this would make them feel!”. fans are allowed to have their own opinions and also bts are grown ass men they’re gonna be fine. plus, why the hell would they be hurt by fans going after the chainsm*kers for perfefctly vaild reason ? trick question they wouldn’t lmao. 

a lot of k pop fans need to get their heads out of how this might affect their faves and instead care about the people being hurt by this kind of shit…

Get to know me

Huge thanks to @declarations-of-drama for tagging me! ❤

  • Star sign: Aries
  • Height: 160 cm (5ft 3in), it’s actually not very short, but all my friends and family members are taller than me, so I feel like a hobbit :(
  • Time right now: 12:34 (and no, I didn’t even wait for it to post this)
  • Last thing googled: weather in Wales, UK (WHY for heaven’s sake did I need this information in Russia? Some questions will never get their answers)
  • Favourite music artist: David Bowie, Bob Marley, Insomnium, Dropkick Murphys, Joy Division, System of a Down, Claude Debussy. Such a strange mix, I know
  • Last TV show watched: BBC Sherlock (one of my favourite series ever) and a very-very old British comedy “Only Fools and Horses”. Yep, I’m a TV-necrophile
  • What I’m wearing right now: red plaid pyjama pants and my brother’s huge old T-shirt. I look like a hobo, but a stylish hobo
  • When did I create my blog: September 2016, but I believe I’ll start actually filling it up with content only in March or April 2017
  • What kind of stuff do I post about: well… I haven’t posted a single thing on my blog because I got into a very hard time with my work and university right after I created it, that’s why I didn’t have enough time and effort to introduce other people to my stuff, but I’m going to post pics of my TS3 gameplay, some shit about my characters (and I have LOTS of them) and my shitty stories. I have a lot of work to make it real ‘cause I need to translate huge amount of information to English. I really enjoy it though, but it will take some time.
  • Do I have any other blogs: Not really. I have a private reblog-only blog (‘cause I use notes for everything I like and they become cluttered very soon, so I created a baby-blog to keep track of stuff I really need) but it’s not an actual blog
  • Do I get asks regularly: no, pretty much because I haven’t posted anything here yet!
  • Why did I choose my url: Actually, this is an absurd story. I once had cockroaches in my kitchen and after another crusade against them I fell asleep and my dichlorvos-filled brain produced a dream about me defeating the Cockroach Overlord Johny (who looked like Mackenzie Crook riding on a huge cockroach) with dichlorvos and holy water and becoming the next Cockroach Overlord. No comments on this.
  • Gender: Female
  • Pokemon team: It may sound bizarre but I never watched pokemons in my life
  • Favourite colour(s): Red and green with all their shades
  • Average hours of sleep: from 5 to 8, though my neurologist said I should take at least 9, but YOLO
  • Favourite character(s): It’s a hard question for a person who has like 5419238756 favourite characters. I’ll try to pick some and answer it later
  • Dream job: translator (especially literary), and I’m currently studying to become one (from English - which is my favourite language -and Chinese)

Though everyone I follow and everyone who follows me has already done this, I’m tagging everyone who hasn’t done it yet :3

Got Tagged

So @hadntve tagged me to show y’all my taste in music. Lemme start off by saying I got some BOPS for u all. I think there is at least one song in here that you guys might like. 

1.     Shiki No Uta – Minmi 

2.     The Need To Know - Wale ft. SZA

3.     Arcades - C2C

4.     Tiny Dancer -  Elton John

5.     A Match Into Water - Pierce the Veil

6.     Built This Pool – Blink 182 

7.     Consideration – Rihanna

8.     He Is The Same – John Bellion

9.     One More Time – Daft punk

10.   Good Times Bad Times - Led Zeppelin

Now i gotta tag some more people and ask them to also put their music on shuffle and share the first 10 songs so we can keep this going. (By all means if u guys don’t want to do it, its fine, u don’t have to)(and if you’ve been tagged before and you don’t wanna do it again that’s fine too lol)

I tag:

@pipo-cub @wicked-flautist @thatgirlfromtherockshow @the-asian-potato @erratic-n @greaserparty @stingynarwhal @stalkerqueen @chubbybunnyruby @bthefirst @commandoninja

Tag Game

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Name: Bryan

Nicknames: Bry, Bryguy, Hobo

Gender: Male

Height: 6′1″

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Favorite Color: Deep Blue

Favorite Animal: Wolf

Average hours of sleep: Depends on work. Usually about 6 hours.

Cat or Dog person: Both. I like both.

Favorite Fictional Characters: Oh dear. Oh no. I don’t choose favorites like that. I like to love all fictional characters.

Bands/singers: Trans-siberian Orchestra, American Author, The Script, Of Monsters and Men, Imagine Dragons, etc.

Dream Trip: Wales. That’s where my family comes from.

Dream Job: Technical Theater

When was this blog created: May 2017

Followers: 46

When did my blog reach its’ peak: Miraculous Fluff Month

Time right now: 8:22 pm

Song stuck in my head: “Don’t stop me now” by Queen

Last movie I watched: Army of Darkness

Last TV show I watched: I am currently watching Avatar: The Last Airbender

What I am wearing right now: Forest green button up shirt, black vest, dark blue jeans

What kind of stuff do I post: It was supposed to be just fandom things, but it turned into a little bit of everything.

Do I have any other blogs: No

Do I get asks regularly: I have never gotten an ask

Why did I choose my URL: I plan on posting on a bunch of fandoms on this blog

Lucky number: 7

Following: 77 (hey, my lucky number!!)

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Visited this most magical place yesterday. It was called the Willow Theatre. It is a replica of the Globe made of living willow trees. It was absolutely gorgeous. It had “All The World’s A Stage” written on it in Welsh, English and Latin. A couple of friends I made on the farm helped make it, do the gardening here, and are in the plays from time to time. I have to come back here in the future and see a show. My whole heart was a-tingle. FYI this was near Llandrindod Wells.

Class is coming to @bbcamerica in 2016

Class, a companion for hit series Doctor Who, from American young adult writer Patrick Ness, will be co-produced by BBC AMERICA.

The eight-part series, Class, will be co-produced by BBC AMERICA marking the TV screenwriting debut of acclaimed author Patrick Ness, best known for his award-winning book A Monster Calls. Set in a school in contemporary London, it is executive produced by Steven Moffat and Brian Minchin, the team behind Doctor Who.

“I’m astounded and thrilled to be entering the Doctor Who universe, which is as vast as time and space itself,” said Ness. “I can’t wait for people to meet the heroes of Class, to meet the all-new villains and aliens, to remember that the horrors of the darkest corners of existence are just about on par with having
to pass your exams,” he joked.

Produced by BBC Cymru Wales and filmed in Cardiff, Class will premiere in 2016.

This is the best summation of the whole Drake vs. Meek Mill situation I’ve seen thus far. Well done, NPR. A little long, but a worthy read. 

The first weekend of August saw the coronation of a new King of Hip-Hop. Like all transitions of power, it had been years in the making and orchestrated by powers both seen and unseen.

For some, Aubrey Drake Graham, the Canadian former child actor circling around the hip-hop throne for years, had long been the King, and all that was left was the inauguration ceremony. For others, it was a moment of acquiescence — that after all of the hits, the sales, the hits, the record-breaking chart appearances, the hits, the ubiquity, the popularity and the hits, Drake had become undeniable by not only his sheer undeniability, but by the sheer undeniability of his swift and total dominance over friend-turned-rival Meek Mill, over the course of a week and a half, for no king is King with only power reserved; power must be actualized and demonstrated. For others still, it was moment of sad resolution, a hip-hop version of the 2000 or 2004 presidential election — something they’ll forever believe was won under the most questionable of circumstances, but will not speak on in mixed company, for fear of being labeled a loon, a conspiracy theorist, a hater or simply out of touch with the times.

In late July, Meek Mill was reaching only dreamed-of heights — his sophomore album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, released at the end of June, had spent two weeks atop the Billboard 200 charts; he was in a relationship with Nicki Minaj, undoubtedly the most powerful and desired female artist in hip-hop and one of the most powerful contemporary pop icons on the planet. Yet, apparently apropos of nothing, Meek took to Twitter to launch accusations against Drake, who has a close, sometimes tense relationship with Minaj. (He’s been publicly lusting after her for years; she’s kept him in both the friend zone and the no flex zone.) But Meek’s jabs against Drake were not, on their face, about jealousy. Instead he accused Drake, currently one of the most popular and adored artists in the music’s commercial nucleus, of not writing all of his own raps. It’s the kind of accusation that doesn’t mean much to casual listeners on the outskirts of rap, but holds a lot of weight in the core.

Unlike other art forms, the idea of authorship is tied into hip-hop’s DNA. At the birth of rapping, rappers didn’t quite own the music, which was stitched and spliced together by a DJ from breaks. But they did own their lyrics, which were a form of currency. The four elements of hip-hop — MCing, DJing, dancing and graffiti — are all tied into things one can create for oneself. One doesn’t have to follow a fundamentalist’s or purist’s line to accept that — despite the mutations of vocalization, production, movement and art in the genre — the idea of making something from nothing, of authenticity, of realness is tied into hip-hop in a way that is absent in other musical spheres. Pop stars who can’t sing become career superstars and EDM DJs who don’t mix records regularly make millions, but the ethos of hip-hop has always been against such bait-and-switches, even as it’s grown into a billion-dollar industry.

Rappers who write their own material are seen as more serious and more worthy, much like an auteur or singer-songwriter, as opposed to a director or chanteuse. There are those who say these distinctions don’t matter, yet, no rapper has ever come out as the mouthpiece for mouthpieces. P. Diddy once boasted on record, “Don’t worry if I write rhymes, I write checks,” but that’s not a platform he’s ever campaigned on. Kanye West admits to occasionally collaborating with stronger writers than himself — but is likely to spazz on anyone who accuses him of not writing his own rhymes. It’s widely accepted that Dr. Dre employs writers, same with Snoop Dogg — and hip-hop allows both because their contributions to the form in terms of music and voice outweigh any allegiance to ideals. It’s basically a dynamic of selective scrutiny and denial.

Labels, publications and radio platforms all know that ghostwriting exists. Rappers like Jay Z hint at providing the service for others; artists like Skillz have made careers of it, presumably making more money from ghostwriting than their own records. The major rappers who have come out as proudly employing ghostwriters can be counted on no hands. Even Minaj, who is many ways selling her body as much as her music, takes the time to regularly stress that she writes her own rhymes — the unsaid being that most other female rappers rely on outside penmanship. Why? Because everyone knows it’s antithetical to be a “real” rapper who relies on ghostwriters. Rappers who don’t write their own material aren’t held to the same standards as those who do.

There are (and should be) continuing arguments in hip-hop over stylistic leanings such as lyrics vs. melody and debates about message. But all sides acknowledge that cadences and melodies are important, which is why instrumentals do not a rap song make. Delivery matters. And, delivery — or “flow” — is perhaps the most difficult aspect of songwriting. Whether the song be a television jingle, a pop ditty or a rap tune, melody is ultimate, and the rest, for some artists, may as well be the product of monkeys with typewriters. Still the idea of authorship remains a basic given in hip-hop: It may have been written by a monkey with a typewriter, but I’m the monkey and it’s my typewriter.

Meek’s accusations against Drake — which were later backed by reference tracks made by little-known Atlanta rapper Quentin Miller that were played on air by Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex — mark the first time a generation is dealing with the question of ownership of lyrical composition in rap. A few years ago, similar allegations were made against Nas, but, with twenty years behind him as a professional rapper, Nas belongs to another era — to many of Drake’s fans, he’s actually dad rap. Drake, on the other hand, is of the now. His incredibly self-referential blend of emotional narcissism and confessional pornography resonates with a generation in which oversharing of mundane observations has become performance art. His ability to present middle class ennui in thug verbiage has a universal adapter quality to it. The words that have come out of his mouth are mantras, memes and retorts fit for just about any and all occasion — there’s even an app for that.

Following Meek Mill’s allegations, Drake’s producer Noah “40” Shebib came out in defense of Drake, ignoring the existence of the reference tracks. Likewise, Quentin Miller denied ever being a ghostwriter for Drake — which counts for nothing as it’s what he would be contractually obligated to say, were he actually a ghostwriter. Pro-Drake forces and Miller have downplayed Miller’s involvement in Drake’s recording, noting that he’s listed in the credits for multiple songs on If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late — which could mean that he simply suggested a word or two to Drake. (It should be noted that Miller is not credited on “R.I.C.O.,” a Drake-assisted song that appears on Meek’s Dreams Worth More Than Money, but also has a Miller reference track.) But much of Drake’s allure is the idea that he is personally penning his deepest thoughts; he’s not supposed to be a committee of feelings. The reality that Drake may be getting whole songs’ worth of help from outside sources takes away from some of the magic and fantasy that makes him such a profitable entity. If it didn’t, Drake’s camp would have owned up to the level of assistance he’s gotten — which is almost certainly more than they’ve admitted to — and simply turned Drake into a reality TV version of a rapper, where people watch knowing that it’s fake, but get a perverse joy from trying to figure out where the line between authenticity and script is crossed. The obviously staged dramatizations of Love & Hip Hop are commercially viable, but using ghostwriters is as much about ego as it is about money. Drake isn’t trying to be a reunion show fight highlight reel. He hasn’t explicitly claimed to write his rhymes in years, but he obviously aspires to be categorized with Jay Z, Nas and 2Pac — not Dr. Dre or P. Diddy. If he didn’t, he would not have taken such huge offense to Meek’s accusations.

In many ways, the conflict between Drake and Meek Mill is a class struggle. Unlike Drake, Meek is a ravenous MC who’s been battle-tested and approved. He speaks for the downtrodden, the forgotten and is viciously socially aware, while not being above the ills of fiscal irresponsibility, crime, violence and misogyny. He once remixed Drake’s “The Ride,” a song about the mo’ money mo problems trappings of fame, into “Faded Too Long,” a musical middle finger to a personal rebuke from his district attorney. On “Lord Knows,” the opening number of his most recent album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, he proudly raps, “Difference between me and most of these rappers — I’m talking about work that I really put in.”

Meek is also known to feel all the feels all at the same time. He’s sensitive, but not Drake-sensitive. Sensitive in the ways that growing with little to nothing and seeing systemic inequality at play raises the importance of loyalty and words as bonds. Meek once beefed with his labelmate Wale over not promoting his album, which is something he also mentioned as one of his gripes against Drake. It seems silly, but to Mill, not tweeting his album is akin to not showing up to his baby shower, and providing him a verse written by someone else is like having a third party pick out his birthday present.

What ultimately set Meek Mill off is a mystery that may never be solved. It’s likely something acutely related to the dirty laundry he aired online, but it would take more than a personal slight for him to risk f****** up the money and bringng down the whole house of cards. When Funkmaster Flex promised to not only premiere Mill’s response to Drake, but to also play more incriminating material on the radio, it felt like the threat of a man ready to burn everything, consequences be damned. But none of it happened as advertised. And Flex’s weird silence and the station’s defensive and omissive response in the aftermath reek of a corporate shutdown. Drake is, after all, worth a lot of money to a lot of people. It’s not insane to imagine some of the shareholders in Drake, Inc., worrying about the health of their investment’s reputation.

And the lack of interest in the truth of the story spreads to — conspiracy alert — the media and other artists, who have remained largely silent on the subject in specific, opting to talk about ghostwriting as a whole, get in on the memes while they can, or ignore the story altogether. A story involving the biggest commercial rapper of the moment that has spiraled to include the beef between rival N.Y. radio stations Hot 97 and Power 105 and involved a Toronto Councillor Norm Kelley, is being largely dictated by Drake’s internet minions, the #DrizzyHive. To date there’s been no published investigative journalism into the origin, presence or authenticity of the purported reference tracks by any outlets of note.

What we have gotten is a pair of diss tracks from Drake — “Charged Up” which champions perception over facts, goes for dignified low blows and plays to the crowd like a good politician; and “Back 2 Back,” featuring all sorts of subtle references as well as pointed barbs. By contrast, Meek’s response song, “Wanna Know,” fell flat on many levels — he took too long to join a fight he started, and moreover, he tried to act as his own lawyer in the court of public opinion without taking the jury’s make up into account. Meek attempted to reframe the argument, but the discussion had moved past what it was once about — the notion of authorship — and onto memes and jokes, which is what Drake’s early-August assault capitalized on. It’s been widely considered a loss for Meek Mill and the most devastating, almost surgical, dismantling of a viable contender that hip-hop has ever seen. Any response made by Meek at this point is about cauterizing a wound and figuring out how to move forward.

But Meek may not be the biggest loser here. Even before Drake’s coronation at his annual OVO Fest, the hard questions had been avoided and ignored. Drake has never contradicted (or even addressed) the evidence head on and Funkmaster Flex seems to have been silenced on the matter more than once, while the existence of Drake reference tracks has become an open secret in the music industry. The existence of those tracks and the purported assistance doesn’t make Drake disposable — saying Drake isn’t a talented musician is akin to saying Alex Rodriquez isn’t a formidable athlete. But, as Rodriguez’s legacy has been called into question by many due to his admission of steroid use, Drake’s catalog would carry an asterisk that is not in line with the legacy he’s been building for the past 10 years. It seems as if that asterisk won’t matter, and that efforts are being made to ensure the font that explains it is so small as to be illegible. At the OVO Fest, Drake was joined by Kanye West and Will Smith, two artists who have received help with writing their songs. Together the three laughed backstage at Meek’s expense.

For many, this moment is an education in the mechanics of the music business and the politics of industry. The old values just do not matter, nor do inquiry or veracity in the coverage of music. It’s no secret that the music industry has been watching its sphere of influence and revenue streams shrink and dry up since the early 2000s. It’s also widely known that corporate interests have been underwriting music ventures to a never-before-seen degree — rap is not immune from the corporatocracy that has infected sports and television and film. In this climate, Drake is the most logical and bankable heir to the hip-hop throne, too valuable to lose. The former occupants of the top spot — Jay Z, Kanye West, Lil Wayne — are too preoccupied with ventures outside of the music industry to assert any sort of continued dominance. The other hopefuls — Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole — appear utterly disinterested in playing the game the way it needs to be played in order to become King. Drake was not officially crowned during his performance, but that’s just a formality. The excitement around his show, and the breathless coverage that followed, was a propaganda coup worthy of Edward Bernays. With the notion of authorship dispatched as silly and inconsequential, the way has been paved for even greater corporate influence over hip-hop.

The question of authorship in hip-hop is not about some return to Eden — mainly because rap’s first commercial single, “Rapper’s Delight” contained Big Bank Hank reciting Grandmaster Caz’s rhymes. Yet there is the notion of growth and evolution — as the core of hip-hop expands and moves closer to the center of mainstream ideas, it’s natural that many of its original ideals, even previously fundamental ones, will be jettisoned. This conversation regarding authorship is one that spreads beyond the players at hand, or primal notions of competition. There’s a strong degree of cognitive dissonance at play here for many of Drake’s fans — many are calling it a non-issue, which would only make sense if they were’t busy quoting Drake’s songs as proof of his lyrical superiority, his worth, the very reason why he is being so staunchly and emotionally defended and protected. But in doing so, they’re making it easier for their allegiance to be transferred to and controlled by moneyed interests than ever before. There’s an enormous amount of energy being spent on a conversation by the vast majority of industry players — mainly because it’s entertaining and full of juicy gossip behind the scenes. But many of these same players will simultaneously say that the inciting accusations aren’t worthy of discussion. It’s a troubling and disconcerting state of affairs — where self interests and an eroding market share birth a lack of adherence to foundational principles.

There are two conversations that should be kept going. The conversation of authorship needs to continue because it is not only about authorship, but about truth telling — it’s a conversation about what hip-hop is and what rap means, and having it centered about the genre’s biggest star is a way to ignite and involve all sectors of game. And, more importantly, the acute conversation about these reference tracks — their existence, their journey to the public — remains important because the ways we talk about the small things determine how we’ll talk about the big things. If the discussion around the veracity of evidence isn’t followed here, the logical muscles that are needed to tackle the huge, meaningful issues of the day are not being worked. And the conversation around Drake’s worthiness as King should not be silenced by voices screaming “Long live the King.” A national election cycle is underway. Paying attention is necessary. Following the money is vital. Drake uses ghostwriters. And more people of note need to say that the emperor has no pants, while you can still speak your mind without being called an enemy of the state.

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