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Wanna meet new Captain Swan fans and fangirl together during the episode tonight? Stop on into the Captain Swan Chatroom! It’s always a great time, and you will make some great friends. The episode airing tonight is:

6.10 “Wish You Were Here”

The show starts at 8pm EST. There will also be a second Viewing Party for PST viewers at 8pm PST!

Hope to see you in there! Tonight is the LAST viewing party before the winter hiatus! Don’t miss it!! [Enter]

Seasons of Supernatural wrapped up in a "Friends" style episode title (Spoilers)
  • Season 1: The One Where Dad Goes On a Hunting Trip
  • Season 2: The One Where Sam Gets Stabbed
  • Season 3: The One Where Dean's About to Die
  • Season 4: The One Where The Angel Shows Up
  • Season 5: The One Where The Apocalypse Started
  • Season 6: The One Where Cas Did a No No
  • Season 7: The One With the Leviathans
  • Season 8: The One Where They Were in Purgatory
  • Season 9: The One Where One Brother Was Half an Angel & the Other Brother Was Becoming a Demon & the Angel Was a Human
  • Season 10: The One Where Dean is A Demon
  • Season 11: The One With the Darkness

Guess who saw Big Hero 6~


a counterargument to my copious McCree posting

also surprise genji because he tends to show up

finally started playing hanzo after 6 hours of playtime being too scared to play hanzo

i got over the ‘fear of sucking’ bc honestly, it is non viable to play overwatch playing solely support and attack classes

idgaf if i suck at hanzo you have to deal with my shitty pot shots and crappy ults and i’m talking to both sides here.  i got potg once playing a shitty hanzo come at me i’m going to be good at him eventually maybe after like years

i got voice chat off you can cuss at me all you want i can’t hear you, i lack attention span to look left at team chat and also i don’t care

actually no i do care i still remember that one guy who was yelling at me to stop charging in as hanzo i’m so sorry dude but nobody was on the payload and i get anxious when it’s not moving

also bless @monstrous-hourglass for coming up with them noodle dragons bc i love noodle dragons

#6 His reaction when you start to show

A/N Hi everyone! This is a pretty cute one! Aw! I hope you like it! 

Ashton- You just stepped out of the shower and put a basic tank top on with some leggings before going into your bedroom to find a sweatshirt. As soon as you walked in you found Ashton laying on your bed looking at his phone. He looked up immediately and his mouth dropped. “What is it Ash?” “Y/N! Your starting to get a baby bump!” He jumped off the bed and came over to you excitedly. You looked down and were shocked because you hadn’t noticed earlier. “Oh my god Ash! That’s our baby!” You almost started to cry because suddenly it became very real for both of you. He carefully placed his large warm hands on your stomach and smiled. “Hi baby it’s your daddy. You’re getting so big munchkin!” “I love that you call our baby Munchkin, Ashton You’re adorable.” “It’s so weird Y/N I already love him or her so much. It’s unreal.” “I feel the same way. You’re going to be a great dad. It’s going to be a good thing for us.” You said. “I love you both so much.” He said as he placed his lips on yours, kissing you for a long time.  

Luke- Luke had a gig tonight so he wouldn’t be home until late. Usually you would wait up for him and talk about your days and cuddle with him but the pregnancy made you really tired. You were laying in bed when you looked at your stomach and noticed that a small baby bump was beginning to form. You smiled and ran your hands over it a few times before dozing off with your hands remaining there. Luke came home around 1am and noticed you sleeping. He was extremely quiet because he knew you needed the rest and he didn’t want to wake you. His eyes traveled up and down your body admiring how beautiful you were and smiling to himself wondering how he got so lucky when he noticed where your hands were. He saw the baby bump for the first time and his eyes filled with tears but he blinked them away quickly. He was so happy. He climbed into bed next to you but you felt the bed shift and you opened your eyes. “Hi Lukey.” “Shit I’m sorry I didn’t mean to wake you up baby.” He kissed your cheek softly. “were you crying? Your eyes are glossy.” You asked. “No It’s just, I saw the baby bump Y/N It’s finally starting to seem real.” You smiled, happy that he noticed. “Can I feel it? He asked as he laid beside you. "Of course.” You said, taking his hand and placing it on his stomach. He held it there as he kissed you softly. “I love you.” he whispered.   

Michael- You were getting dressed in the morning and when you looked in the mirror you noticed a slight baby bump. You finally got over being too scared about this whole thing and you were starting to get excited because it could be a good thing for you and Michael. You grinned from ear to ear and you couldn’t wait to go downstairs and show Michael. You decided to put on a tighter shirt so it would be easier for him to notice. You walked down quickly to find him sitting on the counter eating a bowl of cereal. “Hi Mikey!” “Hi sweetie, You’re in a good mood today!” He smiled cutely at you, A look of pure love. “Notice anything different?” You still said smiling. He looked you up and down quickly before his eyes locked on your stomach and he almost choked on his cereal. “OH MY GOD! Y/N You have a bump!” “Yep!” He placed the bowl down and walked over to you, immediately wrapping you into a tight warm hug. He looked down between you and smiled. “Y/N that’s our baby.” “I know Mike I can’t believe it. It’s happening so fast.” “It looks great on you. You always look so beautiful. I can’t wait until It’s born.” You blushed. He always knew the right things to say. “I love you Michael.” “I Love you more Y/N.”  

Calum- You were laying on the couch, Head in Calum’s lap, Just relaxing watching TV. You were finally starting to feel a little better so that was good. Calum’s eyes weren’t so much on the TV but on you. You were laughing at the dumb little jokes he was telling. Your placed your hand on your stomach because of all the laughing and his eyes followed your arm. He was looking at your stomach now, suddenly he gasped. “Y/N! Look at that. You’re starting to show!” “Wow I didn’t even notice that earlier! It’s so amazing.” You said, rubbing your hand over it. “He smiled down at your face again. "I can’t believe there’s a little human inside of you, that’s so weird.” You laughed again. “Cal it’s your baby!” “I didn’t say it was a bad weird. It’s a good weird. I cant believe we made that.” “Yeah that is pretty weird.” He looked at the bump again and shook his head smiling. “I Love you Y/N… And our little Jellybean baby too.” “We love you too Calum." 

A/N Aw cute right?! I’m going to try and post another one tomorrow but hopefully earlier in the day! 

PLEASE KEEP REQUESTING IDEAS FOR THIS SERIES! I’ve got a pretty good list going but I want to make it the best it can possibly be by adding stuff that you guys want to read! So if you have any ideas send them to me in my ask! Thanks loves! 




Season 6 episode 7.  This episode starts with a Halloween party where Dwayne and Whitley are dressed as Angela Davis and Malcolm X and then becomes an extended dream sequence/parody/commentary on sexism and the 1992 presidential election where all the candidates are black women.    THIS SHOW IS REAL.

The Steam Powered Giraffe 7-Year Anniversary Concert!
In San Diego, California Saturday, January 24th!

Tickets on Sale Now!

For VIP Experience purchasers, the photo-ops are scheduled to start at 4:00 PM PST. Please arrive an hour early!

Doors open for General Admission at 6:00 PM PST.

Show scheduled to start at 7:00 PM.

All tickets are proscenium stage style seating.

General Admission - $25

Steam Powered Giraffe
VIP Package - $100

Behind The Steam

Go behind the scenes right before the show with this unique experience! You’ll get a sneak peak at what goes on while the crew is still prepping the robots, and you never know what you might see!

Take a whimsical tour behind the curtain and meet the robots of Steam Powered Giraffe live in person! Your package gets you an exclusive professional photo and a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into sound check with three crazy robots. Sound Man Steve Negrete will lead you through an exclusive look at the technology behind the robots and the band. Learn firsthand about the band’s instruments, and greet The Walter Girl’s at their booth to receive exclusive goodies and first dibs on the night’s merchandise!


- Front-of-House Ticket To The Show

- Professional Photo, of you with the robots of Steam Powered Giraffe!

- VIP Sound Check Access to watch the band warm up before showtime!

- VIP Gift Bag featuring unique swag!

- Exclusive Signed Show Poster

Photo Op FAQ:

Fandom Asks: Send Me A Number

1. Character in my fandoms that I think I’m most like.
2. What character archetype am I attracted to?
3. First ever ship and why.
4. How much has your life change ever since you started fangirling/fanboying?
5. Top 3 Favorite TV shows.
6. Top 3 Favorite movies.
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12. Make me choose between two characters.
13. Make me choose between two ships.
14. Favorite fanfiction read/written.
15. Most loathed character. EVER.
16. Favorite villain/s.
17. A show you used to love but eventually hated or vice-versa.
18. A character you used to love but eventually hated or vice-versa.
19. A ship you used to love but eventually hated or vice-versa.
20. Your ultimate OTP?
21. Any fandom related question you can think of. :)

I feel like its only a matter of time before they announce a SU video game (not an app game, even though that was excellent). I dunno, I just kind of feel it in my gut that that’s in the near future. But I dunno, might just be wishful thinking on my part

Reasons why you should ship Tip and Hiro (Tiiro, or my personal shipping name, Intergalactic Robots)
  • They’re cute together
  • They both have a companion 
  • They both have a calico cat

More photo here.

My man Simon and I attended Monster Jam at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis last night. It was great! We had a pit pass so we got there early and looked at the trucks. The show was scheduled to start at 6:30. There were some qualifying by the mini trucks on the undercard that started before 6:30. The show started on time and was really non stop action except for when they had to come out and clean up a broken or overturned truck. There were 16 trucks at the start. When it was over there were 6 or 7 broken on the track. There was qualifying, head to head racing, a donut competition, intermission, and then the grand finally, freestyle.

It really got to the inner 12-year-old in me. It was loud, trucks flying in the air, parts breaking off. What more could you ask for? It was a very well run show. It was tight, not much waiting around. Lots of little kids and families enjoying the show. If you get your tickets early and don’t have to pay secondary market prices I think it’s a really good value. Lots of fun for the money.

Pro tip, bring ear protection and ear plugs. These trucks are loud!


siwon1987: SUPER SHOW 6 that started from last September. Finale in Jakarta. SM performance team staff, Dream Maker, Dream Security etc, beloved E.L.F and members! It’s been hard work on all of you. We will meet you with a better look in SUPER SHOW 7 (c)
leedonghae: I love Indonesia !! It was a really fun and happy concert. We will quickly come and greet you again… World ELF, we will meet you at Super Show 7!! (c)  
kimheenim: Good Bye SS6!!!!😢😢😢😢 But, Coming Soon SS7!!!!😀😀😀😀#SuperShow6 #JAKARTA  
special_js1004 : ..Will you wait for me???^^..Now Yesungie is coming and regrettably there are members who have to go too but wait for us!!!^^..Because from now on it’s the real start..#Wait #Wewillwait (c)  
ryeong9:Super Show 6, until the last tour, thanks E.L.F.♡ (c)