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생일 축하해, 전보람!! ❤ [March 22]

Happy birthday to our most beloved Jeon Boram. Thank you for showering queen’s with love and ‘aeygo’, your smiles and ajumma laughs. No matter what decisions you make in the future, know we will always be behind you, supporting and watching over you. Thank you for being a part of our lives. Thank you for being a part of T-ARA ♛

Decided to do a little event thing to commemorate reaching 100+ followers.

This may be a little crazy, but I think the best way to show my thanks would be something a little personal, so for the next seven days, stop by my Submission Box and send me a (color) reference of your OC. Doesn’t have to be pony. After the week is up, I’m going to get to work on a big group pic of some kind, just for you guys. Also going to be reblogging this every day for visibility.

You guys are the best. Thank you again for any and all support you’ve given me over the last couple of months. Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got for me!

1. Buy a new poster and hang it on your wall.
2. Set your background as someone you admire.
3. Break a mirror.
4. Save lady bugs and other little critters
5. Meet new people, tell them they are important
6. Buy a pretty old dress from a worn down thrift shop
7. Eat a food you’ve never tried before
8. Prove someone wrong.
9. Get mad
10. Get nervous
11. Watch a favorite old time movie
12. Plant some flowers, they give you oxygen
13. Paint someone a picture
14. Hold someone’s hand
15. Dance in front of people, show your free spirit
16. Put your hair in a ponytail
17. Compliment someone on their grammar
18. Be nice to the teacher you hate
19. Smile at your arch enemy
20. Buy new curtains
21. Crack open your window.
22. Put on some lotion
23. Buy new earrings
24. Play some music
25. Swoon over a crush
26. Take pictures of things you love
27. Lay in bed
28. Tell her you love her
29. Tell him you love him
30. Don’t waste any time. Beautiful things and chances pass us by everyday and we never get them back.
—  do it -blossite

Life happens. To all of us. It blindsides us, and we’re not always equipped to deal with it. But you can have these 5 handy practices at the ready to help you cope immediately so you can move on with your life as quickly as possible.

1. Drink a Glass of Water. Don’t underestimate the calming power of taking a moment to drink a cold glass of water. This will also give you a moment to pause and gain some perspective on what’s happening. Also, dehydration can cause a lot of negative feelings, from anxiety to hunger and exhaustion.

2. Shower or Take a Bath. There’s nothing like the warm water washing away the troubles of your day. You’ll feel invigorated and renewed.

3. Try Some Herbal Tea. Chamomile, lavender, and peppermint are go-to’s for me. Valerian root is also helpful but a little stinky. These caffeine-free herbal teas can ease anxiety and even help with sleep.

4. Focus on Your Breathing. Do nothing but breathe. Sit someplace quiet and focus on your breath expanding your belly with every breath in and exhaling through your nose. Feel the cool air enter your nostrils and the hot air you exhale. Try to focus only on the sensations of breathing, and for a few minutes put aside your troubles. 

5. Call a Friend or a Relative. Get in touch with someone you care about and who cares about you. Even if you end up chatting about your favorite TV shows, your spirits will be lifted. 

Bonus: Accept your situation, and let it go. Sometimes there is nothing we can do about certain circumstances in our lives. In these cases all we can do is accept things as they are and let them go. Do not let negative feelings poison your life and endanger your well-being.

If you feel that your problems are greater than the scope of this advice, please talk to a professional. You can go through your insurance to find a counselor or mental health professional. Here is a master post of help hotlines, as well. You can alway message me. My ask is always open :)

anonymous asked:

Been sparring loads and supposed to get ready for an upcoming fight and I realised one of the major things I am lacking in particular is aggression, like the will to go in and land my combos as im always overly conscious of counters and stuff like that, any tips on how to get overthat?

You gotta try not to let that stop you, because that’s exactly what’s gonna have you get countered, as it makes you hesitate.

Practice, practice, practice. Prepare for it. That’s the best thing you can do.

Practice countering counters. Get with a partner, have him react to anything you want to do, study that, and figure out how to react in response to his action. Start slow, then play around with different speeds. This should help you develop better reaction time, and the ability to not stop, as in, responding to a response or countering a counter.

As per aggressiveness, it’s not so much a matter of being aggressive per say, it’s more about spirit, you gotta show your spirit, my friend. Look like a demon as you go in for that strike, make your opponent flinch before you even get to them. Give them no chance to react, but train to be ready when they do.

That’s where control comes in, strike, step to side, retreat, invade, pull a punch, feint, all that technical stuff teaches you react defensively… now, the trick is being defensive as you’re being offensive.

Think about your attack also being your defense. Study your own moves and find where you can turn swords into shields (attacks into defenses), and vice versa.

This creates a well rounded approach to offense and defense, and moving your mind, body, and spirit (often forgotten or ignored) as one.

some ideas that are completely unrelated to each other:

- if youre not riding spirit, spirit could still appear in the wilderness, at the same places and times he’d show up for everyone who hasnt obtained him yet. he wouldnt have any new quests, but while it would only last the duration of the event it would be a nice nod to the fact that hes a wild horse who has a wild horse life outside of yours. & i still want to be able to help locate him for other people. (im not sure what kind of coding something like this would require, but seeing as theyve already implemented a quest + a missing texture box that only shows up if youre riding spirit, im guessing they could have a way of making spirit only show up in the wild if youre not riding spirit)

- as your reputation increases with certain towns, maybe people in the town would acknowledge you in the overworld more. for example, cape west fishing village – if you were popular enough, more of the sailors that roam the area would stop and give a wave or a speech-bubble greeting, like “Hey, [player name]!”. it wouldnt be so many NPCs that it would become cluttered, but a gradually more noticeable amount as you progress through the reputation levels. ex. if there were 7 sailors total walking around (im making that number up) 1 might acknowledge you at friendly, 2 might acknowledge you at liked, and 3 might acknowledge you at popular / admired. maybe the girl in jarlaheim that greets you by name wouldnt start out with your name – maybe she wouldnt say anything to you at first, but around the time you hit liked she might start saying “hi” when you approach her; at popular, she says “hi, [player name]”; at admired, maybe something like an enthuastic wave and a “hi, [player name]!” or a “hi, [player name]! i hope you have a great day!”

- an option to fish to earn more shillings, beyond dailies. i know a lot of people arent fond of the fishing mechanic, but itd be neat to be able to buy some cheap bait at a store and then go to a fishing spot and catch as much as you can with your bait, without being stuck to or compelled to complete a certain quota. maybe the fish you can get through casual fishing would be different from the fish you get through dailies, just so those quests can still be valid – casual fishing spots would be in different locations from spots where youd go to specifically catch, say, cod or pike. you wouldnt get fishing club reputation from casual fishing, because youre not fulfilling a specific request of theirs, but it could be a good and moderately easy way to earn shillings. maybe have a fish rarity system where certain hard-to-encounter fish are much more valuable / a fish trade-in system where the fishermen will offer you gear in return for x number of x fish / a small aquarium or a personal tank in your room that you can showcase rare specimens in

anonymous asked:

Any tips for a young goth? Like someone who is maybe 13 or 14 who really likes the trad goth style? Limitations with make up, piercings, and the like...

it really depends on where your limitations lie. If they lie in experience, money, or if they’re set by your family or all of the above.

Ive been a poor, young goth, growing up in a strict household so i know a thing or two about limitations.

When it comes to money, DIY and thrifting is your best bet for goth clothes. About 90% of my clothes are thrifted and its much easier on the wallet, also if you like trad goth, thrifting is perfect because all goths in the 80′s thrifted or customized their own clothes. There’s some great Youtube videos on how to DIY your goth wardrobe. Trad goth/batcave style is the original goth style and the look was directly influenced by goth musicians and their music so a cheap way of showing your goth spirit is through band shirts. You can get band shirts for a good price on Amazon or if youre crafty you can make your own using fabric paint. Also you can make patches this way too to add to your backpack or a jacket. Stick safety pins into stuff! take apart chain necklaces and turn them into belts. If you can, buy cheap spikes in bulk from ebay. Cover yourself with pins and buttons if you can.

Piercings arent a necessity for goth so if you arent able to get them or you dont want them than thats fine, but if you do want them then i recommend saving for a while and getting one that you know you really want because they are a bit of a commitment

Makeup is a little harder for both experience and money. If you can save a bit  of money to spend on makeup I suggest starting with the basics like a drugstore foundation thats a little paler than your skin. Or if you dont want to go paler that is absolutely OKAY! you dont need to be pale to be goth. Start with simple black liner. I find a water proof gel liner is great, especially for beginners because its a good, easy halfway point between pencil and liquid. If you like black lipstick and cant find any for cheap, then put on some lip moisturizer and use the gel liner as lipstick (lots of us do this). Most importantly, makeup is something to have fun with but is also not a necessity so if its something that you cant get than thats fine too. It also takes practice to use but many old school trad goths wore very messy and rebellious makeup so its okay if yours doesnt look perfect. Just practice and experiment with what you can get.

If you have issues with family and friends, its important to communicate with them about what goth is and what it means to you and that its not dangerous. My step dad took over ten years to accept me being goth and he still isnt 100% happy with it so if your parents are cool with you being goth that is GREAT!!. If not, i’m sorry, all I can do is tell you to be open with them and ask them to be understanding. If they make you feel uncomfortable dressing goth at home, then bring a change of clothes when you leave the house. (I used to sneak all my spiky jewelry out and hide my fishnets under pants until i left the house)

My biggest piece of advice is to just experiment and have fun with it. Trad goth really is about DIY so theres a lot you can do with it. And if you dont have the money to do all the things you want, then be patient. As you get older youll find your style and once you have a job and more money you can do more with your look and even go to vintage shops and find clothes that are from the 80′s and youll be able to buy more traditional goth shoes like pikes if youre into them. I know money is usually a huge factor so just buy when you can and shop second hand.

I hope this helped a bit! Good luck



Send me “Ö” and I will tell you what my muse finds most appealing about your muse’s appearance.

Raziayl gave Wenia a thoughtful look, reaching up a clawed finger to gently brush back a strand of hair. “Your smile is very charming, very sweet. You have many good qualities, but I choose not to demean you by resorting to vulgar ones. Your spirit shows in your smile and I find that most pleasing.”

&& Football Game Tonight!

Get ready to play hard and cheer hard tonight at the football game ! Show off your team spirit in a variety of ways

- aesthetic board representing #spirit
- hanging out in the crowd section and being a goon !
- playing on the field if you’re on the team and being a goon !

Show God in spirit your faith in your spiritual father and your sincere love for him. And God in unknown ways will suggest to him that he may be attached to you and kindly disposed towards you, just as you are well disposed towards him.

The Ladder

Don’t be carried away
If you found someone
Whose wave length matches
With yours,
Or if you found someone
Whose thoughts are similar
To yours.
You don’t need a replica,
You don’t need your carbon copy.
Seek a Master
That can shake you up
From your very foundation;
A Master
Who is awake, aware;
A Master who knows well
How to draw out
The best from you.
Your soul doesn’t need someone
With whom you can sing together
Some congregational song
But you need someone
Who can strip your soul naked
And reveal unto you
As to who you really are
Taking you back
To your primordial divine nature
Showing unto you
Your spirit’s pristine beauty.
We don’t need someone
Who can agree with us
But someone who can challenge
Our very thought structure
And creates a complete tremor within.
Only the dead fish moves
With the flow.
We need someone
Who can give birth
To the inner rebel in us -
Revolting against everything
Which is against our pristine nature.
—  Random Xpressions