UMM WHERE DID THESE BACK MUSCLES COME FROM?? It’s crazy noticing all these small differences in my physique lately as I lean down 😩👌 (ass shot at the end courtesy of my friend lmao)


This level of complexity is honestly why Dean is my favorite character. He’s gone from he is evil no question to he might not be evil yet, but he will be to if he does go evil, I will end him. He’s never static, never one-dimensional. So many layers to be peeled away, even in this small piece of his story. He’s captivated me from day one, and this is why. 


“For seven seasons now, Mulder and Scully have remained suspended in the intoxicating pre-kiss rapture that is the essence of story-book romance.”

- excerpts from “An X-Rated Kiss,” by Stephen Cole, front page story, The National Post (Canada), November 24, 1999.