Can I just say the fact that there’s a T.V. show called “That’s a Drag” on Sam & Cat that is literally about the exact opposite of society today where males wear dresses and females wear suits and the son is yelled at for joining the football team and getting his dress dirty shows that Nickelodeon is finally growing up. Yes, Dan Schneider made the plot funny and the storyline gets kids laughing, but if you actually think about what they’re saying it’s pretty great. I’m so proud of Nickelodeon right now. 

And maybe, just maybe, they will have their first same-sex couple. And I’m not saying that because I ship Puckentine and want to see them together. I’m saying that because there was a point when mixed race couples were never talked about or seen on T.V. and now look how far we’ve come. So maybe, just maybe, gay and lesbian couples will just been seen as something that is completely normal. 

I’m just saying I’m really proud of Dan Schneider and Nickelodeon. Really proud.