Someone nominated me for a selfie posting thing? I don’t have very many selfies, and most of the ones I do have are of me trying on various hats. This is the best I could do. I nominate no one. The chain dies with me. I have the power!

Yesterday, in a field trip to El Viejo San Juan (Puerto Rico), my mom went to get refreshments after we accidentally left her behind. The bartender asked her if she could take a picture of him and the other men, so she took the picture but then she asked if she could take one for herself to show me later because she found them handsome… She didn’t realize that she took a picture of Jason Momoa aka Khal Drogo from Game Of Thrones 😭😍

this is what my cousin’s wife had to say about bts:

rapmon: his name is rap monster? i thought that was like an inside joke or something…oh wow he looks like a troublemaker (lmao aka problematic) he doesn’t wear chapstick? that’s gross!

suga: i cant say anything about him to you that wouldnt be considered inappropriate. im sorry…he’s just not cute…

j-hope: he’s the dancer? i can tell just by looking at him. cause, like, he’s kinda got his mouth hanging open he looks like he’s ready to go! anyway, he’s handsome, unlike the last two you showed me…

jimin: oh wow he’s cute, too!

taehyung: he’s cuter than the ones before! i can see why he’s your favorite.

jin: now HE’S the cutest i like him! it’s probably bc he’s the oldest.

jungkook: oh…he looks young :\

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after seeing sodapop in the movie and then seeing him in the show makes me feel quite disturbed

SAME. like “movie star handsome”, huh? you look like shit.

Stuart showed me his suit today, he looks so handsome and gentlemanly! I am excited! 

Is it my wedding day yet? Can we stop the anticipation and start the partying?

  • i was rewatching ep5 of seventeen project just now and one of my flatmates was sitting next to me on the sofa, when he suddenly said...
  • him:it's unfair! they're so many i have no time to pick my favorite one...
  • me:??????
  • him:when i think i've seen the one i really like, another one even more handsome appears on the screen!
  • me:*shows him every member one by one*
  • him:aham.... aham....
  • me:*loads a photo of mingyu*
  • him:*makes unintelligible weird noises* THIS ONE!! THIS IS THE ONE I'VE BEEN WAITING ALL MY LIFE!!! HE'S SO... LOOK AT HIM!!!!
  • and that guys is how their romance started

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I think you are very inspirational and handsome. You showed me that it's okay to be myself and not care what others think. ☺️ thank you !

I’m so glad I could help you love. ❤️ Stay strong

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sorrysorry that was entirely fuc iking rud e of me anything iwth handsome jack shows up in the searcho. but im ean you know the terms of contra ct for the doppelgangers prett well anyways,

i mean yeah so . just block my username or smth and also. the doppelgangers arent me, they look like me and act like me but. they. arent. me. im me and thats that

I think I’m weirdly attracting musicians now… It’s this guy . Oh my gosh
He is so handsome
My first thought , what the hell is wrong with him !? Why is he showing interest in me !?
Slowly getting a feel for the personality as I get to know him .
All seems good some far
Wonder what’s gonna happen when (cough cough ) shows up . If me and handsome pops off, someone’s gonna be looking sick in the face !
I wonder if that the pettiness deep inside of me talking…

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"Um,excuse me but I'm a tourist here.I don't really know my way here.If it's possible,can you show me around?I'll pay you."I asked nervously to the handsome blonde male.

Naruto glanced to the young woman asking for his help as he shrugged his shoulder before replying.

“Why not.”

I would like to thank this handsome man for wonderful experiences and showing me that love is wonderful and not scary. Thank you for dealing with my anxiety issues and constant worrying. You’re a keeper. <3 Can’t wait for our future together.