show your curves not your bones

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I have two questions! First: have you ever thought of doing a tarot card suit for your characters? I think it'd work really well for them! And two: help me how do I draw legs


Hi!! I’ve absolutely been thinking about that, yeah, in fact I recently talked about that to my boyfriend just recently. It’ll likely happen after october! And to answer your second question! I made a thing on legs that i hope you’ll find useful!!

So. I’ve already explained basics on legs here, but I don’t think it hurts to go through some extra details to help you understand legs some more.

The very basic thing is to imagine legs as teardrops. Again, this has already been covered in said tutorial above, but I figured it’s still good to mention even the most basic thing that I know of. I still highly recommend you check it out to get in more detail and to see some other examples and practices that you do. But basically, think of legs in the shapes of teardrops, when it comes to shape. If you need a simple stick-figure to connect the legs in the first place, make sure that they bend at the knees a bit so that the legs don’t come off as stiff and unnatural. 

As you can see, this method works perfectly for realistic legs as it does for stylistic ones. Remember to use these as a guideline, never to be the exact base of the legs you will be drawing. If you draw traditionally, remember not to draw these guides too hard, or they will be hard to erase/do freestyle!

But how do you actually draw out the legs without drawing them perfectly straight, as shown to the left? The trick is to add volume to them, and how you do that can be winged to your own liking. The idea is to think in curves. As no leg is perfectly straight. You may make these curves minimal if you don’t want them to be curvy, but keep in mind, still, that not even your own bones are perfectly straight, so it is highly recommended that you make them bend, at least a little. 

It all depends on how you draw them as well. Say you put your legs together, as shown in this picture, what happens to the fat and muscle? Naturally, they press together, much like how thighs squish on the surface when you sit down (I’m sure most people know what I’m talking about). Make sure this shows in your art! This is very important to keep in mind, because it makes it all look more natural and believable. Try to cross your legs or stand up and sit down again for real-life examples!

The same applies for stretching your legs, more or less, except they appear to become more ‘hollow’ and slimmer. They become less soft to the touch, too, and might show. Try stretching your legs and feel where the muscles tense and where it feels ‘hollow’. This is very helpful with your art.

Many leg tutorials talk about legs without mentioning the behind. It requires a tutorial on it’s own, in all honesty, but this is the most simplest way to draw it connecting to the legs. Remember that it comes in many different shapes, and this is just a super basic guide! Two circles overlapping, while following the line and flow of the legs. Remember the muscle/fat as mentioned above!

Okay, so we got the basics of leg shapes figured out? What if you want o draw them in a certain pose, or with a certain silhouette, but perhaps do not have the reference for it? Or you want to blend your style into it? The key is to not shy away from doodling the form. Make mess, draw lightly and don’t care about the anatomy. That way you’ll get everything down without it appearing stiff. You can clean up the sketch later, always, and if you can, use a reference after you have drawn your pose, to correct your drawing.

Remember that the hips do a lot to the pose of the legs! Make sure they are in flow with your legs, so that it can look more natural. Remembers that hips ‘rotate’ with the spine.

I’ve talked about this method before when it comes to posing, and the same applies for the legs. One way to make legs appear ‘steady’ is to picture them standing in a line, and one of those legs need not to stray from the lines too much, making it steady. If you want a dynamic pose despite the steady pose, you can always have the other leg stray from the line, since it only matters that one leg is steady. This method can create good, casual poses without making them appear boring. (also notice how the teardrop shapes are used here, despite the highly stylized legs)

Do you want a highly dynamic pose, or them to appear unsteady, then skip the line entirely and make both legs aim away from it completely. As you can see, the legs appear more moving, in action, as if they’re fighting, falling, or dancing. As you can imagine, this is not a pose that one could stay steady on, suggesting that it’s taken mid-movement. More about posing and this ‘line’ method is talked about in this tutorial.

Hope this helped you, if you have any questions let me know, and if you’d like to check out all my tutorials they can be found here!

Not Your Babe

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Request: Imagine your FWB with Happy and he gets jealous when somebody buys you a drink.


Request: Jealous Happy imagine with lots of smut.

His fingers slipped beneath your shirt and the cool metal of his rings pressed against your skin.
You moaned softly as he kissed down your neck, sucking only hard enough to leave a faint mark.
“Happy,” You moaned.
His lips became fiercer on your skin and he growled lowly at the mention of his name.
He always knew how to make you melt under his touch. And you’d give anything to spend everyday locked away in a room, just you and Happy Lowman. But you couldn’t be late for work again.
With a groan you pushed him off you.
Happy stepped back, and his dark eyes met yours.
“I’ve gotta go, Hap.” You whispered.
You saw his jaw clench and you bit your lip before reaching up and you pecked his lips softly.
“You’ll come back tonight.” Happy rasped.
It wasn’t a question, you knew it was an order and you rolled your eyes.
“Not tonight.” You said and reached down.
You lifted your heels off the floor and slipped them on your feet before smoothing down your skirt.
Happy stared at you, his face blank.
“It’s girls night.” You explained further.
Still, he didn’t respond.
You rolled your eyes and lifted your handbag onto your shoulder.
“Call me.” You said and pecked his lips once more before turning towards the door and walking down the hallway.
You knew he was mad that you were blowing him off to hang out with your girlfriends tonight.
But honestly, you were sick of being his booty call.
For months now, you had been ‘friends’ with Happy. You knew he liked you and he knew you liked him.
But Happy Lowman was stubborn when it came to dating. He was a cold hearted Killer, and he was convinced that if he let you into his heart and into his life you would be in danger.
And so he kept you at a distance, his dirty little secret.
You didn’t mind, not at first.
But the longer this whole thing went on the harder it got, and the more you needed some type of commitment from him.
You needed to go out tonight, with your friends and without Happy. You needed to clear your mind and just be free for a night.
The morning air was crisp and you smoothed your hair down as you walked across the Teller-Morrow lot towards your car.
It was Friday, so you prayed that your day at work would go fast and before you knew it you could be at the bar, vodka in your hand and you could forget about these feelings that were clouding your mind.

You could always hear her before you saw her. And even as the car sped down your street, you knew instantly it was her from the music booming through the windows.
You had met Paige four years ago when you first moved to Charming, and since that very first day of knowing your best friend your life had never been the same.
She was like a wild storm, and she knew how to bring out your bad side.
Together, you always seemed to get yourselves into mischief.
The tyres screeched as she pulled into your driveway and you laughed to yourself.
With a quick glance in the mirror you grabbed your bag and slung it over your shoulder.
You walked out of your house and headed towards the car.
“Oh hell no!” Paige yelled as she leaned out the drivers window, a cigarette in her hands as she eyed your appearance.
“What?” You asked.
“You are not getting laid dressed like that!”
You laughed loudly and rolled your eyes.
“Trust me, I can get laid. I’m just not looking for anyone tonight.”
Paige eyes you suspiciously and blew out her smoke before she got out of the car.
“Whatever you say, (y/n). But I am, and I ant go out with you looking like that.”
You looked down at your black skinny jeans and your black tank. It was your classic outfit. Your go-to. You weren’t really into dressing up, but atleast you’d put heels on for tonight, and your hair was hanging loosely around your shoulders
You thought you looked okay.
Paige, however, thought differently and she reached into the backseat of her car and pulled out a rucksack.
“Get back inside, bitch.”
You laughed and turned around.
Paige was crazy, but she was also stubborn and you knew there was no point in arguing. Plus, it might actually be fun to let her dress you tonight.
After watching her rummage through her bag in your bedroom she finally pulled out a black dress.
Your mouth dropped open when you saw it.
“No way.”
“Come oooooon (y/n)! Just for tonight!” Paige begged and clutched the dress to her chest, her bottom lip pouted out and her puppy dog eyes on full blow.
“Nah-uh. It is WAY too short. I cant pull that off.” You said and crossed your arms.
Paige said nothing but she shuffled towards you, and somehow her eyes got wider and her lip pouted further.
She blinked rapidly at you and tilted your head and you sighed and raised your arms before dropping them to your sides.
“Tonight. Only tonight!” You said sternly.
Paige squealed and grabbed your arm, dragging you in front of the full-length mirror.
She held the dress out in front of your body and you both tilted your heads to the side, trying to imagine your outfit.
“You are gonna look so hot.”

You stepped out of the cab and smoothed down the dress, clinging to your curves snugly.
“Thankyou!” Paige called to the driver and shut the door behind her before swinging her arm through yours.
“You look great. Lets go!” She said excitedly.
With a deep breath, you nodded and together you walked forwards and entered the bar.
Paige had done a good job, you had to admit.
Never in your life you had imagined that you would ever go out dressed like this.
The black dress was skin tight, clinging perfectly to your curves and hugging your body til it stopped mid thigh. The sleeves hung off your shoulders, showing off your collar bones and your rounded cleavage.
She had straightened your hair to perfection, and styled it so it hung around your shoulders and framed your face. She had even done your make up, ‘contouring’ and filling in your eyelids with different shades of silver and black, and the sharpest wing of eyeliner you had ever seen.
It was completely different to your normal jeans and top kinda look, but even you had to say you looked pretty damned good.
Clearly, you weren’t the only one that thought that, because as you entered the bar heads began to turn towards you both.
You and Paige both looked at each other and smirked before striding to the bar arm and arm.
“Ladies, what can I get for you?” The bartender asked.
“Four vodkas.” Paige ordered and blinked her eyes flirtily with the man behind the bar.
He winked and moved to grab the drinks and you both turned to survey tonight’s crowd.
“Shotgun the blondie in the back.” Paige whispered and you laughed.
You weren’t on the look out tonight, and you silently prayed that the rest of the girls would hurry up and get here so you had an excuse not to flirt with a random stranger.
No one else could compare to Happy Lowman, but you couldn’t exactly say that. Your friends didn’t know about Happy, and you knew they wouldn’t be exactly pleased to hear of your involvement with him.
Happy had a reputation, the whole club had a reputation, and your friends were.. different.
They lived a pretty straight life, abiding by all laws, never stepping a toe out of line, married with kids kinda girls, and if they knew that you were with a Son, they would definitely not be pleased.
In all honesty, you didn’t give a fuck what they thought. Happy was different to any other guy you had met in your life, and despite not being exclusive with him he always treated you right.
Paige would probably be the only one that would approve. In fact, she’d probably ask if he had any single friends.
But until you had a serious commitment from Happy, he was your little secret.
“Holy shit! (y/n) you look hot!”
You looked towards the door and laughed before twirling.
Your friends whistled and laughed as they moved across the bar to join you.
After hugging each other and they all got an eyeful of your outfit you all turned towards the bar.
Tonight was just beginning.

Seven vodkas later and the music was flooding through the speakers.
Laughter surrounded you as you swayed your hips to the music, your friends grinding to the beat beside you.
You’d been at the bar for a few hours now, and now you were all on the dance floor.
There were a few guys around you, trying to snake their hands onto your hips but you pushed them off overtime before stepping around them and moving closer to your friends.
“Looks like you got an admirer.” Lana whispered to you.
You laughed and raised your eyebrows at her, your body continuing to move to the music.
“Hes been watching you.” She said and nodded across the room before winking at you and turning towards one of the guys nearby.
You shook your head and ran your hand through your hair before scanning your eyes across the crowd.
You scanned the faces across the bar, looking for the guy she was talking about.
And suddenly you met his eyes.
The same dark eyes you lost yourself in overtime you looked into them.
The eyes of Happy Lowman.
You gulped and stopped moving and a ghost of a smirk crossed his lips.
His eyes never left yours and your heart was almost beating out of your chest.
What was he doing here?
He knew you were having a girls night.
And how long had he been here, watching you?
Your cheeks reddened slightly and you were relieved when Paige grabbed your arm.
“I needa pee.” She whispered and dragged you away from the dancefloor.
You glanced at Happy and she followed your gaze.
“Damn girl. If you’re not keen, shotgun.” She winked and headed for the bathroom.
You watched Happy twirl a toothpick between his lips and a slight shiver ran down your spine and you turned to follow your friend to the bathroom.
The music was softer at the back of the bar and you leant against the wall across from the bathroom as Paige went inside.
After almost a minute a shadow fell across you and you glanced up.
Happy stood in the hallway, his dark eyes watching you and a smirk playing on his lips.
“What are you doing here, Hap?” You asked and crossed your hips.
Happy stepped closer to you and moved in front of you, his eyes running over your outfit.
He leant towards you and placed his hands on the wall behind you, closing you in.
“You look good, little girl.” He said, his voice low and raspy.
A shiver ran down your spine once more and you bit your lip, unable to help the heat that was pooling within you.
“You shouldn’t be here, Happy. Its girls night.” You told him sternly.
He leant closer and you could feel his breath on your lips.
“I wanted to see you.” He said and licked his lips.
God, he know how to make you weak.
But you could hear the water running as Paige washed her hands in the bathroom and you knew if she came out and saw you in this position, with Happy pressed against you, she would have endless questions.
“You gotta go, Happy. Now.” You whispered urgently.
A part of you wanted him to stay, to push you up against the wall and take you right there, but you knew it wasn’t a good idea.
Happy smirked and leant closer and you looked up towards the ceiling.
His hot breath lingered on your skin and  he kissed your neck softly before moving to your ear.
“I know you want me, little girl.” He whispered before pushing away from you suddenly and slinking back into the bar.
You watched him go, leaving you breathless and you wanted nothing more than to go home with him right now.
“Whats wrong with you?” Paige asked.
You snapped back to reality and saw your best friend watching you curiously as she leant against the bathroom door.
She laughed lightly.
“Lets get another drink.”

Another hour had passed and you once again found yourself on the dance floor.
However this time, you weren’t quite as carefree as before.
The only thing you could think of was Happys dark eyes, watching you from across the room.
Every now and then you would catch his gaze and you’d blush, suddenly feeling self conscious as you swayed to the music in the tight little dress.
You were annoyed that he had shown up like this.
He knew you were having a night out with the girls, and you wouldn’t be able to enjoy it properly with him practically breathing down your neck.
Every awkward minute that passed you seemed to be getting angrier.
He thought he could just turn up and ruin your night, as if he had some kind of claim over you.
When according to him, you were just ‘friends’.
“Want another drink?” Lana asked you and you nodded.
You walked with your friend to the bar and you avoided looking into the area where Happy was sitting.
You ordered another vodka and leant against the bar when you felt someone nudge against your shoulder.
“Let me buy that for you.”
You looked towards the voice.
He wasn’t ugly, not at all. In fact, if your heart wasn’t taken by the Tacoma Killer you might actually consider dating this guy.
“Thats okay. I’ll get it.” You said warmly.
“Naw, lemme get it for you. Pretty girl like you shouldn’t be buying her own drinks.”
You rolled your eyes and laughed and the guy tossed a bill on the counter for the bartender.
“You wanna dance?” He asked you.
You bit your lip. It was definitely one way to get back at Happy for turning up here.
“Why not?” You grinned.
The guy smiled back at you and grabbed your hand, leading you back onto the dance floor.
Across the room Happy seethed with rage as he watched you move across the room with that jerk.
His jaw clenched so hard that the toothpick in his mouth snapped in half.
And on the dance floor you began to move.

The music was loud and you moved to the music, your hair falling freely down your back.
The guy from the bar snaked his hands onto your hips and he began to grind in time with the music.
A smirk played on your lips and you moved your body in sync with his.
“You wanna get outta here?” He whispered in your ear.
You laughed and shook your head.
“Come on babe.” He whispered and his hands moved down you body and squeezed your ass.
“No.” You said and moved his hands off you.
The guy chuckled and raised his eyebrows.
“You wanna play hard to get babe?” He asked and moved towards you.
“Im not you’re babe.” You shoved him away and before you knew what was happening Happy stepped in front of you and swung his fist.
It collided with the guys face and he fell to the floor.
Happy knelt over him and muttered something that was too low for you to hear and then he turned and grabbed your wrist.
He dragged you across the bar and outside and you followed him like a lost puppy.
The door had just closed behind you when it opened again.
“(Y/n)!? Are you okay?” Paige asked.
Happy stopped and dropped your hand and he turned to watch you.
“Yeah, Im fine babe.” You told your friend.
She nodded slowly and looked between you and Happy.
“You want me to take you home?” She asked.
“I can take her home.” Happy said quietly.
You glanced up at him before turning towards Paige.
“Nah its fine. Thanks, though.”
Paige nodded and turned back towards the door.
“Call me in the morning, bitch.” She called and you both laughed before she walked back inside.
Your silence fell away and you were left in silence, in the night air standing in front of the man you loved.
His eyes burnt into you and you glanced up at him nervously.
“Thank you.. for that.” You said quietly and looked away.
Happy stepped closer to you, closing the gap between your bodies and his hand reached out and lifted your chin, forcing you to look at him.
“You are mine.” He growled and kissed you fiercely.
His lips pressed against yours only for a moment before he ripped them away and pulled you urgently to his bike.

His bike stopped in your driveway and in silence you both got off and walked towards the door.
Neither of you spoke as you unlocked the door and he followed you inside.
You walked to your bedroom, slipping your heels off on the way and Happy followed right behind you.
You reached your bedroom door and opened it widely before striding inside.
Happy followed you, his eyes never leaving you as he closed the door behind himself.
He walked towards you slowly, the air burning with lust and you bit your lip as you looked up at him, knowing that it drives him wild.
Without saying a word you stared up into those dark eyes and grabbed his tshirt, pulling him towards you and you kissed him desperately.
His hands ran through your hair and down your body, only stopping once they reached your ass and he squeezed your cheeks roughly.
You pull away from him and smile up at him playfully before licking your lips.
“Were you jealous, Happy?” You cooed up at him.
Happy growled. “You belong to me.”
You frowned slightly and touched his stomach, feeling the ripped muscles beneath the fabric.
“I thought we were friends.”
You said and you slid your hand down his body, southwards until you were rubbing at the large bulge in the crotch of his jeans.
A low rumble rose from deep within his chest and you smiled as a shiver ran over your body.
His hand reached up and he grabbed a thick handful of your hair and gently tugged it back, arching your neck.
“Do you want me?” Happy asked, whispering against your skin.
His lips pressed gently against your neck and you moaned lightly.
He pulled your hair slightly tighter around his fist.
“Do you want me?” Happy repeated.
“Yes.” You gasped.
Happy growled and nipped at your neck and you gasped in surprise.
He released your hair and his hands were at the bottom of your dress.
In a swift movement he tugged the dress your body and lifted it over your head before tossing it to the floor.
Happy growled as his eyes ran over your bare chest and he reached up and ran his fingers over your breast before he began to knead it roughly.
You whimpered slightly, enjoying the slight hint of pain as he touched you and he studied you with his dark eyes, taking in every inch of your body.
His hands left your breast and he  yanked at your panties, letting them drop to the ground.
AS you stepped out of them he spun you around and bends you over the bed.
With two swift, practiced moves his jeans fell to the floor and before you could turn around he slid himself inside you, thrusting vigorously.
Loud moans left your lips and your body shook against him.
Happy smirked, pleased with himself, and he raked his nails down your back.
A shrill cry of pleasure left your lips as he pounded inside you, the sound of his skin slapping against yours filled the room
Long, red welts appeared on your skin, from your shoulders to your waist and Happy watched with amusement as you clutched at the blanket, trying to find a hold so you can push back against him.
You moaned loudly and Happy reached forwards and grabbed a handful of your hair and pulled your head back.
“Oh fuck!” You moaned and your walls tightened around him.
“You like that, huh?” Happy growled and his hand slapped against your ass.
You squealed and your walls squeezed him tighter.
“Fuck, Happy!” You screamed and Happy growled as he looked down, watching himself enter you.
His thrusts became more frequent and he slapped his hand against your ass once more.
With one last moan you tightened around him as your body shook violently, and the warmth and pulsing from within you sent him over the edge.
Happy released inside you with one hard, vicious thrust of his hips.
He released your hair, allowing your head to fall limply forward.
Both of your skin was beaded with sweat and the red lines down your back burnt slightly alongside the pink marks on your ass cheeks.
He slid out of you and you collapsed against the bed and rolled over, grinning up at Happy.
His breathing was heavy but his eyes glanced over you, full of admiration as he looked over your bare body, still glistening with sweat.
“Not bad, Killer.” You said and Happy chuckled lightly.
“You know your place now, little girl?” Happy said lowly and he sat on the bed besides you.
“Friends, right?” You sighed.
“(Y/n), I-“
“No, Happy. Its okay. I get it.” You sighed and got up.
Happy watched you as you walked naked towards the bathroom.

You shut the door behind you and turned the water onto hot, letting the steam fill the room.
A satisfied sigh leaved your lips as you step into the shower and the water touches your skin, relieving the built up tension in your muscles.
You close your eyes and let the water wash over you, soothing you.
When you open your eyes your heart almost skipped a beat  when you saw a shadow fall across the glass shower door. Steam blocked your view but you knew it was Happy.
You ignored him, reaching for your body lotion and you ran it over your body, lathering the soap over your skin.
You turned towards the stream of water and you didn’t flinch when you heard the glass door open behind you.
Happy stepped in and placed his hands on your shoulders, turning you gently to face him.
“All this,” He growled, gesturing to your naked body, “Is mine.”
His lips crashed against yours, hot and wet.
The water pored over the two of you and his lips slid along yours, hungrily taking all that he can and he thrust his tongue into your eager mouth.
His hands moved from your shoulders to your damp hair, now clinic to your face.
“I want you.” He growled, rubbing his hard erection across our stomach.
You met his eye and smirked up at him playfully.
“Then prove it.” You dared.
Almsot instantly Happy pushed you up against the back of the shower, and got down on his knees. His hands grasped your thighs and spread your legs open, exposing your vulnerable core to him.
Happy licked his lips eagerly as he looked over you.
“This pretty little pussy is mine.”
He gripped your ass and squeezed roughly before he pushed his tongue against you, licking along your pussy and circled your clit.
You ran your hands across his head, pushing him against you eagerly and you heard him growl.
He slid his tongue along your folds and he slid his tongue inside you, lapping at your wetness as his tongue rubbed against your walls.
You threw your head back as a moan of pure pleasure escaped you and you squeezed your eyes shut.
“Oh, Happy!” You whined.
Happy growled against your pussy and slid his finger inside of you.
“Say my name again. Tell me who you belong to.”
His finger moved in and out of you rapidly as his tongue ran circles over your clit and you moaned loudly.
“Happy! Fuck! Happy!”
Your body trembled against the cold tiles and Happy lapped at your juices as you released.
His lips left your pussy and you glanced down at him as he looked up at you. licking his lips hungrily.
He stood and you bit your lip, leaning against the cold tiles as water ran smoothly over your body.
“Fuck me, Happy.” You whispered.
Happy smirked and ran his tongue along your neck before growling in your ear.
“Beg for me baby. You’re all mine.”
“Yes Happy. Im yours. Fuck me, Happy. I need you.” You breathed, caressing his wet face.
Happy grabbed your waist and lifted you up, his biceps bulging as you wrapped your legs around his waist.
In one swift movement he lined himself up and slid inside you.
His thrusts were fast and hard and you tilted your head back as you moaned, your back pressed against the cool tiles.
His hand moved up your back and grasped the hair at the nape of your neck and he thrust his hips into you sharply, making you gasp.
You moan loudly as your body begins to quiver, overwhelmed with the pleasure shooting through your veins.
“You’re mine, do you understand?” Happy growled, his lips against your neck.
He pounded into you and you dragged your nails down his back, making him hiss.
“Yes, Happy. Im yours.” You whined as his hips pounded into you.
Your walls began to clench around him and you dug your nails in deeper,knowing that you couldn’t hold on for much longer.
“Cum for me baby,” Happy said gruffly and you crashed your lips against his in a wet, hot kiss.
You moaned against his mouth as shivers move over your skin and you throw your head back and squeeze your eyes shut.
“Happy!” You scream as an orgasm rocks over your body.
Happy growled and thrusted into you, his hot seed spilling inside you.
He rides out your high and you catch you’re breath, the water running over the both of you.
Slowly he places you on the ground and you have to grab him for support, your legs weak.
Neither of you spoke as you stared at each other, both of you panting heavily and you changed the water to cooler, needing to cool off.
Happy traced his fingers over your skin and you shivered under his touch.
His hand moved up and he cupped your face, and you pressed your lips against the cool metal of his rings.
“I meant what I said, (y/n).” Happy said quietly.
“Im yours.” You whispered.
“Your mine.My old lady.” Happy said.
Your mouth dropped open and you looked deep into his eyes, looking for any hint of a joke.
But all you saw was sincerity and love and warmth fell over you.
“I love you, Happy.” You whispered quietly, afraid to break the moment.
But Happy smiled and wrapped his free arm around you, caressing your back.
“I love you, little girl. But no more girls nights.” He said.
You laughed and shook your head, a playful smirk crossing your lips.
“Or what, Killer?”


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Request: Well, I wanted to know if you could make a history with Parrish, i know your Stories are most of the Hales, but, pleaaasse, a story That he fell in love with you (NSFW? ) heh

Author’s Note: So, this request has been in my inbox for awhile and I haven’t had any idea what to do with it. Until now! I used the holiday weekend for a little inspiration and I really hope you like what I came up with! This is written from a different POV than I usually do, but it just felt right this way. Please give me some feedback and let me know what you thought about it! Enjoy J

Warnings: Language; slight smut; fluffiness


The first time Jordan saw you, you were sitting on a blanket by yourself, head tilted toward the sky as the fireworks went off. The explosions were turning your skin all kinds of mystical colors, making it impossible for him to draw his eyes away.

He watched as you stared at the fireworks above, absolutely mesmerized. Just like he was with you. He wondered idly if you were alone, not wanting to ruin a family outing or something of the like. After observing for several minutes (just glances here and there, nothing creepy), he finally decided that you were, in fact, alone. Which struck him as odd, someone attending a fireworks show for the 4th by themselves.

He would just have to change that, he thought.

The nerves fluttered in his chest as he made the decision to walk over, telling his buddies he was heading out. The closer he got, the better he could see you, and the harder it became for him to breathe properly. What the hell was he supposed to do when he sat next to you if he was this worked up just being at a distance?

“Hey,” he said, barely diverting your attention from the fireworks. Your eyes looked him over carefully before you offered a small smile.


“I saw that you were alone over here,” Jordan ventured, running a hand over the back of his neck as a blush colored his cheeks with his admission. He was glad it was dark out and you probably couldn’t see it. Or maybe you thought it was just the color from the fireworks. “Mind if I join you?”

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The Best Thing

PAIRING: reader bucky barnes 


WARNINGS: SMUT, Oral sex, Language, slight sub Bucky, slight Dom reader. 

Request by Anon: Hello :) I it’s my birthday today, so I thought I could request something, cause I love your blog :) You’re Bucky’s girlfriend but recently you barely had time together so one time after he came back from a long mission, you wait for him in the bedroom wearing his favourite lingerie and when he comes in the bedroom, still in his uniform he’s immediately all over you and you spend the whole night in passionate love making? :) I hope it’s okay for you :) ILY <3 maybe also his POV? only if you like

I hope this is what you wanted anon :) I did try by best, but with a tiny hangover I’m not sure how good this turned out ? But I did my best and any Bucky smut is ok in my books haha. Enjoy 

GIF NOT MINE (but I’m so glad it exists) 

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If Bucky had to complain about any aspect of his new life, the life he had finally gotten back from years of being tormented by Hydra. Was that missions were a bitch, especially when he had you waiting for him back home. You was the happy addition to his life no one saw coming, especially Bucky. The ex Russian assassin thought his days of romance and women were long gone, especially after all the pain and misery he caused. Bucky was convinced that he was destined to live the rest of his life alone, but you were not going to let that happen. (Y/N) was a force to be reckoned with, strong and brave. Intelligent and beautiful, you had all the makings of a woman who knew what she wanted and would stop at nothing to get it. So it was no surprise that the legendary Winter Solder fell head over heels for you, even if he was somewhat reluctant. Eventually you wormed you way into his heart, and Bucky wouldn’t have had it any other way.

“I don’t see why he has to go as well,” Bucky grumbled throwing various items into his rucksack.

“Because believe it or not Mr I-Work-Best-Alone, Sam is actually a viable member of the Avengers. Plus having eyes in the sky is a distinct advantage” you eyed the six-foot temper tantrum before you. Bucky sighed sitting down next to you on your bed as he pulled on his shoes.

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I wish that nudity was celebrated more. Like not sexualized but portrayed and seen as a person loving the heck out of their body. I really wish I didn’t have to worry about the Christian church establishment breathing down my neck and threatening me with social obscurity and shame because I want to show some skin. But that’s how this works, that’s how this human-made system works. Suppressing women is a means of control because humans (men) wanted to be more like gods, and created a system of what is good and what is not as a means of control. People shouldn’t be ashamed of their bodies, nor should they feel guilt if they want to show some skin. I want my body to be portrayed like Botticelli’s Venus or Rodin’s Faunesse à genoux.

Nudity doesn’t mean porn. Nudity is a celebration of who you are, your temple, your skin and guts and muscle and bones and softness and soul. Nudity is beautiful! Boobs are beautiful. Butts are beautiful. Curves and folds and lines are beautiful. They only become sacrilegious when you confine the human body to what is and isn’t acceptable to expose. We shouldn’t feel like we have to please men who try to control and limit what we do with our bodies. God gave you beautiful temples. Love them, embrace every part of them, and don’t let someone else limit your love.

How the Batboys act while going down on their s/o:

(Of course Hun, no need to be embarrassed :3)

How the Batboys act while going down on their s/o: (This is pretty lemony, so i placed it below the cut guys) 

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Three heads are better than one(1)

You weren’t one for internet dating. There were all kinds of stories about creeps and freaks who could easily take advantage of someone going in with the purest of intentions after all. But your usual pick up spots had gotten pretty sparse lately, and enough time had past from your last break up for you to start putting yourself out there again. A new start, and the anonymity of the internet was an attractive lure.

You find yourself eventually talking to this rather cute sounding guy. A bit of a snob when it came to his hobbies, it’s true, but you had a bad habit of doing the same when discussing your favorite books, or arguing the merits of your movie collection. It was nice to come across a kindred spirit (Even if he was totally wrong about which House was better in the HP series).

But you noticed he was always pretty elusive when it came to describing himself. You knew he had two brothers that always seemed to hack his account (And if you were honest they were pretty cool to talk to until he kicked them out). You knew he worked in a library somewhere. You knew his favorite expression for annoyance was >Headbutts “item/person”<. But you didn’t actually know anything about what he looked like.

It was a tad worrying. You liked this guy and even his brothers. You didn’t want to have to be the asshole and start demanding at least a picture of himself. There were tons of reasons why he wouldn’t want to show his face after all, some good, some bad… You just had to take a chance…

But then his brother managed to sneak back onto his account (And really, if there was anything you would suggest to work on it was his passwords), giving you a time and a place to meet up. It was what you had been waiting for, a chance to finally see this guy eye to eye.

You hope he was cute.

Arriving at the small bar his brother suggested, you ended up waiting… and waiting… And waiting… Finally deciding he was a no show and without a message of explanation, you get up to leave, only to hear your name called by a hesitant voice…

You turn around and he was… Certainly… Noticeable. Built like a brick outhouse, taller by you by at least a foot, maybe a foot and a half if he stopped slouching, loose leather jacket that, surprisingly, sent a tingle over your body and where did that come from? And those wire frame glasses were just… Cute seemed like an understatement.
Oh. And he had white fur. Hourglass eyes. Curved horns. And attached onto a body with a smirking lion’s head in the middle and a sleepy looking reptile on the other side.

You had heard about the Preternatural races of course, but this was your first time seeing one. And you’ve been apparently flirting with one for months.
At least now his reluctance to show himself on screen was more understandable.

Slowly, you hold out your hand and try to hide your nerves with a smile as you introduce yourself.
“It’s good to finally meet you.”

He has a firm grip. He could easily crush every bone in your hand without effort. But his shy, almost scared smile can’t help but make him look adorable as his siblings exchange a pleased smirk behind his head.
You chuckle a little awkwardly and gesture to a nearby chair as you sit back down.

After all, you deserve it to both of you (Four of you?) to at least give this a chance…

I didn’t realize

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Words: 1382

Requested by anon: hi! i was wondering if i could request a lucifer x reader where he usually kinda makes fun of the reader but when the reader has to get like super fancy for a hunt he’s like oh shit and eyes the reader all night but the readers completely oblivious to it? thank you! :)) (sorry if that’s too specific!)

A/N: I’m sorry for any mistakes, my native language is not English.

Warning: none

Part 2

You walked in the room, concentrated on a book. You didn’t notice that he was here until you heard him. The Devil. He was often in the bunker since he patched up with everybody, but Sam and Dean didn’t seem to like it. You, on the other hand, wasn’t bother by his presence, you kind of like him, he was funny. But he always seemed to be rude to you, as if you were just… a useless human that just happened to be here. At first, you didn’t really paid attention to it, he was Satan, of course he was supposed to be mean, but soon enough you noticed that he was like that only to you and it became annoying. He would just appear in the room and throw things-

“Here’s the freak!” -like that…

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Glass Table Girls - m.

member: Kim Namjoon, Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook (Different members further on)

genre: Sugardaddy!au, Prostitute!, Smut

warnings: Nsfw, Mature Content, Vulgar Smut, Dirty talk, Drugs -Use, Prostitution, Vouyerism, MxFxM

  words: 3.4k

Part 1 - Part 2?

Two puffs for a lady who’d be down for that.

If it hurts to breathe, open the window. This is a happy house, We’re happy here. Oh, this is fun

The days were exhaustingly slow. You have moved to Seoul in a little cramped up apartment by the Han River. Honestly, it stank of beer and piss around the staircase and it didn’t have any elevator, so you had to work your legs up the stairs everyday.

Your apartment was tiny and cramped, and you meant it. There weren’t place for a wall to separate the living room, the kitchen and the bedroom. It was an open surface except for the bathroom. Every morning when you’re doing your stuff in the bathroom, you had to crouch since the roofing was so low.

Everytime you sat up from the toilet, your poor head is greeted by the roof with a painful bang that made you instantly sit back down. The only place you could stand in the bathroom was the shower, you were taller than the most girls which was a curse. Your head barely had space to jump.

You swore that you were getting more and more claustrophobic living in the mouse hole as you called it. It was your last year in college, to graduate and you had to bear /🐻/ it out.

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I’ve Got You

Prompt: This post. soulmate au where instead of your soulmates first words to you written on your skin it’s their last words you ever hear them say so you don’t know who your soulmate is until you lose them.

Words: 1,682

Warnings: Language, angst. Buckets of tears, probably. death

AN: Good lord I don’t think I’m capable of writing anything not super sad, so reader beware I guess. Also, I think this requires a lil bit of suspension of disbelief but whatever.

tags: @beccaanne814-blog @bovaria @buckyywiththegoodhair @romanovoff @just-a-multifangirl @youandbucky @marvel-ash @gold-liess @avengerofyourheart @kaaatniss @kmwiinchester @marassberry @sebastianstanismyobsession @time-to-dance-rey @-i-miss-you– @noticulous @wholockiand

I’ve got you.

Scrawled in a fine line in a penmanship belonging to God or Mother Nature, the words had been engraved into your skin from the moment you turned 18. It stung, like a violent wind, even without feeling the invisible needle of the tattoo. They ran along your forearm, tiny enough that upon first glance they couldn’t be read, but study them fine enough and you can read the words quite clearly, each letter curling along the blue vein in your skin.

These were quite possibly the most terrifying words to hear from the mouth of a man you dearly loved, and when your eyes widened in horror the first time he said them, he realized his mistake. You’d been crying at a funeral- your mothers- and Bucky pulled you into his lap and whispered the words in your ear, further fueling your nightmare.

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Chapter 2

Series summary and masterpost here.

Summary: Finding Sam Winchester has been a struggle, but tonight, you might have a breakthrough in your case.

Characters/Relationships: Dean x reader

Word count: 2k

Warnings: light smut

Special thanks to @impala-dreamer for beta’ing this chapter and keeping me focused on the story!!

You were supposed to have had this job done by now. Your meeting with Gordon happened exactly one year ago today, and you had worked hard to find Sam since then. But karma was a bitch and she never repaid you rightly. So here you were, alone, led to an upscale bar in downtown whatever by more bad information, drinking away your problems and distracting yourself from all your failures.

That distraction didn’t come easy.

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V(ery) First Kiss (V x MC)

What if the V route ends really good though guys? Come on~ At the party- V comes to you and thanks you personally- for more than just the party. 

V(ery) First Kiss

This is your party. You did all of this. All of these people were here because of you- and they cared.

You look to the entrance. Jaehee is smiling, holding the sign-in clipboard to her chest as she talks to one of the guests. She looks beautiful in her dress, confident, strong, like she can step up against the world and hold her ground.

You look towards the buffet table. Yoosung is nibbling on some sort of pastry with a large group of guests, listening to one of them as they speak. He looks handsome, outgoing, hopeful, as though finally his life had meaning to him.

You look towards the middle of the room, beneath the chandelier. Zen’s voice is booming, his laughs rolling over the crowd and getting a rise out of them at whatever joke he has told. He looks comfortable, peaceful, and fulfilled in a way you’ve never seen him.

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anonymous asked:

Can you please make a scenario with Jungkook and his gf, who is more tomboyish and never wear dress and makeup had to wear it one day and she all nervous and shy about it? I hope its understandable xD thanks in advance ^^ ♡♡

Originally posted by jen-kook

Hey anon! I really liked your cute request <3 Tbh I got carried away a wrote quite a long scenario lol!! I hope you like it , I did my best to portray a Boyish girl  !! Jeon was kinda cute in this Scenario …We all need a bf like him :) he’s goals!!

Genre: romance/fluff/Comedy 
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 2200 words
Summary: You and Jungkook are going to prom, but since you’re a boyish girl, you’re quite worried about how you’ll look like.

You and Jungkook got to meet each other through first year high school, where you had to sit beside each other for the entire year.You were best friends with Park Jimin since childhood ans he’s the one who officially introduced both of you.Jimin knew it the moment jungkook’s eyes met with yours, that something was bound to be happen between both of you. He never saw Jungkook having eyes for a girl like that. He never saw his friend talking non-stop about a girl or about how she’s interesting and fun not like the others. You were unique for jungkook and he liked you for that particular reason.

You used to wear your school uniform at school which consisted of a skirt, but you still made sure to wear your fave sweats under to feel more comfortable without having to make sure you won’t get exposed. You didn’t had to cross your legs each and everytime you sat, you were wearing sweats which was amazing. For some reason Kook loved how you were easy going and even thought you were cool for not caring about people’s judgement on how you decide to wear your skirt.

You loved video games and were the Sweat-pants-chilling-with-no-makeup-on kind of girl.You were casual and the guys treated like one of them since you  were part of their squad, but even if you were cool like that, Jungkook still  saw you as a girl, which was quite intriguing for all the others.How could he see you as a girl, when you play soccer with hoseok, roll on dirt with Taehyung, play video games with Jimin,but refuse to cook with Jin and refuse when Namjoon begs you to try putting on some makeup?

Suga in his case was done with you and thought it was best to give up your case,he said and I quote :

“I swear she’s having more swag than me, what man would dare date her?”.

You may have more swag than Min Suga, but Jungkook still found that you were the prettiest, because you never had to try hard to actually be interesting and this was the main reason he fell for you.Your eyes were mesmerizing to him, he loved staring into them.He enjoyed laying his head on your shoulder while you played with his fluffy hair.He liked resting his chin on your shoulder or on top of your head ,to tease you for your smaller height and you enjoyed hitting his arm with your little fists for being a little bastard. He was in love with you for the way you were and you liked him back for his hardworking personality.He was the first man you didn’t saw as a comrade but as a potential partner since he was able to stir all those foreign feelings within you.

You were at your place with the boys, Talking casually With Jimin on the couch

“Y/N, are you really going to prom? I swear , what are you gonna do this time? Its not like you can wear sweats under your dress”, Jimin sighed as he put his arm around your shoulder

“ Yah, Park Jimiin “, you elbowed him “ I might be boyish around you, but I’m still a woman”, you scoff

“Ayyyeee…you’re like my little brother”, jimin nudges you”You only suit sweats Y/N! And you hate makeup on top of it “

“I swear, I should’ve killed you that last time we wrestled”, you sent him a death glare

Jimin gulped in resonse as he remembered that time when you almost choked him to death with your arms

“ I mean…you look the cutest when you’re at your natural state”, jimin backs up

“Natural state?!!What are you implying here?!”, You’re about to throw your fist at him but Jungkook pulls you in his arms instead and you feel comfort as you can smell the aroma of his usual berry soap

You look up to stare at your lover and pout at him

“ Kookie, Jimin is bullying me”, you take jungkook’s hand before wrapping your arms around his arm and leaning your head on his shoulder like a little kid

“Whoahhh…LOOK AT HER MAKING THOSE EYES when she was about to kill me with her own bloody hands a second earlier!!!Hoseok did you saw that! “ jimin pointed at you accusingly as he pulled hoseok by his side

“Was that aegyo??!…they say people change when they find love…When did you turned like this Y/N?!”, Hoseok said in disbelief

You indeed used your boyfriend as a shield most of the time, since he was there to protect you no matter what.Jungkook loved you so much and never wanted you to feel bad about yourself, which explained why he was extra caring around you. Your girlish side could be seen only around him and the guys seemed quite disturbed since they never knew there was such a side to you.

“You did what,Hyung ?”, jungkook raised a threatening brow as he walked in front of you as if he shielding you from Jimin

Even though Jungkook was still growing , he was well built for a guy of his age and was way stronger than what most people think.He may looked adorable with his sweatshirt and timberlands , but underneath his cute fashionable clothes were hiding a golden boy and a wrestler that always won.This was the reason why his friends feared him , since they think he’s going to all beat them up once he’s grown.

“YAH! I NEVER BULLIED HER!This con artist!That’s what Y/N is ! A CON ARTIST!!Don’t believe her , Jeon!!“, Jimin gulped

Jungkook glared at the latter before turning to look back into your mesmerizing eyes and he still seem to get lost in them just like the first time you met

“ Don’t listen to him”, he replies as he holds your girly fingers in his soft hands “You’re always stunning to me no matter what”

“But…What if I look like shit for the prom?! I swear , I’m so sorry for not looking like a worthy girlfriend…”, you sigh “ I know I don’t put effort into makeup and clothes…and I can understand ,if you don’t want to show up with me there”

“Hey, I’m not showing up to that prom for anyone but you!I might as well not go , if you don’t! Y/N, what you wear is not important to me… I just want to make the best memories together”

You simply nodded and smiled back at him

“Sure i’ll try my best this time to not disappoint you”

“Y/N, I’ll never be disappointed no matter what you wear, because you always shine brighter than the others”, he smiles back at you

“ omg jimin, whats wrong with these two? I feel like hitting someone”, hoseok cringes his face

“ Was jungkook always so cheesy, aiishh… I swear , this is hard for me to look at “, jimin replies

“You guys are just jealous”, jungkook smirks

Jimin and Hoseok gave him that offended look

“ Will you be fine by yourself, or should I call hobie’s sister to help you?”, jungkook smiles at you

“ It’s gonna be fine ,just give her to me, I’ll take care of it”, Jin pulls you

“Give her to you? I don’t think I can do that hyung”, Jungkook replies

“I won’t bite her, you brat”, jin smacks jungkook’s forearm as he pulled you with him

You disappeared along with Jin for about an hour and a half. In the meantime the other boys were getting dressed up in suits. They choosed a classic style , white and black.They were indeed the best of friends for even matching colors in their suits. The only thing that differenciated them were the bows that jimin and Hoseok chose to wear while the others choose the classic black tie. The were basically some james bond squad or something. They were gorgeous, but little did they knew what was awaiting them on the other side of the door.

Jungkook was nervously kicking the floor with his black shoes ,while he tucked his handsome hands in his pockets.The door finally opened in a swift movement before revealing you. Here you were outstandingly beautiful like no other specimen seen  on this earth. Hair curled at the ends flowing till your mid-waist.Your eyeshadow was gold along with that winged black eyeliner that made your eyes sparkle. Royal blue strapless dress showing off your curves and your milky colar bones that were probably making all your guy friends drool by now.You were beautiful and no one can deny it.

The guys probably envied Jungkook so much right now while  the latter’s mouth was agape. Jungkook couldn’t take in this beautiful sight of you. He indeed always thought you were gorgeous, but this new sight of him was driving him insane with feels. His cheeks were a crimson red and couldn’t even bear to look at your face.

“Ooh~ our maknae is blushing~”, Namjoon nudged the younger

“ Stop it, hyung”, jungkook stared at  floor as his hair hided his gorgeous eyes

“Whoah,This is the kind of thing that makes me question my life decisions”, Hoseok comments “ You were a swan after all Y/N, I always thought of you as a cute duckling”

“Yah, shut it”, jimin slapped hoseok’s arm “Don’t make me hit you ,hyung”

“ What did I even say?!”, Hoseok pouts “ I meant, you look beautiful Y/N”

“ Oh…Thank you, Hobie”, You smiled

“woahhh….Did I got a ticket to heaven, hyung? Is she angel?”, Taehyung nudges jin with a dreamy smile

You walk till you reach Jungkook, but as you reach him you’re about to stumble due to your high heels and he catches you, still unable to look at you in the eyes

“ Those shoes are dangerous”, he says shyly before he scratches the back of his head awkwardly

You were a head taller than usually due to your heels and Jungkook felt very flustered seing your face more up close than usual

“Why are you avoiding my eyes?”, you pout before putting your manicured hands on both sides of his cheeks and he turns stiff

“Ooooohh~~~ Jungkookie is getting shy~~~”, Jimin comments on the background

“Park Jimin,you better shut it”, you turn around to glare him along with Jungkook

As you turn back to look at Jungkook, both of your eyes meet and you can see the evident red across his cute cheeks. He bites on his bottom lip before looking down and you do the same. You guys were made for each other since you would always follow what he does and vice-versa.

“I look weird right?”, you bite on your bottom lip “ I should’ve known this doesn’t suit me!”, you look at your shoes

You feel crept up your cheeks and look down your shows ,but he tilts your chin to make you look at him

“No, Honestly…”, he hesitates “I can’t even bring myself to look at you, because I…I…”

“You feel uncomfortable right?”, you sigh “ Me too, tbh all of this is weird to me”

“No Y/N, You’re so beautiful that I don’t know what I’ll do If I stare into your eyes”

“ OOOOOHHHH~~~~ OMG GUYS~~~~~”, Namjoon whistles

Taehyung nudges Jin and Jhope is fanboying all over the place

“ Y-You’re sure? It’s not because I look strange… to be honest this doesn’t suit me at all…”, you comment

“Look at me”, he says softly before you stare back into his brown orbs“ You’re always the prettiest in my eyes”

It took you a second before blushing and reacting

“Yah~ Stop it, you’re making me shy”, you cup your cheeks

“Aiiishh …Guys let me barf now! Please stop now, i’ve seen enough”, jimin cringes his face “Why did I introduce you two again?! UGH YOU’RE MORE CRINGE WORTHY THAN Namjoon hyung and his girlfriend”

“What about my girlfriend?”, Namjoon peeks up “ Don’t bring my girl into this”

“Please jimin accept the reality that even your boyish childhood friend has a more exciting love life than yours”, Suga sighs as he looks at you and Jungkook

“ Aww… she did grew up to become such a beautiful girl hasn’t she?”, taehyung adds

“You talk as if you knew her for the past 10 years! I’M her childhood friend for your information!”, jimin replies

“I’ve known Y/N since Middle School and I know way more about her than you do!”, Taehyung argues

“Bullshit !!! I basically pooped my diapers with her , since our moms wouldn’t separate us!! I basically saw her naked before any of you did”,Jimin crosses his arms on his chest proudly

It wasn’t long before Jungkook shot him the deadliest glare ever seen in history

“You saw what?”, Jungkook said in a dark tone

“I…ehm..N-NO! I-I mean… I…We we’re babies a-and I-I don’t really remember”

“Should I kill him first and you bury him? Or do we do this together?”,jungkook’s looks back you

“ Forget the killing, I”ll pull out his hair till he becomes bald”, you crack your


“N-NO!!! NOT MY HAIIIIIRRR”, Jimin run

“You better run run run”, Taehyung winks at Jimin

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Clockwork Dreams: Jimin (m)

Prompt: You finally meet your soulmate after twenty-two years and everything is amazing, but fate has a different plan for the both of you. In a universe where clocks tell you exactly how much time you have left on earth, things can get a bit messy.

Warnings: smut, explicit descriptions of cancer and death

Word Count: 12.8k

A/N: Please, please, please listen to Sleeping at Last’s Atlas: Space 1 and Atlas: Space 2. It’s the album that I listened to the entire time I wrote this, and I believe that it heavily influenced the flow of this piece. The lyrics written in this piece have been excerpted from their songs Venus and Earth.

Please, enjoy this piece that I have poured my heart into for the last few weeks.

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How a Woman of the Wild Loves~~

I will not love you comfortably, I will take you out of your safe places and into a Wild heaven that you have not even touched with your dreams.

My love will most likely be inconvenient, and show up when you think you are not ready for me.

I will arouse your Spirit, not just your body or heart. I will take you back to where we first met, all those deserts and skies ago, but you will not realise it until later.
My love will disturb your routines, your laziness, your escape mechanisms, the comfortable sink into habit and predictability.

I will stir your distant soul memory, so deeply and with such swiftness and lightning-bolt clarity that you will feel you have been arrested by some Mystery you cannot name.

My love will take you into such reveries, dreams and fantasies for sensual, sacred and creative adventures that you will sometimes wonder if you are still living in the normal world. You may suddenly find yourself waking up at 3am, yearning for a Wild Life that had eclipsed itself from your consciousness.

I will flood your mind, body and soul with energy that seems to be from a Radiant New World, but is simultaneously exquisitely Ancient and Lost.
My love may make you want to walk away from everything mediocre, average and normal that you have ever known in exchange for the Wildest of nights, the starriest of kisses, the most enduring of conversations and the most mystical of gazes.

I will not be easy to love in the conventional sense, because I have arrived to show you your own Divine magnificence. I will spark the fires of transformation. I will wrap my unconditionally-loving heart around yours until you cannot do anything else but grow in Love.

My love will require you to walk the hot coals, move through the dark forests of the Soul, take off your heavy garments and ride naked through the Stars. You will need to confront all the ways in which you resist and harden yourself to Love, to Purpose, to Power and Passionate Living. I will always show you the mirror.
I will not fit into your schedule, your daily planner, or your carefully thought-out strategies for security. I will show up one day, unannounced, lay my glorious, sweeping curves upon your desk and demand that you worship yourself into ecstatic oblivion with me. I will remind you that you are not in control of this Universal Magic-Carpet Ride, and that you need to let go…..Now.

My love will feel to you like refreshing dewdrops of starlight, after the plunging dark of an endless, star-less night.
My love will feel to you like incomprehensible, heart-stopping warmth, penetrating the soul of your cold bones with a patience and devotion that causes your eyes to suddenly prick with tears.
My love will always be here for you, even when you don’t want it, because it is confronting you with the silent, midnight truth of just how achingly precious and sacred you are to me.
My love is your salvation, because your Soul asked for me, Wildly.
My love is your truth, because your Body cried for me, Ecstatically.
My love is your destiny, because your Eyes have always been searching for me, Blindly.
My love is finally Here, because You are ready for me - and the Wild Ways of my Fiery, Wandering Heart.

~Sophie Bashford

These Hands, if not Gods

Haven’t they moved like rivers—
like Glory, like light—
over the seven days of your body?

And wasn’t that good?
Them at your hips—
isn’t this what God felt when he pressed together
the first Beloved: Everything.
Fever. Vapor. Atman. Pulsus. Finally,
a sin worth hurting for. Finally, a sweet, a
You are mine.
It is hard not to have faith in this:
from the blue-brown clay of night
these two potters crushed and smoothed you
into being—grind, then curve—built your form up—
atlas of bone, fields of muscle,
one breast a fig tree, the other a nightingale,
both Morning and Evening.
O, the beautiful making they do—
of trigger and carve, suffering and stars—
Aren’t they, too, the dark carpenters
of your small church? Have they not burned
on the altar of your belly, eaten the bread
of your thighs, broke you to wine, to ichor,
to nectareous feast?
Haven’t they riveted your wrists, haven’t they
had you at your knees?
And when these hands touched your throat,
showed you how to take the apple and the rib,
how to slip a thumb into your mouth and taste it all,
didn’t you sing out their ninety-nine names—
Zahir, Aleph, Hands-time-seven,
Sphinx, Leonids, locomotura,
Rubidium, August, and September—
And when you cried out, O, Prometheans,
didn’t they bring fire?
These hands, if not gods, then why
when you have come to me, and I have returned you
to that from which you came—bright mud, mineral-salt—
why then do you whisper O, my Hecatonchire. My Centimani.
My hundred-handed one?

– natalie diaz


Summary: What could you do when all you had was a deck of cards and some clothes to get rid of? 

Characters: Jungkook x Reader (you)

Genre: hot, steamy, hardcore s-m-u-t (you love me yet?)

A/N: eheheh so i haven’t written a smut in 5ever and this is the continuation/development of this kinky little thing i wrote for @taehxyung once to rid her of her writer’s block. i hope its good lmao

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[warning: sexual goodness]

You have official developed a passionate hatred for high school reunions.

For starters, you had wasted a whole night sitting stiffly in the cheap plastic chairs of the cramped bar in which the event was held. The whole five hours you spent there only consisted of awkward smiles, sweaty handshakes, and pretending to actually to be able to match names with faces. Your cheeks had began to hurt an hour into the gathering, having kept your smile plastered on your face since the beginning.

Your boyfriend Jungkook had insisted on coming with you himself, yet the moment he entered the sketch looking location he immediately regretted even opening his mouth.

So when you stumbled into your shared apartment upon returning, the two of you made a beeline for the leather surface of the couch, collapsing on top of each other like a house of cards.

“Let’s not do that again.” you groaned.

“Oh yeah, for sure.” Jungkook slinged an arm over his eyes to shield them from the living room lights, the few shots he had downed for courtesy making his head groggy.

“Huh?” you raised an eyebrow as you reached into your purse for your cell phone, and your fingers came in contact with a sharp edge instead. “What the hell?”

A deck of playing cards materialized within your hands when you slipped them out of your bag, probably accidentally placed by one of your tipsy classmates. Jungkook, captivated by the sweet aroma of your perfume next to him, turned his head to place a soft kiss on your exposed jawline, sending a shiver down your spine. An idea, fueled by the alcohol and a random, sudden desire for the touch of his skin, sparked in your head.


“Hmm?” he mumbled, his lips now making their way to the corner of your lips.

“Wanna play a game?”


You removed yourself from his warmth, causing an objecting whine to escape his mouth, and dropped to your knees before the glass coffee table in front of the couch he was now sitting upright on. Unpacking the deck of cards from their casing, you slid them across the smooth surface, fanning them out in a perfect semicircle.

“Okay,” you said, inclining your body towards him, “pick a card. If it’s a spade, I’ll take off one piece of clothing, and if it’s a diamond, then you do the same.”

Jungkook peered at you through hooded eyes, attempting to disguise the lusty glint in his orbs but clearly failing. He was slightly ticked off that you had denied him of yourself just couple moments before, and he intended to make you pay, to make you regret your decisions.

“Deal.” he smirked.

You mirrored the sly expressions on his face. “Great. Now, draw a card.”

Reaching forward to obey your orders, Jungkook’s eyes twinkled hungrily as he glanced at the pattern stamped on the white card. The cocky demeanor continued, a smug grin crawling up to his lips as he flipped the card to display to you.

“Spade.” he slurred expectantly.

The corners of your mouth curled seductively. “Well…”

Jungkook’s gaze traced your fingers as you reached up, beginning to slip the black leather jacket you had chosen to sport off the curve of your shoulders, leaving the milky white skin exposed for his viewing pleasure.

“Beginner’s luck.” you scoffed playfully, “Do it again.”

He stayed unmoving until you had fully removed the thick material from your body, then his fingers flicked another card towards himself. You were delighted by the way he pursed his lips tightly together in frustration, predicting the outcome of the draw.

“Goddamn it!” Jungkook groaned as the face of the card showed you a prominent red diamond, and began unzipping the gray hoodie he had pulled on, then taking it off swiftly. You felt your heartbeat pick up pace at the sight of the thin white shirt clinging to his toned bone, flattering his firm abdomen, and swallowed slowly.

“Okay, again.”

Jungkook’s hand was already on top of the pile, and almost laughed out loud at the results.

“Fuck. Diamond.”

You watched in greedy satisfaction as he peeled the thin fabric away from his body also, letting your eyes explore every dip and curve of his muscles. A light sheen of perspiration glowed on his bare skin, making him look almost holy. “I like how this is going.”

Jungkook impatiently swiped another out of the now disarrayed rainbow of cards, and leaned back to discreetly view the graphic printed. Strangely, he cocked his head to the side, and shot you a questioning look. Flipping the card over to show you, you felt the butterflies in your stomach rage in a whirlwind as the red ink clearly showed a joker.

“What does this mean?”

You remained silent, refusing to answer his question. He watched as you stood wordlessly, flashing him a decent amount of your chest from the low dip of your dress, and slithered over to the couch he was sitting on, your lower lip caught between your teeth sensually.


You gave a light shove to his chest, and he immediately succumbed to your request, leaning back onto the couch, lips agape in a daze. He watched your towering figure shadow over him, and felt his pants become a bit more restricting in the crotch area as you lifted a leg to either side of his hips, straddling him.

You crawled up to his face, eyes dripping sexual tension, and you blew a small puff of air on a sensitive spot behind his ears. Jungkook groaned at the sensation, his mouth forming a perfect “o”. Seeing this opportunity, you locked your own lips onto the pink flesh, opened for your entrance.

He tasted exactly the way you anticipated, of hard liquor and his musky cologne that you loved so much. He dove in to explore your mouth, your tongues dancing together in a rhythmic pattern. Then you began to move against him.

The friction created by the fabrics of your clothing sent a strangled moan out of both your lips as you rocked against the rising bulge in his pants, and Jungkook’s hands flew up to your hips unconsciously, pushing you closer, harder onto himself. His hair fanned out beneath head as he leaned back into the leather of the couch.

The sight in front of you made wetness pool in between your legs, and you gnawed on your lips to keep quiet. The man that always showed so much dominance, both in your relationship and in the bedroom, was now a whimpering, vulnerable mess before you, and you felt on top of the world. You slid your fingers down his bare chest, past his defined abdomen, all the way down to the rim of his pants. Then you stopped, and Jungkook, who had been enjoying your feathery touch, growled in frustration.

“Be patient, baby.” you cooed, leaning over his face to stare into his dark orbs, which were cloudy with lust.

You slowly lowered yourself so that you were now facing his collarbones, and placed a butterfly kiss on the prominent bone. Jungkook writhed your touch, as it was there yet not quite satisfying, and clawed into your shoulder to beg for more contact. But you persisted with your torment, leading a whole trial of nearly nonexistent kisses and suckles down his torso, and once again pausing at where fabric met his bare skin. This time, you only stopped temporarily to slide off his pants and boxers, allowing his erection to spring out, standing in attention.

The tip glistened with precum, and you stuck your tongue to flick the glossy beads into your mouth. A throaty moan erupted from Jungkook’s mouth, and his fingers laced into your hair, forcing you closer. You continued your trail of kisses, from the base of his shaft back up to the top, causing Jungkook to arch his back to your lips.


“You like that?” you inquired teasingly, although his growls and moans had already answered you a long time ago.

“Just keep on doing that, please.”

His eyes shut in pleasure as you wrapped your mouth around him, the warmth and slickness having him pull against the roots of your hair. You sank lower, sucking and licking in all the right spots, until you felt the tip hit the back of your throat. Continuing to glide your lips up and down his length slowly, his moans echoed off the walls, guttural and almost animalistic. His hands put pressure against your skull, forcing you speed up, and you felt his member pulsate within your mouth, warning you that he was close. But you weren’t done with him yet.

You lifted your mouth away from his needy erection, a string of saliva connecting between your lips and the wet tip. Jungkook wanted to scream at the sudden lack of sensation, a deep growl bubbling from the base of his throat.

“You okay, baby?” You asked in feigned innocence, licking your lips arousingly, then flickering your eyes down to his member to rub small circles against the liquid coated tip.

He didn’t need to answer, as you were already moving on to your next objective to create some fun out of this night. You hitched the skirt of your dress up to your hips, but not taking it off to  give him a complete view of your body, and slipped out of your soaked panties. Jungkook’s gaze darkened as you placed your palms upon his chest and shifted your burning core to shadow over his member.

But he should’ve know that there was no way in hell you would let him receive the utter pleasure he wants. You lowered yourself onto him, but only slightly so that your folds came in contact with his member and nothing more. You rubbed your clit on his tip, the friction sending shocks throughout your body, and your leaking juices made the sensation nearly unbearable. But if there was one thing your were proud of, it was your self-control, and the knowledge of his lack thereof. You allowed your core to slid back and forth on his erection, never entering once, with hungry moans erupting from your mouth as you gripped his shoulders from the motion, and he thrusted his hips up in search for more of you.

You felt his urgency, and smiled subtly to yourself before lifting your heat away from him.

Jungkook glared at you through lust coated eyes, and you laughed as the words formed on his lips.

Fuck you.

“Why don’t you?”

That had done it. Jungkook has had enough of your taunting actions, and before you could react, he was sitting up from his sprawled position.

“That has to come off.” he mumbled to himself. You felt the cold air crawl up your skin, sending shivers down your spine, as he ripped the slinky dress off your body, leaving you exposed. To him.

In one motion, he had swept your naked self off the couch, and strode towards the bedroom at lightning speed, his steps powered by need and adrenaline. You clung tightly to his neck, especially when he kicked the wooden door to your bedroom shut, making it slam against the frame.

Your back was suddenly against the chilling wall, legs wrapped around his waist to that you could feel his member pulsating against your core, and he pressed his forehead to yours, gaze heated and determined. He pulled you flush against his chest, his body heat a bit higher than usual. Against your will, you gulped a little.

“Are you ready for revenge?”

Before you could nod your head yes, he had slammed his erect member within you, making you gasp out loud. You were electrified, from head to toe, from the inside out, and searched for something to hold on to, but was disappointed by the smooth satin finish of the bedroom walls. He pulled out, nearly completely, and slammed into you again, this time forcing both your heads back in sinful pleasure. You back slid against the wall with every movement, and you arched into his chest, increasing the sensation as he buried himself all the way to the base, meanwhile smashing your lips onto each other, muffling your groans and cries.

Then he collided into a spot within you that robbed your voice away, leaving you wide eyed and gasping as he hit that G-spot again and again. His name was repeated on your lips in a wispy sigh, and it was music to his ears as his own moans harmonized with yours. Pleasure and euphoria coursed through your veins, and you had to clamp down on your lips from being too noisy.  

“Moan for me.”

He didn’t have to tell you twice, as you were already disintegrated into a sweaty mess of lusty cries and clawing nails. He dove in for your neck, leaving small red love bites along your collarbones. The feeling of him driving into you, as well as his warm lips, made white spots erupt behind your eyelids.  

You guys continued like this for a deliciously long time, Jungkook pounding himself into you, filling you up until you screamed for more. Your fingers crawled the toned muscles of his back into his hair, intertwining them in his thick locks the way your moans blended with each other. Every time he slammed into you, you saw stars before your eyes, and his moans increased in both frequency and intensity.

“Oh god, please, Jungkook - fuck!”

Your walls clenched around his length, and you buried your face into his shoulders, but that in no way could mask the scream tearing from your throat. His name reverberated off the walls of the square bedroom, and you orgasmed with him still buried to hilt within you. He slowed from his previous frenzy tempo, and slid in and out gently to help you ride out your climax. But the sensation of your folds clamping around his own pulsing member was too much, and soon his rhythm grew erratic with his own high, releasing his warm seeds inside you.

He let you down from your position around his waist, and you slid carefully onto your shaky feet only to collapse to the carpet floors. He gripped your arm firmly before you could land on the ground, and let out a little chuckle.


You scowled tiredly at his amusement, “That’s all you got? Oops?”

He pulled you into a tight embrace before sliding his sweat slicked arms under your knees and placing you softly on amongst the sheets. He pulled the covers up to your heaving chest, and climbed in next to you. Exhaustion overwhelmed both your bodies and brains, and Jungkook whispered from besides your ear.

“Well, that might teach you before you start teasing me next time.”

You rolled your eyes from behind your heavy lids. “Fuck you.”

“Why don’t you?”

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I was scrolling through my old photos on my phone, and I had almost totally forgot about this one. So here’s a little behind the scenes action for you, a step-by-step guide on how to achieve the Robin Argyle cosplay/special occasions body, below the break:

  • Step 1- Panties and some form of sheer tights. Neither of these need to be cute, no one’s going to see them. (If you are a person who needs to tuck, do so in this step.)
  • Step 2- Insert hip pads/butt pads under the tights. If they look a little wonky or lumpy right now, that’s fine. If you’re aiming for curves for days, remember your pads are going to be constricted a bit during the next few steps, and will look smaller than they do now. Go ahead and put your bra and breast forms on now, if you have/need them.
  • Step 3- Corset. I go for a 4″ reduction because I loooove the look, and I use a steel boned cincher for low level waist training. The important part is that it’s relatively smooth, so textures won’t show through your clothes. Also, depending on your skill level you may need a friend for this. (Hell, I can corset myself and I still ask for help. Friends make sure you won’t lace too tightly and pass out in a hallway.)
  • Step 4- Put on your nude Spanx/body shaper. I use a combination upper thigh/waist shaper, but with the corset you may not need one that focuses on waist shaping. I just like this one because the straps keep it from falling down and needing adjustment all day.
  • Step 5- Put on your first pair of opaque tights. You want these to match your skintone as closely as possible. I wear Danskins in Light toast myself, but there are a lot of options. The goal in this step is to cover your hip pads and the shaper, since there are probably a lot of colors on your legs right now.
  • Step 5.5- If you can still see your hip pads (mine are a light green, made of couch foam), put on your second pair of opaque tights, same color as the first pair. Keep in mind each layer of tights will make your lower half much warmer, but they’ll also tone your legs, thighs, and butt.
  • Step 6- Don’t forget to add cute panties if you want them. You don’t need them, but if you’re wearing something short you don’t want people to potentially see your smooth barbie doll crotch.

And that’s the basics for my foundation garments! I of course add details depending on what I’m wearing (dark hose, colored tights, different bras depending on how large I want my bust to be.), so remember this is the shape and basic nude illusion that you’ll start with before you start tailoring your costume, or choose what to wear to your shoot/drag performance/meeting your bae’s parents or pets, whatever.

I hope this surprise lesson helps you out! Feel free to share if you have anyone you think may benefit from the tips! Stay cool as a particularly cool animal of your choosing, lovelies~

Luke Hemmings Imagine: Reflection

Requested: Yes

You look deep into the glass mirror and look at the reflection of the girl that stands in front of you. She doesn’t look like you, but when you move your hand and graze over your bare stomach she moves too. You don’t remember the last time you saw the girl in the mirror smile, you can’t even seem a glimmer of hope in her eyes. Salty tears stream down her flustered cheeks, her lip quivering. You want that girl to be happy, but she doesn’t love herself. 

You wipe the tears from your own cheeks and well as the girl in the mirror. She stares back at you with sad eyes, empty eyes. You become entranced by her eyes for a moment. All time stands still until you hear a knock on the bathroom door. 

“(y/n), are you okay in there?” Luke mummers through the door. 

“Yeah sorry, I was just washing my face.” You bite down on your lip. 

You hate lying to Luke, but you didn’t want him to worry about you. He looks at you, placing his hands on either side of door posts which blocks your exit. Looking up at him you put on your best smile despite the sadness that fills up your insides. He omits a small sigh. 

“Hey. Really? You aren’t fooling anyone." 

"Luke, really. I’m fine.” you cross your arms. 

“I’m fine.” you whisper, barley audible.

Warm tears start to cover your cheeks again but this time someone is there to wipe them away. Luke always could see right through you, he probably knew you better than you knew yourself at this point. When you lost yourself, he knew where to find you. He brings you into his arm embrace, rubbing the sides of your silky pink bathrobe. 

“What’s got you down?” You can see the concern in his eyes. He worries. 

“I can’t stand my reflection anymore. It isn’t pretty. It isn’t me and I hate it.” your voice cracks. 

“Of course it is you. I can show you.” He leads you to the full body mirror in the bedroom. 

The soft morning sunlight shines through the window and creates a perfect dim spotlight for you to stand in. You never look in the mirror, it shows you too much, and here you are about to face your worst fear, yourself. Luke’s fingers fumble with the tie that holds your robe shut and it falls to the floor silently leaving you in your black and red undergarments. Instinctively your arms try to cover your exposed body and your eyes shut but Luke peels your hands from your body and rests them at your sides.   

The cold air rushes across your skin and you feel a million little goosebumps start to rise over your body. You can hear Luke give a deep chuckle. All you see in the mirror is a chubby, mangled, insecure little girl. Your unkempt hair falls down your back, you always try to hide behind it. 

“Where to start?” he points to the mirror. 

“Luke.” your voice cracks. 

“I guess we can start with your height. Look at how petite and small you are compared to me. I love that about you! I makes me feel like I can protect you, like I can shelter you from anything that can hurt you. I can wrap you up inside my embrace.” His fingers trail up your spine. 

“And look at these legs,” his fingers trail down to your thigh, resting on the outside his fingers dance around your skin. “ So beautiful with all the right curves. Any girl would kill to have legs like yours. So what if your thighs touch, it’s just more for me to put my hands on. When you wear the little black dress I bought for you, your legs are all I can look at. I’m so lucky to have you." 

He presses a soft kiss to the crook of your neck. His breath is light and warm as it surrounds you. You go to open you mouth but Luke presses a finger to your lips, looking at him bewildered. You have no clue where he is going with this as you feel his hand crawl up and rest of your behind. 

"And your butt. All of it. But what I love even more is the little dimples in your back. When I rest my hands on your back my fingers find their way to the little indentations.” He spins you around to show you and then returns you to the front.  

For a split second his hands leave your body, and you crave for this touch. Soon his hands firmly grab your hips and your eyes look at them in the mirror. 

“Don’t even get me started on your hips. Remember that time we went to the club?" 


"All I could think about were your hips in the dress. The perfect amount of curve and the perfect amount of bone poking out under your skin. 

You swallow hard and follow his hands knowing where he would grab next. Your least favorite thing. 

"And your stomach. You always say how much you hate the little bit of pudge that rests here, but I love it." 

"But why?” you interrupt. 

“Ah just listen darling, this is the best part. When we cuddle I can rest my hands there. Its warm. I like that. And I like to rub circles on your tummy, it helps you sleep." 

"But Luke, I wouldn’t call it beautiful?" 

"Why not? I would.” he licks his lips. 

In a split second our eyes meet in the mirror. His vibrant blue eyes pull me toward him. His hands slowly traverse up my sides, his eyes leaving mine and following his hands up my body. His warm hands find their way to my chest, fingers curling around the lace edge of my bra. 

“And your breasts, not too big and not to small, the perfect size. I love how they fit perfectly in my hands. They were made for my hands. I love when you buy these red and black Lacey bras too, they look so beautiful.” he gives them a slight squeeze and his eyes linger for a while. 

“Now your eyes. Just look at them. The most vibrant (y/e/c) I have ever seen. When you smile they light up the entire room. You don’t even need makeup to make them pretty. I hate to see you cry because then your eyes are filled with sadness." 

"You want to know what my favorite thing about you is?" 


“You lips. I fall even more in love with you every time I get to kiss them. I love to watch you take because i can just get lost in your lips. They are mesmerizing. Every time you lick your lips my heart skips a beat. It drives me absolutely wild when you bite down on your lips." 

He spins you around his you look up at him in your vulnerable state. His presses his lips to yours and this time was different. You felt that passion and lust in the kiss, yet he was gentle with you. His hands grab the sides of your face, finger curling around the back of your neck. This was a whole new experience.

Every time you felt yourself fall he was right there to pick you back up. Although you may never be fully okay with the reflection in the mirror, we will always show you how much he loves that reflection.

"So can you tell me what you see?" 

"I see a girl,  A girl who is happy. A girl who needs another kiss.”

“I will never deny you of that." 

He kisses you again, leading you back against the wall. The cool texture of the wall cools your hot skin and sends a shiver down your spine. His lip ring brushes against your lips and you gently tug on it with your teeth, he lets out a soft chuckle and continues to kiss you. 

**** Author’s Note**** 

I got two requests one was for yo being insecure and one was from my friend who wanted me to do this mirror idea so I just combined them! I hope you guys enjoy this! Please request more! xx

you have been warned, this is the most sexual i have done.. i think i sucks but here ya gooo.


It was the last class of the day and there was only 10 minutes left of your Honors Calculus class and you were sitting in your seat nervously tapping your pen on your desk waiting for your professor, Ms. Lovato to hand back your test sheets. You had watched her gently place every ones test on their desks as she walked up and down the aisles, you couldn’t help but check her out.. Her pink faded, iron curled hair was flowing just below her collar bones, she was wearing a tight somewhat see through button up shirt, with a few buttons left undone, letting a bit of her cleavage show, a black tight fitted, high waisted pencil skirt that stopped just above her knees, showing off her tanned legs and perfectly sculpted curves , she was the hottest professor in the university and everybody wanted her, especially you.. She had a body to kill and she was drop dead gorgeous. By the time she was done the bell had rung and everyone started packing up to leave so you started to do the same, standing up and putting your books in your bag and wondering why you hadn’t gotten your test sheet back.. your thoughts were interrupted by Ms. Lovato clearing her throat, you looked up and saw her eyeing you down, letting her eyes wander your body with a serious look on her face standing by her desk with her hands on her hips “Ms. Y/L/N, i’m going to have to ask you to stay after class, i need to have a chat with you” she huffed, sitting back in her chair after dismissing the rest of the class and closing the door. I made my way to her and sat on the desk right in front of her and started fiddling with my fingers “What did you need to talk to me about miss?” You asked shyly not making eye contact with her.. for some reason she always intimidated you.. “Well Y/N..” She started as she made her way to the front of her desk, placing her hands on it behind her, sitting on the edge of it.. “I’ve noticed that you have been getting distracted in my class lately.. and it has been affecting your grade simultaneously” She said, watching you play with you fingers. “I-I’m sorry Ms. Lovato, It’s Just-” “Please, call me Demi, it’s after hours now..” She interrupted you, smiling. “Alright, Demi, i’m sorry for getting distracted but if i am going to be honest, it’s because of you..” You mumbled, biting your lip nervously, she furrowed her eyebrows not understanding what you had meant. “Because of me? How so..” She crossed her arms over her chest slightly pushing her cleavage together, unintentionally. You sucked in a breath before answering, “W-Well, umm.. you’re just very distracting to me.. it’s hard to k-keep my eyes off you..” you trailed off, clearing your throat and looking down at your feet. “Oh” She replies, with a surprised tone, she pushes herself off the desk and steps forwards so you two are face to face, she places a finger under your chin and makes you look up at her, her eyes are dark and her lips are curled into a smirk.. “So.. What you’re trying to say is that all of this is my fault” She kinks her eyebrow at you waiting for an answer, you swallow hard and feel your heart rate speed up.“Well, n-not necess-” She places her index finger on your lips and pushes her body against yours, “Shut up, there will be no need for your excuses” She growled, placing both hands behind your neck and crashing her lips onto yours, you almost stumble so you place one hand on the desk behind you for support while you snake your other hand around her waist to pull her closer, the kiss is passionate but striving for hunger, you feel her nibble on your bottom lip, you slightly open your mouth, whimpering as she slides her tongue along your lip before pushing it past your lips and into your mouth, she fights your tongue for dominance as she grabs your hips and lifts you up onto the desk, she pulls away both of your trying to catch your breath, she places her hands on your thighs and leans in to start kissing your neck, you gasp and bite your lip bringing your hand up and tangling it in her hair, you angle your head to give her better access and in the corner of your eye you see the door and your heart jumps.. “The door.. l-lock the door..” You barely got out without a moan.. you feel Demi detach her lips from your neck and make her way towards the door, swaying her hips just to make you want her even more.. if that were possible. After she locks the door she turns around and looks at you, biting her lip, slowly unbuttoning her shirt as she makes her way back towards you. You felt your stomach flutter with excitement and your wet core burn. She was right in front of you, her shirt completely undone, her chest heaving, she slowly slid the shirt off her shoulders, letting it drop to the floor, she steps closer to you, running her hands up and down your smooth thighs, inching closer up your skirt every time, suddenly she dug her nails into your thighs and pulled your legs apart causing you to cry out, she brought herself between your legs so your faces were mere inches apart, her hot breath hitting your lips sending shivers down your spine, making every hair on your body stand, she ran her left hand up your right shoulder up to your neck.. her face leaning in to kiss you, as her left hand meets the nape your neck, she tangles her fingers in your hair and roughly pulls your head back, revealing your neck to her, she attaches her lips to where your neck and shoulder connects and lets her tongue dance against the soft flesh beneath it, enjoying the sounds of your slight moans, and quiet whimpers.. as she works her way up she adds nibbles, placing love bites all over your neck, not enough to hurt, but enough to leave a mark.. “Fucckkk, I can’t take this.. I NEED you to fucking touch me please” You pleaded, not caring if you sounded needy, you had fantasized about this day ever since you laid eyes on Demi and you wanted to be pleasured now. She nibbled your earlobe and licked the curve of your ear achingly slow.. “Do you think you deserve it baby?” She husked into your ear, sliding a hand down your torso, playing with the hem of your shirt “Do you think you deserve to get fucked like the naughty little slut you are?” She continued, tracing her fingers slightly up your stomach to your bra, cupping your breast over the thin material.. Not trusting your voice, all you do is nod, she shakes her head “Speak up, I said do you think you deserved to be fucked?” “Yes, pleaseee” You beg again, getting frustrated. “You are so naughty for thinking about me inappropriately, Y/N..” Demi said in a low tone, pulling away and taking your hand in hers, pulling you off the desk and guiding you towards her desk, she drops your hand and throws all the stuff off her desk and looking back at you “Get on the desk. Now” She said in a stern yet sexy tone, pushing you up on the desk in a fast motion, ripping your shirt off, causing the buttons to fly off, throwing the shirt on the floor.. “I bet your panties are soaked right now, all because of me..all because of your dirty, hidden, fantasies that are about to come true” She moaned out, inching closer to your face.. “Am I right? If I were to put my hands in your panties, would they be coated with your hidden desire?” Demi questioned, running her hand up your thigh, pushing past your skirt, entering forbidden property  you open your legs to give her better access as her hand reaches your inner thigh, she smirks at you and slides her fingers in your panties running them up and down your slit, spreading the slick wetness over your folds, you suck in a deep breath and exhale shakily biting your lip, she brings her fingers to her lips and sucks the the juice off her fingers while looking at your directly in the eyes “Damn baby, you taste so fucking good.. i can’t wait to have my fingers and tongue buried inside of you… fucking you until you can’t take it any longer "She moaned, whispering the last part into your ear. "Then fucking do it already!” You yelled, growing impatient. “Mmm, someones feisty..” She giggled, slapping her hands on your thighs and spreading your legs, “As you wish, my naughty little student” She whispered, lowering herself on her knees, getting herself right between your legs, pushing your skirt up to your waist and grabbing ahold your your panties, yanking them to the side, she drags her middle finger down your slit down to your wet hole, teasing the opening, you shudder with pleasure and place one hand behind you to steady yourself as your other hand laces your fingers in her hair, she slowly slides two fingers into you, curling them as she goes deeper and places one light kiss on your pussy, she darts her tongue out and laps it up and down your folds until she decides to pay attention to your throbbing clit, she breathes hot air against your core before lightly flicking her tongue against the nub, causing you to arch your back and moan out lout “GOD, Demi please just fuck me” You tugged on her hair, grinding your hips against her face for friction. She took the hint and started to scissor her fingers in and out of you, every time she hears you moan louder and louder she goes harder and faster “Fuck Y/N, you are so fucking tight i can already feel your walls closing around my fingers” Demi says huskily.. You moan in response as you feel her lips suck on your clit, swirling her tongue around it making your body roll, she pulls her fingers out of you and wraps both of her arms around your thighs to hold you still and pulls you closer as she continues to fuck you with her tongue, she looks at you in the eye, knowing your on the edge of your release.. she takes one hand and laces your fingers together, you tightly squeeze her hand ans she circles your clit with her tongue, your biting your lip trying to suppress your moans.. “Let it out baby, scream my name” She mumbled against your clit, still keeping eye contact, pulling her hand away from yours and sliding two fingers back into your pussy curling them, hitting the right spot as she moans against your clit, knowing the vibrations would send you off the edge, screaming her name, cumming against her fingers, and arching your back having the best orgasm you’ve ever received.. Demi pulled her fingers out of you and sucked the juices off her fingers.. “Mmm, you taste amazing” she whispered leaning down to kiss you lightly, then pulling you up so you’re standing “Best orgasm ever..” You say breathlessly, smiling at her “Well, get distracted more often, there will be plenty more where that came from” She giggles and winks at you, before kissing you once more.