I’m watching Ore Monogatari between shifts and Takeo is giving me so much happiness. Takeo is delivering pure happiness to me on a silver platter. I identify so much, and also am in love. I keep pausing to silently screech, nobody can be this beautiful and handsome of a human being

You showed me one important thing that no one has been able to show me before. Not that I am sweet or smart or handsome. None of that. You showed me something more important than any of those things. You showed me that I was important, that there is a reason I am here. You made me feel like the world is lucky to have me. I don’t think anyone else will ever make me feel that way. I love you for all that you are 👸🏾. @fabianpodu ❤️ @auniquelifee

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Let me show you my sufferings of finding the right boy: Handsome boys I met are gay or rather "not gentle" at all.

i just don’t like guys my age ;-; why would ANYONE want to date a teenage boy? (sorry to any teenage boys out there, but seriously)  i’m quite happy to wait until i get to uni, tbh. but yeah, i know the struggle, bro 


I was tagged by bianca-says-hello (who is ridiculously pretty!! and runs an awesome blog) to post some selfies!! I originally had like way more but I narrowed it down a little. You can see more (plus these repeated) in the my face tag on my blog!

Alright anyways, thank you for tagging me and I tag oikawagalaxy, buckycharms-thefrostedsoldier, sweden-and-eggs, realalistairtheirin, and anyone else who wants to show me and the world their beautiful/handsome/transcendent/etc. faces! Please tag me in your posts so I can see because you are all just the Maker’s gifts to my eyeballs.

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I heard you aren't the most handsome person in the province. You're not even in the top 10.

Well now, that’s your opinion and I respect it, even though it’s wrong, but by all means, if you find someone more handsome than me, show them to me so that I can judge for myself.  Show me these people.  Show me them.  Show me these handsome people so that I can dismiss them or fight them as the case may be.  I will fight them.

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Don't you ever, don't you ever / Stop being dandy, showing me you're handsome

im screaming yes this is me i am this song!!!!!!! thank u!!!!!!! 😎😎😎