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I have something to say

I love Dear Evan Hansen with all my heart. I love the fandom a lot less though. Why? The shippers. I don’t know about you, but the show means a lot more to me than the ships. So why are we arguing and putting people down about them. Seriously. Is Dear Evan Hansen not about acceptance and understanding those around us? The least we can do as a fandom is put down our petty issues and just get along.

Sure maybe you don’t like a ship, that’s fine no one should forcing you to! Maybe you don’t like a character, that’s also okay! But is it not a little pathetic that this fandom is warding off people because of the shipping discourse? Yes, I have my notps, but I’m not openly complaining about them and sticking them in the tags WHILE putting people down. That’s not cool.

It doesn’t matter if you ship Kleinsen, Tree Bros, Connman, Sincerely Three, Zoe and Evan, Zoe and Jared, Galaxy Girls (zolana) or any other ship, there are way better things to discuss and debate other than ships.

You are welcome to complain about them, really it’s your opinion! BUT can we please avoid discourse and not tag anti stuff in ship or main tags? Not to mention avoid insulting shippers?

For example!
Instead of Tree Bros write Tr*e Bros.
Instead of Kleinsen write Kle*nsen
Instead of Zolana write Z*lana

Because no matter how much you hate a ship, is it really worth scaring new fans away? Or starting discourse? No, it isn’t.

Can we please just take a step back and actually realize how little shipping actually matters in comparison to the show? Please feel free to message me or add onto here. I just want the shipping discourse to stop.

reylo dialogue prompts
  • “unfortunately, you’re my favorite person on this planet” “why thank you”
  • “i would die for you” “please don’t”
  • “give me a chance” “to what? ruin everything all over again? yeah, no”
  • “you’re the worst thing for me” “yet here you are”
  • “what is this” “it’s a flower” “yes i know that–but what are you doing with it” “umm, giving it to you?”
  • “you’re not alone” “i know.”
  • “stay with me” “why would i”
  • “my love for you could incinerate the galaxy” “i prefer my galaxies uncooked, thanks”
  • “what are you doing here” “what are you doing here?!”
  • “i just saved your life–you could at least show some gratitude” “i didn’t ask to be saved!”
  • “come back” “and if i don’t?”
  • “i don’t trust you” “good”
  • “they didn’t tell me it would be you!” “all the better, then”
  • “don’t let them know” “i’m not stupid”
  • “you’re lucky i need you for this” “you’re lucky i’m here to fix it”
  • “say something.” “why?”
  • “i hate you.” “i know.“

If you use these, please tag me in your fics/link them to me so i can read them!

😊What are Friends For?

Summary:  Can you write one imagine where reader and E have a crush on each other and you guys are constantly close but deny it in not a bad way, but a blushy one, and all of their friends say nothing about it but clearly know that they are whipped for the other one cause they see like idk Ethan wanting to brush her hair just to be close to reader or reader cuddling silently into his side all cute and fluffy and shit like that 😂😍 //Hey Can you do a imagine where one of the twins helps you learn how to swim?//Tickle fight

Warnings: None, but fluff

A/N: So I decided to combine a few requests to make this beauty!

“Grayson stop!” I screeched as he was tickling me on the couch. We were watching some show whenever he decided it was time to tickle me. Ethan was editing this week’s video so it was just Gray and I.

“Why don’t you scream for your boyfriend Ethan?” He asked as he kept tickling me. He had tackled me basically at this point as I was laughing. I heard someone clear their throat in the doorway behind us.

“Hey Ethan!” I squeaked as Grayson was on top of me in between my legs. He had my arms pinned down against the couch as I let out a playful scream.

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“Gray.” Ethan said lowly. Grayson looked up to him as his smile faded quickly.

“Sorry. Hey do you guys want to go to the beach? I need to get some sun before Hawaii.” Grayson smiled awkwardly.

“Are you going?” I asked Ethan with a smile. Grayson let out a cackle. Ethan shot him a look.

“Of course. I forgot how whipped you two were with each other. Why don’t you guys just date already?” Ethan and I both started blushing hard.

“Nah it’s a friendship.”

“It would be weird.”

“It could ruin what we have.”

“It’s fine.” Ethan and I bickered back and forth as we both looked away blushing. Okay so Ethan and I like each other. No doubt, but neither one of us wanted to admit it, because all three of us were bestfriends and we didn’t want to ruin what we have.

“Ethan you brush her hair for crying out loud. We have ‘friendly sleepovers’, but it’s you two cuddling in the foam pit or something while I wind up going to my room to sleep to avoid being a third wheel. Hell even if we’re all watching a movie I see you two holding hands and you two cuddling into each other. So don’t give me that ‘we’re just friend’ bullshit!” Grayson protested as we both laughed.

“Go change lil bro.” Ethan said trying to change the subject, which Grayson just let out a groan as he ran away from us so he could change. Ethan and I awkwardly stood there and giggled some.

“I’m going to go change.” I finally stated.

“Yeah I should too. Meet you back out here?” He asked and I nodded.


“Hey I’m going to go play some volleyball. Wanna join?” Grayson asked E and I, but we both just shook our heads. “Oh right. Now it’s time for Y/N and Ethan time. I’ll let you two be.” He ran off to the court leaving Ethan and I.

“Wanna go for a swim?” I laughed at Ethan’s question.

“No I think I’ll stay on the shore and get some sun!” I smiled. Ethan let out a chuckle.

“What? Afraid the sharks will getcha?” He asked as I threw my towel down. “Come on Y/N stop being a party pooper. We have things to do and adventures to be ready for like our trip to Hawaii.” Ethan said as he looked around the beach. “And no one is here. Come on.” He begged, but I shook my head.

“No Ethan I’m fine here thank you.” I started rubbing tanning lotion on, when Ethan got an idea. He then picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. “Ethan Grant!” I screamed and kicked, but it was no use. The truth was I didn’t exactly know how to swim. “Dolan I swear–” Before I could finish my threat, Ethan had dropped me in waist deep water. My body sank as I tried to resurface. My arms hooked around Ethan’s neck as I sputtered out water.

“Woah Y/N can you not swim?” Ethan asked as his arms looped around my waist to hold me tightly against him. His hands were barely above my butt. I ignored the awkward position we were in.

“No not really.” I admitted as I pressed my face into the crook of his neck.

“Y/N don’t be embarrassed. I’ll teach you.” He chirps. I just shook my head. “Okay well you don’t get much of a choice. Come on. I taught Gray to swim so it shouldn’t be that much harder.” Ethan chuckles as he gently sets me down. “Hey don’t worry I’ve got you okay?” Ethan could obviously tell I was nervous a little bit. I just nodded my head in agreement. Ethan sat me down to where I was standing on my own. He showed me the butterfly, breaststroke, and everything in between.

“Yeah I don’t think I can do that.” I giggled and so did he.

“You’ll get the hang of it. Okay now paddle Y/N.” Ethan says as he held my body above the water. I paddled a little as I lifted my feet from the sea floor, but quickly put them back.

“Ethan what if I drown?” I asked and he just chuckled.

“You won’t drown. I’ll give you CPR before that happens.” Ethan said chuckling. I groaned as I paddled hard, but went nowhere. I heard Ethan laughing. “Kick your feet Y/N!” He shouted at me as I kept on paddling. “Stretch your arms! Oh my gosh you swim like a rock!” Ethan couldn’t stop laughing. I stood up on my feet really irritated at him.

“I give up!” I snapped as I threw my arms up in surrendering.

“Woah woah Y/N hey I’m sorry. It’s okay.” Ethan said as he tried to get my attention, but it didn’t work.

“No Ethan! I can’t swim. I just won’t go to Hawaii with you and Gray in July. It’s fine.” I protested, but he ran, well I guess swam after me.

“Gosh you’re faster on land than in the water.” Ethan said as he grabbed my arm pulling me back. “Listen to me Y/N.” He snapped which caught my attention.

“What Ethan?” I snapped back.

“I’m sorry. I just get nervous around you so I act like a jerk. I just wanted to hold you okay? I want to help you and be there for you. I’m sorry. Can we please just forget all the dick things I said and try again?” He asked sucking his lip in between his teeth. I rolled my eyes at his confession, but agreed.

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“Fine.” I followed Ethan back out into the water as he gently held my hand. Actually he picked me up and spun me around which made me shriek and him laugh. He then pulled me against his body as he slowly pulled me down. I tried to protest, but Ethan shushed me.

“Just trust me.” I let out a frustrated sigh as I felt Ethan laying me on my back in the water as his hands rested just under my back. I trusted him so I didn’t panic. “There you’re floating.” Ethan was so much taller than me that he could be on his knees on the seafloor and he would still be above the water as he held me up. “Flap your arms a little bit.” I did as I felt Ethan’s hands leave my backside I was still above the water.

“Ethan!” I screamed in sheer panic.

“I’m right here Y/N. I’m not leaving you alone okay? I’m here.” He smiles as do I. His hands go back to my backside as I smiled. “It’s not exactly swimming, but it’s kind of close.” He chuckled. Ethan’s eyes were going up and down my body making sure to keep me afloat. I changed my position as Ethan grabbed my hand to keep me above the water. Ethan and I looked each other in the eyes as we both smiled together. My hand gripped his shoulder as he wrapped my legs around his midsection. We just stared into each other’s eyes as we heard Grayson yell at us.

“Guys! These snow cones are amazing!” Ethan and I turned to look at Grayson. “Oh my God did I interrupt the big kiss? OMG I’m so sorry! Forget what I said! These snow cones are terrible!” He shouted as he ran away from us.

“You were saying?” I asked as we both chuckled.

“I wasn’t. I was doing.” He said as his lips closed in on mine. This was the kiss I waited for since Ethan and I first began our flirtationship. It was the kiss I’ve wanted for so long. He was such a great kisser too. My heart felt like it was going to thump out of my chest. His hand squeezed my waist tightly as I smiled into the kiss. My legs wrapped tighter around him too. We slowly pulled apart as he gave me a long lasting peck. We were both out of breath and it was safe to say we were both shook. He started smiling as he let out a sigh of relief. “That was better than I could have ever imagined.” He smiled. I smiled back.

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“Finally!” Grayson cheered as I buried my face in Ethan’s chest as it was definitely turning red. “I’m going to have to call mom and tell her everything! Oh my gosh that was perfect!” Grayson cheered louder as I detached myself from Ethan’s body as he takes my hand in his as we walked up to the shore. As Grayson just asked us 20 questions, we just held hands and ate snow cones until the sun started going down. We all decided to stay at the beach and watch the sunset. We built a fire and just relaxed. Now I was way too excited for Hawaii. 

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I was lying on Ethan’s lap as he played with my hair. “Best beach day ever.” He said as he bent down and pressed his lips to mine.

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  • Itchy: Thanks, Dad!
  • Crowbar:
  • Itchy: Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Trace: You just called Crowbar “Dad,” you said “Thanks, Dad.”
  • Itchy: What? No, I didn’t. I said “Thanks, Sir.”
  • Crowbar: Do you see me as a father figure, Itchy?
  • Itchy: No, if anything I see you as a BOTHER figure because you’re always BOTHERING me!
  • Quarters: Hey, show your father some respect.
badly translated rivers in the desert starters.

Based off of This.


“I have decided to do.”

“A long time.”

“Fury? Chan, working hours?”

“Water, for living. Land.”

“He is a leader with a sense of humor.”


“Survival of the world,”

“I mean.”

“Very quickly, and yearly.”

“Listen to people facing a dark vision.”

“Why, you ask me the face ready for me ready.”


“A new beginning has stairs.”

“Belo of our country. New life.”


“Preheating oven to the heart.”

“One way to deal with it in my complaint.”

“Please do your mobile phone?”

“His anger, backing up his father.”

“I am ready to show you what he asked.”

“New Primary.”

“Yes, it may be water.”

“We understand the anger of female coach.”

“It’s new.”

“Several other forms…”


Winston: uhh…. pipppp, where are we??? why did we take a bus all the way here?? it smell’d funny… i think sumthin died on it??

Pip: Ehe… well um…

Winston: omg and the weather. it’s so hot here @.@ am i gonna die?? are those green popsicles growing out of the ground?? why do the birds look like they want to eat me?????? 

Pip: N-no! They’re just buzzards, they just look like jerks all the time. Anyways I uh.. I wanted to show you something.

You bleed me dry
Till I can’t wait any more
I have to run
Run to you like I always do
And you can sit back and enjoy the show
Let me put on a show for you
I can amuse you for as long as
you can bleed me dry
Guilty, I am guilty of enjoying your torment
And I scream to you in my sleep
“Hurt me more, hurt me till my chest hurts
Hurt me
Why won’t you hurt me anymore?”
Your very existence squeezes the life out of me
And if you die, I’ll die with you
Home has become memories of you
Those few short moments you gave yourself to me
That wasn’t even you, was it?
You have been my muse, my reason to write
Hurt me more I want to write
I’m standing At the 24th floor
At the edge, On my toes
Just push me down and make me fall
Won’t you feel glad when I die ?

We are as thick as thieves, and you’ve stolen my heart. It’s a secret though, one you’ll never know.
Because every time I look to you, you’re gazing at her.
You’re in love with her and it shows in your smile.
I’ll always love you and it shows in my pain, for it is painful to love you when you love another.
I am alone in my suffering that you cause me.

And you still have no idea.

You have no idea how much I love you.

You’ve stolen my heart, and the worse part is I let you.

—  calmmydemons
It could be funny if it wasn’t so sad or Azanina talks [4]

Maybe it’s a little weird but the last episode didn’t make me upset if we talk about our ship. I actually expected a big conflict between Azazel and Nina, but they didn’t step over the line. Why do I think so? I saw different opinions: someone blame Azazel, someone — Nina. However, Azazel and Nina, both, are the cause of the tragedy.  Azazel is guiltier though. Let me show the situation from the different views and you’ll see: it’s hard to blame only one side.

I start from Nina’s way to look at things. This girl is in love. She looks through rose-tinted glasses; she just wants to enjoy the life and this new sweet feeling. The social problems aka conflict between humans and demons went on hold. Nina forgets about everything, she can’t remember what people said to her a few seconds ago. No wonder that she forgot about Azazel’s ask and didn’t come.  

Azazel patiently waited for her. I want to reminder that his social skills always were bad. He is an arrogant demon who didn’t know what the cooperation means. It’s so hard for him to say “thank you” or “please”. However, he trusted Nina. He asked for her promise. He trusted her to be his trump card. Why do I use the word “trust”? Azazel had nothing to control Nina’s decisions, he let her go without any guarantee that she comes back. Not because he is so stupid, cause he was sure, that she is by his side. To be honest, Nina never said a clear “no” to him. Blame their constant misunderstandings.   

On the other hand, Nina never said a clear “yes”. She didn’t promise anything. She didn’t even know about Azazel’s plan. As he kidnapped her from the parade, she just got lost. The biggest Azazel’s mistake was that he didn’t speak to her. Nina didn’t understand what he wanted. A hug for what? Turn into a dragon for what? By the fact, if Nina knew everything, I doubt that she would agree to attack the parade, cause it would be dangerous for the civilians. This girl was ready to protect Azazel, to save him from the death, because it was a positive goal. Making a chaos in the town isn’t good at all.

Let us give Azazel some credits. For an angry and nervous demon who didn’t have a time for conversation, for a demon who can lose his friends in every second he tried really hard. By the fact, another shoujo cliché like kabedon was used. The hug scenes were cute. Azazel decided to use a kiss when he “has no choice”. This try was so pure; he even closed his eyes. It didn’t look like “a rape” (oh, those rape jokes in the threads) at all.

Back to Nina. I can’t agree that she felt a disgust as Azazel hugged her. It seems like she was confused. She really tried to get what he wanted from her: she raised her hand and smiled a little. Nevertheless, Azazel still said nothing and continued his weird game, what annoyed her. The kiss was too much. However, Nina wasn’t mad at Azazel. She smiled more like because she finally found a “true love” and ikemen power didn’t work anymore. It was like a small victory for her.

Azazel got that his plan failed. Like really fast. He didn’t abuse Nina, didn’t yell at her. There were no evil things that were expected from him. I think it was not only because Nina has a power to punch him. It was clear that she didn’t lie to him. However, Azazel didn’t have a time to be mad at all.   

Nina’s reaction is interesting too. We all remember, how long she was offended on Bacchus, she called him pervert. Azazel almost stole her first kiss. Nina forgave him at once, she got used to “something is wrong with this guy”. Azazel was rude though, she didn’t fear him. Nina tried to speak with him about common things like Mugaro’s cute clothes. She wondered where he goes. There is no disappointment from her side.

The Azazel’s case is more difficult. His friends are dead. Nina is an underlying cause of it. Ofc he knows that’s his fault. But the temptation to find another guilty is always strong. Nevertheless, I hope he will not blame Nina for demons deaths. As Dante asked him what happened with the red dragon, he didn’t say that the dragon betrayed them or something like that. Azazel kept silence. He wanted to sacrifice himself to rescue Bel and Dante because it was all what he could do to fix his mistake. Unfortunately, the fate was cruel.  

Mugaro and Nina are the one who can help him now. Mugaro actually did it what can be really dangerous for him cause Sofi is somewhere here. Nina for sure will see a dark side of “Chris”. I hope she will try to help Azazel somehow too. The next episode should have a lot of angst. However, I think it could be a good reason for Azanina relationship development. The painful lessons are the best lessons after all.

and on another side note, my depression seems to have made its dreaded return again after a good few months of peace, so if i’m radio silent here, that’s the reason why. i appreciate the continued support and attention my art has received. kind messages and shout outs are always appreciated. good feedback and kind thoughts really /do/ keep me, (and to an extent, most artists) going. even if i’m not actively posting art, i’m still waist-deep in a lot of contracts and obligations that i can’t show just yet. thank you for your patience!

Dude: “Yo man, why you still hating on Kyoani? Have you seen Koe no Katachi? Even Violet Evergarden! even you can admit the show looks beautiful.”

Me: “I know, my dislike towards the studio hasn’t blinded me to the point to not acknowledge the brilliant animation the studio does, yet… what am I without my unpopular opinion? I’ll be like everyone else who “over praises” the studio… I don’t dislike the studio for their practices nor animation, yet they’re just another Anime studio to me, which I find to be overrated.”

Dude: “You still haven’t gotten over about what happened in Hibike! huh?”

Me: “……Never forgive, never forget.”

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*Recieves odd smelling letter* Dear Bendy, you remember our discussion about gloves... right? No one takes them off or asks why they have them. I've thought and thought and finally I found the answer! I can't tell you, they'll hear us, so you'll have to look yourself... I'M NOT CRAZY! I know I'm not, but you ALL need to know. I'm going to show the world, share with it, de-glove it! Freedom for the fingers! Naked palms for everyone! Thank you Bendy for showing me the light. -- ❤ The Glove Anon

Bendy: Ok i’m gonna be nice to you by doing you a favor and by that I mean neither do you want me to call my security to escort to the exit and never return? FOREVER. Or send you to mental hospital?… OR… Why not shoot you out of your misery? Hmm?


Lucky you! You are one outta 9 people who gets to have a little creature made by me! These people were randomly chosen. Why I’m doing this well I got 700+ followers and I thought why not show my happiness . By making this creature anyways I left uncoloured so you can pick your own colours, you may change the design abit if wanted. The species name i called Flame bun XD so creative anyways you may name them.

I gave you what there personality is usually is
And they are non-binary
Anyways so congrats!


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DAwwww thx 0w0

I had a bunch of asks in today, but I couldn’t think of comics for all of them. So I thought I’d just do a bumper: 

First question:


Well I guess the point of physics is to produce accurate predictions which tally well with experimental evidence. So to the extent ‘dirty maths’ does that, I suppose it’s fine. Just don’t expect me to read it without wincing. Or having a half-hour long rant about rigour.

I don’t really know what you mean by that equation. In any case, it’s better to ask your teachers for help. Or go to mathstackexchange or something.

Never played it.

[EDIT: For some reason this seems to be showing up really weirdly on mobile. I do not know why, but I think I’ve fixed it now.]

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One reason why I don't like "Heinous" because of the episode's waste of potential. I could expect Star calling Queen Moon about the issue they are dealing with. And I agree that the Morrisons and the Diazes trying to be cool did feel shoehorned like how in the Fairly Oddparents, Wanda and Cosmo wanted a baby but it was never mentioned in the first 5 seasons. The Diazes being mad felt unnecessary to me. Marco's parents are absent because they are working a lot. It's the "narrative" reason why.

Show, Don’t Tell

And you’re right, the episode did have potential. Unfortunately the Diaz’ were so out of character I’m not even sure using it’s full potential would have saved it. Their son literally liberates an oppressed group of people from a condescending tyrant, and all they can do is call it “chicanery” and scold him for it. Honestly this is the one time I didn’t hate Heinous’ character entirely.

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Tbh like, i've seen your hamilton hate posts and i still don't quite understand why you'd not be okay with Hamilton, but be okay with Axis Powers Hetalia, a show that's... to be blunt pretty disrespectful a portrayal of world war 2 by turning it into a bunch of innocent goofy pseudo-chibis and joking around about something that seriously impacted people. And i say that as someone who themselves seriously dislikes Hamilton for the same reasons you do politically. That's just me, though.

i understand what you’re trying to say and you make a valid point but from what i can recall, like– even though hetalia jokes around about historical relations and national stereotypes (and i mean that lightly, ie america loving hamburgers and etc) i don’t think that they’ve made light of or dismissed any seriously impactful historical event as something goofy??? usually if hima does actually touch down on something that Happened™ it’s just like “here’s how they reacted to that” and not really like a heehee haha sort of?? issue. but like ofc i could always be wrong (i am 90% of the time) and surely i could be missing something but yk.

as far as hamilton goes like, for me it goes a little deeper than that? i have a few of my own reasons for being yikes about it but i’m not… like infuriated by it– more than anything i’m not aesthetically pleased by it and it bores me, but the reasons i’m :/ about hamilton is a story for another time.

i’m sorry if none of that made sense or if i came off rudely or anything!! i hope that was the reply you were looking for shdkf. have a nice morning! ;;

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I still believe truly that JMO will return for more than just the one episode, honestly I do. She returned for House and was treated horrifically there. I honestly think she'd come back for the series finale and maybe even more episodes in 7B after a break.

I believed she would be in S7. I was wrong. So I hope you’ll forgive me for my cynicism. Even with the best intentions, Jen can’t see the future. She got to go back to House because she had nice bosses who gave her the time. Her next job might not do that. We don’t know. That’s why she’s only talked about the premiere. That’s all she can promise. That’s all anyone should expect from her.

Expecting her to magically show up in 7B or in the finale is setting yourself up for disappointment IMO.


I don’t have a problem with entertainment, or your political beliefs, or even what you find funny. I don’t care if I don’t agree with what you agree on, I enjoy allowing people do whatever they want as long as they’re not hurting others. But what is bothering me is why, EVERYTHING on tv these days are pushing political agendas so far up people’s asses that no matter where you go, it’s practically all you see. I’ve even seen it in childrens shows!