show you are a very cruel show though still

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Not really a reaction request whatsoever, but I really love how Peridot kind of realizes that she's not home and that she must accept that things are different on Earth and among the Crystal Gems than in the Homeworld ^-^

Same.  Idk it was really up in the air in Catch and Release and When it Rains if Peridot was headed for redemption or not.  Now I really really think she is.  I had mentioned in theory posts before that she would need something drastic to shake her narrow world view…. and honestly I think this was it.  Or a start.  

I was thinking something more dramatic but it really is in the style of the show to be able to handle such a revelation like this.  I mean a robot battle was pretty dramatic but not very angsty, ya get me? 

I still don’t think Peridot is a good person, she was a real shithead during this episode; cruel, selfish, and showed complete disregard for things important to even Steven… To include people he cares about.  I’m glad they didn’t just let her get away with that. 

You’ve got to wonder what’s going on in her head though don’t you?  She’s young, self absorbed, and is incredibly poor at handling things outside the strict rules and boundaries she’s lived by until now.  I really hope this lesson has a lasting effect on her. 

- Dorito Mod.