For the love of God, please ignore all my random selfies. My hair was extra cute and I was feeling myself too much. Also…. most of that screaming is NOT me.

I tried to get intros for all your faves and clips of matches. I’ll upload non Snapchat footage too. ;)

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Rowaelin, Lifeguard AU

Hey kids, here is a super quick au I’ve been thinking about recently…. let me know if you want to read more :)

The midday sun pulsed above Sculls Bay, creating an endless wave of heat that made the air almost suffocating. There wasn’t a cloud to be seen and the water glimmered with shades of blues and greens.

Rowan Whitehorn sat perched atop the lifeguard’s chair, eyes scanning the shore for any sort of danger. It wasn’t particularly crowded today, but it didn’t stop him from observing the area with extreme detail. Despite being on his break, Gavriel was down by the rock pools, showing some sea snails to a group of children. Toward the centre of the beach, Fenrys and Connal were both talking to a group of bikini-clad women, no doubt flirting their way into dates. Lorcan and Vaughn sat in the lifeguard tower behind him, watching the surrounding area.

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