If you’ve ever longed to hear me and @reblogginhood to yell our The 100 theories directly into your ears with our lovely voices, we have a podcast now!

0:00 - In Which We Introduce Ourselves and Hope We Haven’t Freaked You Out Yet
0:03 - In Which Old-School Clarke Is Back, Bitches
0:18 - In Which We Discuss Erin’s Thesis For the Whole Season
0:27 - In Which We Secretly Love Ontari
0:34 - In Which We AGGRESSIVELY Love Indra
0:37 - In Which Octavia Is EVERYTHING This Season
0:49 - In Which We Take a Brief Sidebar To Yell About All the Storytelling Problems In the First Half of the Season
0:52 - In Which We Are So Goddamn Excited About the Delinquents
0:56 - In Which Bryan and Miller are the Literal Romeo and Juliet of This Show
0:59 - In Which Claire Is “Not Exactly a Pike Apologist, But …”
1:06 - In Which Everything at Arkadia Makes Much More Sense If You Mentally Re-Insert Lincoln Into Every Storyline
1:17 - In Which We Spend Half an Hour Yelling About Lincoln’s Death
1:46 - In Which It Is Genuinely Astonishing It Took This Long For One of Us to Make a Hamilton Reference
1:47 - In Which Erin Is Concerned Octavia’s Going to Turn Out to Be Pregnant
1:49 - In Which KABBY!!!!!!!!!!!
2:00 - In Which We Bid You Farewell Until Next Week and Hope You Do Not Regret Your Life Choices In Listening to This

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