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Notes from the Hamilton Tour

Sooooo, I went to see a preview of the #AngelicaTour in San Francisco! Here are a few things I noticed:

  • What I liked:
    • The Schuyler Sisters are AMAZING! After the show I got a chance to talk to Solea (Eliza) and Emmy (Angelica), and they were both incredibly sweet. My only regret is that Emmy doesn’t have more opportunities to dance in the show!
    • Rubén J. Carbajal. (Laurens/Phillip) Everything about him.
    • The use of turntables was fabulous. I don’t know if the choreo was different from the broadway production, but I noticed them dancing on and with the turntables more in this version.
    • JENNIFER GELLER. She’s the bullet (with Carleigh’s hairstyle!) and I couldn’t take my eyes off her.
    • Josh Andrés Rivera’s voice! Saw him as Mulligan/Madison as Mathenee Treco was out with family stuff. That guy can really sing.
    • Joshua Henry’s (Burr) comedic timing. His Burr was lighthearted, but also serious.
    • The fact that Jordan Donica (Lafayette/Jefferson) is so much taller than anyone else onstage.
    • Daniel Ching!! I did not expect Charles Lee to be one of the HIGHLIGHTS of the show, but he absolutely was. His performance in the ensemble also stood out with razor-sharp timing and fluid movements.
  • What I didn’t like.
    • Michael Luwoye’s (Hamilton) diction. You know those people who over-emphasize iambic pentameter when reciting Shakespeare? That was him the whole show. Idk if it was just the way he rapped or what. It distracted from his incredible voice and stage presence. 
    • The fact that Raven Thomas was almost never onstage and had noticeably less dancing time than all the other ensemble members.
    • Amber Iman’s Maria. Her timing in the second half of “Say No to This” lacked the rapid sharpness that I love in the “I don’t know about any letter…I didn’t know any better…please don’t leave me I am helpless…etc” part. It threw me a bit. Her Peggy was straight up hilarious, though.
    • Andrew Wojtal’s beard. Pretty much every other guy was clean shaven so it was odd.
    • The mics. The sound was SUPER unclear/not loud enough. Hopefully, they get that fixed before opening.
    • All this aside, I still LOVED every part of the show!

I’m going back to the show in May, we’ll see what’s changed!



Quiz: where do these sprites come from?


These are unused sprites found in the game’s files. Here’s a handful of them.

The sprites are called “chara”, with the last letter indicating the direction they are facing (l - left and r - right). There are sprites for up and down as well. These can only be seen in debug mode, specifically in Frisk’s reflection in the room full of puddles.

The purpose for the “chara’ sprite is not certain – perhaps it was meant to hint at Chara’s presence throughout the game, or foreshadow their potential take over in the genocide route.

Notably, the sprites for Frisk are called “mainchara”, while those for Chara are called “truechara.”

anonymous asked:

Imagine what Jamie and Claire were doing before they appear in the hall in episode 1x10. What caused them to arrive later than everyone else?

Anonymous said: Imagine why Jamie and Claire were late to the dinner for the duke in ep 10

“Late. Late, late, late. Jesus H. Roosevelt Chr-” Claire made a noise that was half between whimper and growl as she attempted to pull the brush through her hair, seeking to put it up into some semblance of a respectful style.

“Honestly, Sassenach, nay one will notice us arriving a wee bit late. Dinna fash yourself.” 

She shot a glare at his reflection in her mirror. “Says the man who looks utterly impeccable.” Even with that wild mess of his hair. Damn him. She growled again, sure that she was going to loose all her hair in the attempt to tame it. “That’s it. I’m cutting it all off and wearing a wig from now on.” 

Jamie glanced back at her, eyes wide in alarm at the very thought of it. “Ye will not be doing that at all, Sassenach. Come, give me the brush.” He moved up behind her and held out his hand. She slapped the brush into it then slouched forward grumpily. His hands were surprisingly gentle as they brushed out her hair, though he murmured to himself in Gaelic, amused by the wild mess of curls that truly did seem to have a mind of their own. It was one of the things he loved most about her, though, and he’d not see her cut it off for anything.

He swept the brown mass up high and leaned forward to take the ribbon she’d meant to use to carefully wrap around the curls, tying it tightly to secure into place. “There, now. Better?”

She eyed her reflection warily, then let out a sigh. “Yes. Thank you.”

“Aye, but now ye’re all tense and cranky. We canna be having that, can we? Turn,” Jamie ordered, spinning a finger around to indicate she was meant to do the same. 

Claire narrowed her gaze at his reflection but carefully shifted on the small bench anyway, turning so she was facing her husband. She gazed up at him. “And what is it you intend to do to make me less cranky, hm?” 

Smirking, he dropped to his knees and dug around at the bottom of her skirts in search of her ankles. Finally, he spotted them and began to slide his hands upward, dragging the skirts up with them. Jamie pulled her forward a little before bending down to disappear under the heavy fabric, and a second later he tugged her legs open wide. 

“O-oh.” Claire gasped and leaned back against her vanity table, supported by her elbows. Jamie’s fingers bit into her thighs, but it felt good, and oh- God, he was good with his tongue. 

When he finally appeared again, Claire had melted against the vanity, a sated, lazy smile playing on her lips and her cheeks pleasantly flushed. Jamie ran a hand through his hair, licked his lips, and righted her skirts. He leaned in to kiss her and she could taste herself on him, and she groaned, squirming a little on the bench seat.

“All better now, Sassenach?” he asked as he stood and held a hand out to her.

She let him pull her to her feet, but paused to wrap her arms around his neck so she might steal another kiss. “All better,” she agreed. “But now your hair is an utter mess.” 

He ran his hand through it again and shrugged before he slipped his arm around her back to lead her to the door. “Aye, well. I’ll do.”