show you disappoint me


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“Ada, you merely have to ask her to dance and the feast of starlight presents the perfect opportunity to do so.”

“I don’t need you to tell me what to do, Legolas,” Thranduil stated, shifting his position on top of his throne.

“I already invited her in your name, father. She seemed very delighted.”

“She did?” Thranduil asked while trying not to show his obvious interest.

“Yes. I am certain you won’t disappoint me or her this evening,” Legolas replied and strode out of the throne room with a knowing grin.

swissytheinkling  asked:

Bri walked in. "I heard Cas needed me."

 Err, um, yes. Vel showed me something rather disappointing.I know occasionally you and Vel get a little out of control but it’s no excuse to beat up a fellow team  mate, even if you are messing around.