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With the Windenburg University Fan Pack, you can better prepare your Sims for their transition into adulthood. Immerse them in the college lifestyle and let the Campus become their classroom! Send those teens off to Get Educated!

EXPLORE THE VAST CAMPUS by @redhotchilisimblr

ID : DWould / CC Free / 64 x 64 / Library / 859K

  • Get set up in your new dorm room and meet your fellow students, maybe join a club or two! On the first floor of your dorm, you will find the common area where we keep recreational and gaming equipment that can be checked out from the hall desk, as well as a small kitchen for late night snacking.
  • Don’t forget to take note of the lecture halls inside the main building so you aren’t late on your first day. The Dean has a great view of the entire Campus from his office in the tower so make sure to be on your best behavior.
  • The library in the West wing of the main building boasts more than 3000 books to browse, 14 desktop computers, and a quiet space to spread out and do all that homework you’ve neglected!
  • The cafeteria in the East wing of the main building will keep you well fed. Keep an eye out for (hopefully) delicious experimental dishes from the Culinary Arts Kitchens upstairs.
  • Interested in the fine arts program? Take some time to explore your creativity in the Art District next door to the dorm. With it’s towering walls decorated with former student’s works of art, you’re sure to feel those creative juices flow and become inspired to create some of your own.
  • Across the Quad from your dorm is the Science District. Collect samples from the surrounding area to splice and grow in our gorgeous Greenhouse and terrace.
  • In your free time, ‘The White Lotus’ basement terrace is a gorgeous place to grab some caffiene and sweets. Later in the evening, The Green Leprechaun Bar will be your new stomping ground. Mingle with your fellow nightowls and blow off some steam! Shop at the official campus bookstore for all of your supply and swag needs.

Windenburg University Majors

  1. Science (Skills : Logic - Programming)
  2. Art (Skills : Painting - Handiness - Photography)
  3. Media / Communication (Skills : Charisma - Photography)
  4. Physical Education (Skills : Fitness - Wellness)
  5. Drama (Skills : Charisma - Comedy - Singing)
  6. Business (Skills : Logic - Charisma)
  7. Culinary (Skills : Gourmet - Baking)
  8. History (Skills : Writing - Logic)

SHOW YOUR SCHOOL SPIRIT SWAG  by @vivificus-zombiae

And also new buy mode recolors (with various swatches each) :

Includes*… :

  • 4 base game top recolors (5 swatches each)
  • 5 new hairstyles
  • Puff chair (19 swatches)
  • “Hipster” style 3-piece living room seating set : couch, loveseat, armchair (5 swatches)
  • Matching area rug (10 swatches)

(*) Base Game Compatible.

TS2 > TS4 CONVERSIONS by @zx-ta

Includes 25 objects from The Sims 2 : FreeTime and Teen Style Stuff

Also includes a walls set !


Includes 16 new poses (more not in the preview)

Note :

Every items have been successfully playtested. For MAC users, you might encounters stuttering issues if your computer is running on an old version or with minimal requirements. For newest versions or PC users, no issues have been found.

Because the University is set as a lbrary, kids can possibly show up. It doesn’t happens a lot, but it could be annoying for some users. To prevent this, chose the lot trait “teens hangout”. Also, if you’ve Get Together, create a group of students and set up the campus as their favorite location. With both combine, you’ve a slim chance to have kids showing up, and if they do, they’ll leave pretty soon.


(Includes all the custom contents, the poses pack and the lot tray file)

We’re all so proud and happy to finally share our project. It was quite challenging but I think the wait finally worth it. Thanks for your support, your patience and ideas. Besides, I want to thanks all the person who’ve somehow participated on the project. No doubt I’ll do it again because it was such a great experience to share with amazing creators and you. Once again, happy simming and feel free to tag us or use the hashtag “windenburguniversity” if you’re using our creations !  -Red.


생일 축하해, 전보람!! ❤ [March 22]

Happy birthday to our most beloved Jeon Boram. Thank you for showering queen’s with love and ‘aeygo’, your smiles and ajumma laughs. No matter what decisions you make in the future, know we will always be behind you, supporting and watching over you. Thank you for being a part of our lives. Thank you for being a part of T-ARA ♛

1. Buy a new poster and hang it on your wall.
2. Set your background as someone you admire.
3. Break a mirror.
4. Save lady bugs and other little critters
5. Meet new people, tell them they are important
6. Buy a pretty old dress from a worn down thrift shop
7. Eat a food you’ve never tried before
8. Prove someone wrong.
9. Get mad
10. Get nervous
11. Watch a favorite old time movie
12. Plant some flowers, they give you oxygen
13. Paint someone a picture
14. Hold someone’s hand
15. Dance in front of people, show your free spirit
16. Put your hair in a ponytail
17. Compliment someone on their grammar
18. Be nice to the teacher you hate
19. Smile at your arch enemy
20. Buy new curtains
21. Crack open your window.
22. Put on some lotion
23. Buy new earrings
24. Play some music
25. Swoon over a crush
26. Take pictures of things you love
27. Lay in bed
28. Tell her you love her
29. Tell him you love him
30. Don’t waste any time. Beautiful things and chances pass us by everyday and we never get them back.
—  do it -blossite

Life happens. To all of us. It blindsides us, and we’re not always equipped to deal with it. But you can have these 5 handy practices at the ready to help you cope immediately so you can move on with your life as quickly as possible.

1. Drink a Glass of Water. Don’t underestimate the calming power of taking a moment to drink a cold glass of water. This will also give you a moment to pause and gain some perspective on what’s happening. Also, dehydration can cause a lot of negative feelings, from anxiety to hunger and exhaustion.

2. Shower or Take a Bath. There’s nothing like the warm water washing away the troubles of your day. You’ll feel invigorated and renewed.

3. Try Some Herbal Tea. Chamomile, lavender, and peppermint are go-to’s for me. Valerian root is also helpful but a little stinky. These caffeine-free herbal teas can ease anxiety and even help with sleep.

4. Focus on Your Breathing. Do nothing but breathe. Sit someplace quiet and focus on your breath expanding your belly with every breath in and exhaling through your nose. Feel the cool air enter your nostrils and the hot air you exhale. Try to focus only on the sensations of breathing, and for a few minutes put aside your troubles. 

5. Call a Friend or a Relative. Get in touch with someone you care about and who cares about you. Even if you end up chatting about your favorite TV shows, your spirits will be lifted. 

Bonus: Accept your situation, and let it go. Sometimes there is nothing we can do about certain circumstances in our lives. In these cases all we can do is accept things as they are and let them go. Do not let negative feelings poison your life and endanger your well-being.

If you feel that your problems are greater than the scope of this advice, please talk to a professional. You can go through your insurance to find a counselor or mental health professional. Here is a master post of help hotlines, as well. You can alway message me. My ask is always open :)

Make-believe - Tommy

prompt: “Just pretend to be my date.” with tommy

The teapot whined as you pulled it from the hob, catching it just as it had begun to boil, and moving it from the heat - Tommy didn’t like his tea scolding. Hot but drinkable, that was the way. You filled the two cups you’d laid out, your finest china (admittedly it wasn’t all that fine), before carrying them to your small table. ‘Here,’ you said as you set them down. ‘Are you hungry?’

Tommy shook his head and pulled his tea closer, the movement scrunching the cotton tablecloth under his saucer. ‘I’m alright, thank-you.’

You nodded and took the seat opposite. The china warmed your palms as you cupped it, eyes on Tommy. He was so relaxed, so at home, that if you didn’t live here yourself you’d have assumed he did. 

‘You’ve done the place up nice,’ he commented, taking in your modest decor. He hadn’t seen it since you’d first bought it and he and the rest of the lads had helped you move in. A lot had changed since then. Your home decorating skills had certainly improved.

‘I did what I could.’ You smiled. It was subtle, but personalised, and it welcomed you home after a hard day. That was all it needed to be, welcoming. Somehow Tommy had the same feeling. ‘So,’ you purred, ‘what brings you to the area?’

‘I can’t stop by to see you, just because?’ His lips pulled into a sly smile. He already knew the answer; Thomas Shelby always had an agenda. 

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ghostlygooo  asked:

How about a scenario with All Might and Aizawa where they are in the middle of teaching a class and they hear knocking on the door but when they answer it, it's their child (like a young child who maybe just discovered their quirk) and they stand there confused before their s/o comes to get them but they are breathless because they have been running


“And this is what you have to do. Now show me your fighting spirit. PLUS UL…” Someone nocked on the door and interrupted Toshinori’s motivational speech. He looked at the students having a guilty expression on his face like it was his fault that someone interfered with the class. “I’ll go check who nocked. Excuse me for a moment.” He rushed to the door and all the students turned their heads in that direction trying to see the person from the other side of the door. At first they thought it was a prank because they didn’t see anyone but when then Uraraka pointed somewhere in Toshinori’s feet.

“Look down there. I can see something.” The students pushed each other in an attempt to take a look at the something Uraraka saw. It took them a while to realize it was a child and when they did Iida stepped forward.

“Are you lost? Do you need someone to guide you home? Sensei, we should find out where this child lives and contact the parents right away.”

“There’s no need. This is actually my child.” The class stayed silent for a second while they digested this information but when the questions that formed in their heads were about to burst a woman appeared out of nowhere in front of the classroom. She was breathless and from her ruffled hair and a drop of sweat that ran down her forehead it became clear that she had been running. The students were startled and had no idea what was going on but what surprised them even more was that the woman scolded the child.

“What were you thinking? Why did you come here when you were supposed to stay home? Do you have any idea how worried I was when I saw you getting off that bus?”

“But mommy my quirk appeared and I didn’t know what to do. Daddy’s work is close so I came here.” And now it all became clear to the students. The child seemed upset so Toshinori picked them up.

“So you’ve grown up. Come on don’t cry. Think what you want to eat because after I finish work I’m taking both of you to dinner.” The child immediately smiled and nodded.

“We’re getting in daddy’s way. Lets wait outside.” She took the child from Toshinori’s hands and looked at the class before going outside. “Sorry about this.”

“Nah it’s cool.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“There’s no problem.”

“It’s ok.”

“Will you come again?”

“I’ll think about it.” She chuckled and waved for goodbye before exiting the room. The students were disappointed because they didn’t even have the chance to meet All Might’s family.

“Where were we?” Toshinori wanted to return to teaching but the children were too curious to let him do so and they shouted out different question at him all at once. Toshinori made a futile attempt to restore the order but when he realized this won’t work he decided to compromise. “Ok then, get in a line so that everyone of you can ask a quick question.”


“This is all I have to say. If you have any question now’s the time to…” When Aizawa heard the knocking he looked at the door and sulked. “Enter.” But the persistent person on the other side didn’t pay attention to Aizawa’s words and nocked again. Aizawa got up not so willingly and hoped that it was something urgent because if not he’d kill this idiot. When he opened the door there was one little child, around three or four years old, staring at him. Some of the students got up so they could have a better look at the visitor and found out that the child bared surprisingly strong resemblance to Aizawa.

“Is this your child sensei?” Mina asked excitedly but Aizawa cut her off.

“Sit down Ashido.” She obeyed with a disappointed look on her face. He turned to the child. “What are you doing here?”

“Daddy I have your quirk. Look.” The child’s hair floated up just like Aizawa’s but he didn’t seem so happy.

“Why didn’t you wait for me or your mother to come home?” After Aizawa asked this question the sound of someone running with high heels echoed throughout the hallway. When a woman appeared at the door Aizawa didn’t give her much time to catch her breath. “What’s going on?”

“I’m not really sure myself but when I got back home I found a note that said ‘I’m going to daddy’s workplace’ so I came here right away. Is something wrong?” She moved her gaze between Aizawa and the child expecting some kind of explanation.

“Mom look at my quirk! It’s the same as daddy’s.” The child demonstrated their newly discovered ability one more time which help their mother relax after the worriedness she felt.

“I’m really proud of you but I think we should let daddy finish his job. We took enough of his time already.” The woman took the child’s hand and waved at the children in the classroom. “Come on, say goodbye.”

“Bye bye.” The child waved as well before the two of them exiting the room. Aizawa returned to his seat and noticed how eager his students were to know more about his wife and kid but he ignored them.

“Are there any questions?” Almost all of the students raised their hands. “Any questions related to your assignment.” The students put down their hands reluctantly and Aizawa sighted. The only ones whose hands remained in the air were Kirishima and Ashido. Aizawa raised a brow. “Yes?”

Kirishima looked around before realizing Aizawa was looking at him. “Oh I’m not…”

“Then put your hand down.” Kirishima put his hands on the desk but Ashido waved her hand to catch Aizawa’s attention. “What Ashido?”

“If I want to make a project for your family will you tell me something about them?”


Ashido sighed. “I had to try.”

hylia-twilight  asked:

Hello! I'm excited because I finally bought a black ring!! Is a little bigger that my finger but it still fits, and it only cost me 10 pesos!! (like .50 cents of dollar, very cheap!) I feel really happy and I wanted to share it with you guys!! What do you use to show your ace spirit? 😜

What a deal!! I used to have a ring, but now I have ace shirts and a beanie

I wish I was photogenic. I look in the mirror sometimes and I’m like “DAMN I’M NAILIN’ IT TODAY” then take a selfie and the selfie is like “I SHOW YOUR TRUE SELF, THE SPIRIT WITHIN, THE SWAMP BEAST” and I’m like “goddamn, rude”

EXO’s reaction to when their crush is free spirited

Anonymous Requested: Could you do an EXO reaction to their crush being free spirited?

A/N: Sorry this one came out a little later than the GOT7 one! I hope you like it <3 - Admin Ruby

Suho -

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

Suho would be happy you have a free spirit. He’d like that he could be himself around you without worrying about you judging him or making any comments on his sometimes extra personality. Suho would keep a close eye on you though, making sure your free spirit didn’t get you into any trouble.

“You’re crazy! You know, you’re going to get hurt one of these days.”


Originally posted by yixingsosweet

Your free spirit would be one of the reasons Xiumin fell for you. Like Suho, He felt like he could be himself around you, no restraints. You guys would constantly go on spontaneous and crazy adventures and he’d find himself falling harder for you every minute. 

“We should plan a road trip! Just the two of us.” 

Lay -

Originally posted by squynhty

Lay would LOVE your free spirit. He’d go with the flow and be down to do anything you wanted. You’d both be really chill and he’d enjoy the amazing times you could have together. Lay would want to take you everywhere with him so if he ever got bored you guys could go do something fun. 

“Can’t I just carry you in my suitcase? I bet TSA won’t notice~”

Baekhyun -

Originally posted by iyeolie

Baekhyun would be pleasantly surprised by your free spirit. He’d find you very entertaining with your spontaneous ideas and actions. You’d constantly make him laugh and he couldn’t help but smile every time you entered the room.

‘I wonder what shenanigans they have planned for today.’

Chen -

Originally posted by overnightprincess

Chen would find your free-spirited personality to be amusing. You both beat to the sound of your own drums and he’d respect that about you. He wouldn’t feel the need to be quiet around you so you’d both turn into a bunch of giggling dorks within minutes. 

“I feel like I’ve found my twin!”

Chanyeol -

Originally posted by r-velvets

Chanyeol would be super hyped to find someone free spirited like him. I don’t think he’d recognize it as much as the others because he’d be too busy having fun with you. He’d constantly tease the other members about how they should be more optimistic like you.

“Y/N never lets anything dampen their spirit, you guys should be more like them!”

D.O. -

Originally posted by jonginssoo

Kyungsoo would be so amused by your free spirit. He’d like watching from afar as you shocked everyone with your independence and ambitious ideas. He’d be a bit shy initiating a conversation with you but if he did, he’d find you had a lot in common.

“They’re much different than I was expecting…” 

Kai -

Originally posted by intokai

Kai would be a bit nervous if you had a free-spirited personality. He cares a lot about emotional connections and I think he’d worry you wouldn’t want to be tied down to someone. If you reassured him you weren’t like that, I think he’d have a lot of fun being with you. 

“I really hope they return my feelings.”

Sehun -

Originally posted by r-velvets

Sehun is so proud to have a crush on someone like you. You both make your own decisions on how to live your life and what your standards for yourself are and he respects that about you. His crush on you grew stronger every time he saw you show your free-spirited side.

*silently applauds your independence*

Kris -

Originally posted by i-growl-growl-growl

On the outside, Kris would be quiet about it. He wouldn’t say anything that supported or opposed your free spirit. On the inside though, he found your personality to be very attractive. Kris loves how you don’t let the weight of life’s problems weigh you down.

‘We would make a great couple’ 

Luhan -

Originally posted by fyeahluhan

Luhan would ABSOLUTELY ADORE your free spirited personality. He loves how upbeat you are and how you form your own opinions for every situation. He thinks you are the perfect combination of his favorite personality traits. 

“Seems like we have much in common, wouldn’t you agree?”

Tao -

Originally posted by shinylightblue

Tao would want to reach great heights with you. Nothing holds either of you back and you both believe that nothing is impossible. He’d constantly have new goals he’d want you to work on together. Tao loves how you don’t let society’s standards predict what you can and can’t do. 

“We work really well together, don’t you think?” 

(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns <3)

A/N: I hope you enjoy this one and I hope it’s what you had in mind! Feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy it, as always, thank you for reading <3

Title: Too Drunk To Tell

Requested by: Anon - ““You’re so drunk.”, “You’re really soft.”, “I’d like it if you stayed.” maybe reader is drunk and is getting really touchy with Pride and he has The Feelings for reader but he’s too much of a gentleman to do anything bc they’re drunk. <33"

Word Count: 956

Pairing: Pride x Reader

8. “You’re so drunk.”
33. “You’re really soft.”
44. “I’d like it if you stayed.

The bar was packed, drinks were flowing and the live music had everyone in good spirits on a hot and humid Friday night. After just closing a case you and the team decided to head over to Pride’s bar to celebrate and to unwind.

Pride himself had just hopped behind the bar to help serves the locals as well as tourists who were here on holiday. He made sure to keep the team’s table stocked with drinks but nine out of ten times that he’d look over, you weren’t there.

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anonymous asked:

Been sparring loads and supposed to get ready for an upcoming fight and I realised one of the major things I am lacking in particular is aggression, like the will to go in and land my combos as im always overly conscious of counters and stuff like that, any tips on how to get overthat?

You gotta try not to let that stop you, because that’s exactly what’s gonna have you get countered, as it makes you hesitate.

Practice, practice, practice. Prepare for it. That’s the best thing you can do.

Practice countering counters. Get with a partner, have him react to anything you want to do, study that, and figure out how to react in response to his action. Start slow, then play around with different speeds. This should help you develop better reaction time, and the ability to not stop, as in, responding to a response or countering a counter.

As per aggressiveness, it’s not so much a matter of being aggressive per say, it’s more about spirit, you gotta show your spirit, my friend. Look like a demon as you go in for that strike, make your opponent flinch before you even get to them. Give them no chance to react, but train to be ready when they do.

That’s where control comes in, strike, step to side, retreat, invade, pull a punch, feint, all that technical stuff teaches you react defensively… now, the trick is being defensive as you’re being offensive.

Think about your attack also being your defense. Study your own moves and find where you can turn swords into shields (attacks into defenses), and vice versa.

This creates a well rounded approach to offense and defense, and moving your mind, body, and spirit (often forgotten or ignored) as one.

Natza Week 2017

Well, from what I’ve seen and heard, no one’s stepped forward to organize this thing. In fairness, maybe the organizers from last year are busy, or they had a different week in mind this year. Whatever the case, I’m putting this out a week ahead of schedule so everyone can be prepared and contribute their art and stories, if you guys wanna chip in for a ship that needs some lovin’~.

Natza Week 2017 is still planned for October 1-7.

Theme: 7 Deadly Sins

Day 1: Pride

Day 2: Greed

Day 3: Lust

Day 4: Envy

Day 5: Gluttony

Day 6: Wrath

Day 7: Sloth

I won’t make you contribute to all 7 days/sins, or even contribute at all, just do what you can! Show your Natza spirit~. At least try to get word out to those who might be interested. ^___^

Let’s give it everything we’ve got!