show: ace of cakes

Day 17: Your idol and why you look up to them.

Despite the multitude of people I look up to and admire, I think I would have to pick Geof Manthorne as my idol.

The man is simply a genius. Not only is he a skilled architect, applying his talents to the field of sugarcrafts, but he is also a more than capable musician, has an amazing wit, and constantly appears to have a mellow and chilled out mood disposition.

I once wrote a song about him. Totally hero-worship.

A Texas Experience

Well, a few months ago I went to the Houston Home and Garden Show because my aunt got us tickets for a meet and greet/book signing with Duff Goldman from Ace of Cakes (!!!!!). He had this presentation afterwards that was like a talk and Q & A thing, which was pretty cool. At the beginning of the session, Duff, who works in like Baltimore, all of a sudden goes “THE STARS AT NIGHT ARE BIG AND BRIGHT”

And, no lie, everyone person sitting down in that room claps on cue and yells back “DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS” with a completely straight face.

We can’t NOT do it. It is ingrained in our Texas souls.  

Also he called one of his coworkers and made us do it again so she could hear.