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ok so I’m currently working on a digital painting of a rainforest waterfall, and I’m having trouble coloring/painting the water. and i was wondering if u could show how? thank you!

Actually, I’ve never painted a waterfall before ^^”  it was a great exercise, I spent a long time just watching lots of pics, trying to understand, I hope it’ll help you!! (also I’m so sorry for my english and handwriting ahhh)

hey uhhhhhhhh if you don’t want to have a show spoiled for you, but you follow blogs that post about a show regularly then……. maybe don’t come on tumblr until you’re all caught up? or unfollow the people so you don’t have to worry about it? don’t blame us when you know you could’ve prevented being spoiled

ok i’m going to tell you a story about the time i had to find a tampon at one of my 1989 shows so if you don’t like stories about sanitary products turn your mother effing camera off now

so it was the first show in adelaide and my friends i had been at the venue for a while and when we were waiting in line just about to go through the doors i just got that #feeling you know, that #periodintuition when you just… know you should get some backup, as i will put it

and i was just like ‘ok well we’re about to go inside so i guess i’ll just get a tampon from a dispenser in the bathroom’ and honestly in an ideal world that would have been the end of this story, but do u know what? this isn’t an ideal world. birds chirp too early in the morning and ppl don’t use their turn signals and THE ADELAIDE ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE DOES NOT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT MY SANITARY NEEDS.

i went to two bathrooms and none of them had these dispensers and it’s right before the show so this whole process of lining up for the bathroom has already taken a good amount of time so it’s getting to the point when i’m like…. enough is enough. i find a nice looking staff member (whose name, it turns out, was june) and i ask her if any of the bathrooms have tampon dispensers. june walked me into a corner as if the world was ending and says, in the most concerned voice i’ve ever heard, ‘oh dear. oh my poor girl i don’t think they do.’

i’m just thinking ‘this is literally december in the year of our lord 2015, june, why do you hate women’ but i didn’t say that bc june was actually a very nice lady and i just had a feeling that she was not personally responsible for the lack of tampon dispensers in the facility.  then june says to me ‘go to the cloakroom. say i sent you’. 

so i show up at the cloakroom and i’m just like ‘hello i’m jess. this is weird but a lady name june said you would have some tampons here’. cloakroom lady smiles at me pityingly, reaches into a draw, and pulls out a sanitary napkin bigger than my face. like i’m not exaggerating, i have never seen anything bigger than this thing. i should have asked for an extra one to protect my mum’s car when it rains. they probably used them after the show to cover taylor’s catwalk during transport.

cloakroom lady shoves the World’s Largest Pad in a plastic bag tries to discreetly give it to me, as if we are exchanging hard drugs at a taylor swift concert, which i think would be a good business plan btw, and i make my merry way to a bathroom stall to try and do some civil engineering to make this thing wearable.

5 mins after this, i’ve reunited with my friends, taylor nation upgrades us and i’m dancing in the soundbooth with a pad the size of the continent of antarctica in my underwear. 


Thunderstorm and Lightning Strike near Victoria Falls, Botswana

Some sins are meant to humble you.

Enchanted | 3 (Final)

“Everyday if you want. Being with you like this is magic in itself.”

↠smut oh my god, plus fluffy jimin at the end↞

word count: 5.5k lordt

↠series: 1 | 2 | ↞

(a/n: this is my first smut and oh my god im sorry this is horrible /runs away/)

You weren’t positive on what it was, but for the past week you spent more hours studying than anything else. Whether it was in the study room in the library or in the comfort in your own dorm, you were hitting the books more focused than ever. But when you dug deep inside, you had a feeling as to what turned you into a study bug.

Park Jimin.

It was a known fact to most people that he excelled tremendously in his classes. He was already smart, but being on the basketball team helped discipline him to keep his grades high at all times. The two of you shared texts over the week, but it was casual talk about how both of your days were going, questions about psychology notes, and some flirting here and there. Jimin was a great guy and texting him lately helped you get to know him better than dirty words or breathless pants in between kisses.

Friday nights on campus were filled with nothing but partying and students freely roaming around. Instead of being apart of that crowd, you were sitting on the floor of your make shift living room completing your biology study guide and philosophy online post. Your roommate was going to be out for the weekend since her boyfriend flew in the previous night. This meant you could sing in the shower as loud as you want or walk around naked if you wanted to.

Your phone lit up beside you with Sana’s contact name on display.

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You know, I’m not so much saying the I Love You scene wasn’t platonic...

But I’m saying that it was huge, significant scene for Ravi and Liv. It was platonic, at this time. I don’t claim that they currently see each other as more than friends right now. 

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No, scratch that they do see each other as more than friends, because they have a bond that goes beyond friendship. But no, they don’t see each other in a romantic light. Not right now.

But I believe it can proceed to romance. I think it would be very natural, if they were real people. However, they are fictional, so it’s up to Rob Thomas. Time will tell. I’m also ok with platonic only in canon, though I will always ship the heck out of them romantically.

As for the strength of their friendship right now? I am not denying that, at all! That friendship is why I love them so much, and ship a possible future for them. It would be no little thing. It would have the best and most beautiful foundation. How can I not ship that?

Remember when Liv was recalling her relationship with Major?

“I miss the “girl” modifier, but the truth is, we were practically besties from the moment we met. That’s why we were so great together. Underneath all the love and the desire to tear each other’s clothes off, was the person I wanted to share every detail of my life with. Without that, it’s not really even a relationship, is it?” Liv, Dead Air

Friendship as the basis of a relationship is big to Liv. And with that line, I can’t help but be reminded of something from my other favorite ship of all time:

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“Well, it seems to me that the best relationships– the ones that last– are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the person and you see something more than you did the night before. Like a switch has been flicked somewhere. And the person who was just a friend is… suddenly the only person you can ever imagine yourself with.”  -Scully, The Rain King

A show that gave us I think five, actual, real kisses (and one not-quite-real kiss in Triangle, and an almost-but-then-interrupted-by-a-bee-kiss in FTF) across the course of 9 full seasons, 1 mini season and 2 movies.  But Mulder and Scully are still so ideal to me. And my favorite scenes of them? Not even the kisses. But having a beer on the couch and Scully say’s “I’m happy.” Mulder teaching Scully baseball. Little hand squeezes. Phrases like “My touchstone” and “My one in five billion.”

I’d like canon RaviOli romance, yes. But if all I get are gems that aspire to match those Mulder and Scully type moments? Even if Ravi and Liv are canonically platonic? I will be so happy. Truth be told, I want both. But if I could only have one? I’d choose that friendship-beyond-friendship vibe.

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i watched the movie for this when i was in fifth grade and i remember getting REALLY emotional about it and honestly now i dont even remember what it’s about but hey GENE KELLY




***Vocal score is too big to load in viewer.Just download it and you’ll be fine***


Prince Performs “Purple Rain” During Downpour | Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show

Prince was a professional. Using electric guitars while it was raining! He loved music, performing and Purple Rain

Just Maybe

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A/N: I’m sorry it’s kind of tardy and not awesome, I tried T T

Word Count: 1458

Genre: Fluff, High school life

Member: I.M from Monsta X

Requested: Anon requested: “can I please request an i.m from monsta x scenario where he has a massive crush on you, but one of his friends accidentally reveals it to you”. So here you go enjoy c; 

You look at the droplets rolling down the slightly fogged up window, your classmates are all sitting with their respective friends and chatting around you. You lean your head on your folded hands, closing your eyes, concentrating on the sound of the raindrops crashing against the roof as the rain intensifies. You sigh and turn your head, now facing the side wall of the class. You laugh to yourself when you see Kihyun nagging Jooheon, you’ve never really talked to them since you don’t really socialise with the kids in your class. All of your friends are in another class together and you don’t really see the need to make new ones, more time to take notes and do actual work. More time to do work doesn’t mean you actually do more, you just draw in your notebooks. Drawing is one of your passion, it feels so natural to you, when you take your pencil and glide it against the paper you feel all the pressure lift away. They don’t have to be pretty, sometimes just doodling keeps you from falling asleep in class. You pull your notebook from under your pencil case and  start drawing a cartoonish version of Kihyun scolding Jooheon. You steal some glances at the group of seven boys, making sure to get their features right. You try to be as subtle as possible, once you’re done you smirk at your drawing, looking at the boys one last time to compare them to it. You giggle softly and Hyungwon’s head snaps in your direction, you’re too shocked to look away so you just freeze, feeling the blood rushing to your face. A big grin makes its way on his face as he nudges Changkyun and you look away, regaining your composure. You try to act as if nothing happened and go back to doodling, but your hands shake and you’re still red.  You focus on your breathing, thinking about random things to distract you. A few minutes pass by and you look their way, thinking it’s safe, you’re surprised to find Changkyun staring at you. It’s his turn to look away blushing. You go back to your drawing, making a mental note to never draw anyone from your class ever again. You start dozing off in the middle of the lecture when you hear your teacher call your name.

“Y/N, I suppose you know the answer to this question since you gave yourself the permission to sleep during my lecture?” He snaps at you, sarcasm coating his words,  making the guilt and shame sting all the more.

As you go to apologise for not paying attention you hear someone speak up.

“Sir, is that why you give yourself the permission to doze off when the principal speaks during the morning assembly? Is it that burdensome to be filled with so much knowledge?”You gasp as Changkyun talks back to the teacher so defiantly.

You hear the students laughing and cheering I.M on and you notice the way  the teacher slowly loses his cool, he’s smiling as if he was holding back from burning us all. The bell rings, signalling the end of the day and you carefully put away your things, not minding the chaos around you. Students storm out and run in the halls, colliding with you, they apologise and you smile to show them it’s okay. You still curse at them in your head, you get outside and the rain hasn’t stopped.  You smile, you like the rain, it’s shows us how powerful nature really is, you can do whatever you want, but nothing will make the rain stop, it will stop on its own. You take out your umbrella, struggling with it for a while. It’s stuck and won’t open, you fiddle with it for a while, hoping it will open magically. You’re starting to get frustrated, you turn around to go throw this useless umbrella away, but run into someone and that’s when your umbrella decides to open. Violently pushing Changkyun away from you while doing so, you drop the umbrella and walk up to I.M, who’s leaning down clutching his stomach. You can’t help but feel guilty even though he’s laughing.

“Wow, remind me to never piss you off okay? Who knew an umbrella could cause that much damage…” (That one girl in Another, sorry I’ll shut up now) He says teasingly as he looks up at me from his kneeling position.

You offer him a hand and help him get up, you’re pretty sure you didn’t help much, but you offered your help and that has got to count…somehow. He dusts himself off and eye your umbrella with resentment and you chuckle at the sight.

“I’m really sorry my umbrella propulsed you to the ground, I guess that was its protest to me throwing it away. I’m seriously sorry though.” You apologise awkwardly, fidgeting with your hands, not knowing what to do.

He laughs and you see his cute smile, he pushes your shoulder in a friendly way.

“No worries, see you around…” And with that he leaves, leaving you smiling like a kid.

When you get to class the morning after the umbrella incident, you don’t miss the stares Changkyun’s friends give you and the disinterested look I.M gives them. They whisper something to him and his face gets flushed as he insults them. You shake your head, these boys seem like a bunch of dorks, they’re all very handsome and some of them are really smart, but they don’t hide their personalities, guess that’s why they’re not as popular as some of the jerks out there, you think to yourself. You pay close attention to the lesson, aware of the teacher glaring at you and wondering why you have to suffer his wrath when it’s Changkyun who  insulted him. When lunch break finally arrives, you’re starving from all that note-taking and rush to the dining hall, meeting your friends at your usual table. You listen to all the silly things they have to say and laugh with them, you start to tell them about the accident with your teacher and you notice their eyes shifting to an empty spot next to you.  You follow their stares and see Hyungwon peacefully eating his sandwich, he waves at you, even though you’re literally right next to him. One of your friends laughs and he winks at her, you look at him, still puzzled by his behaviour.

“Hello..?” You say, not sure as to what you’re supposed to say in this situation.

“Hey!” He replies simply.

You continue on with your story and Hyungwon adds small details to it, making it more interesting. Lunch passes by quick, you, Hyungwon and your friends telling funny stories and laughing together. You’re surprised to see Hyungwon sit with you the next day, and the day after that, a week passes by until you finally decide to ask him why he suddenly decided to join your table. You’re walking to class with him and you grab his arm to  stop him from walking any further.

“Hey, Hyungwon, I was wondering…why did you decide to eat lunch with me? I mean I don’t mind, you’re really fun, but why?” You ask tripping on my words slightly.

He smiles at me.

“Ahh, that, well I was dared to piss off I.M, but I ended up really liking eating lunch- oh shit,” He seems to panic in the middle of his sentence and looks at you nervously.

It’s only then that you process his answer.

“Why would you eating with me make him mad?” You ask, now curious.

“I can’t tell you.” He answers while shaking his head frantically.

“Does he hate me? You can tell me-” Your reflection is cut off by him denying that possibility.

“No no, not at all, it’s quite the opposite actually, oh god he’s going to end me!” He says as he pulls at his hair.

You get all red, quite the opposite? ‘Does that mean…he likes me?’ you ask yourself. Changkyun passes by you to get to the class, he smiles at you before glaring at Hyungwon. You feel your heart beat incredibly fast as your hands gets slightly sweaty. You smile as he disappears into the class, maybe you like him as well. You get in the class followed by Hyungwon who keeps teasing you, you sit in at your desk and look at I.M smiling at him before pulling out your notebook, that’s when you notice a brand you umbrella in your desk. You look back at I.M and see his red cheeks. Maybe you already like him.

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the earth

the earth is never really mentioned in astrology because we’re standing on her & therefore she cannot be in our charts. but i dont think there’s enough appreciation for her. without her, we’d have no charts to analyse. we’d have no air to breathe or water to drink. we’d have no sleepless nights counting stars or talking to the moon. we’d have no love, pain, happiness or anger. the other planets would have no effect anymore. the sun wouldnt bring us out of our shells. the moon wouldn’t keep us in touch with ourselves. mercury wouldn’t show us how to communicate with nature, animals, clouds, the rain or each other. venus wouldn’t be there to help us see the best in others and bring out the best in us. mars wouldn’t let us stick up for ourselves and care about each other. without jupiter, there’d be insecurity & without saturn, there’d be narcissism. uranus wouldn’t help us see the bigger picture & have original ideas. neptune would free us from its fantasy world. pluto would be lost in the abyss. the earth is pretty fucking important so lets take care of her.

Fic: A Slippery Situation

Summary: During a much-needed rainstorm in the middle of a heatwave, Belle and Rumpelstiltskin head out to the cabin, and something as simple as slipping in a muddy puddle becomes far more… naughty. 

For @woodelf68, who put the idea of rumbelle mudwrestling into my head.

Rated: NC-17


A Slippery Situation

After the intense, oppressive heat of the past few days, the weather unnaturally warm for Maine, Belle was glad when the first drops of rain began to patter down, heralding a storm that had been a long time coming and was incredibly welcome in the small town of Storybrooke. Having spent a week with the library air-conditioning going at full blast but still being unable to keep the place anywhere close to cool, it was like being able to breathe again. Even just the sight of the droplets hitting the Cadillac windscreen was enough to make her feel closer to a more bearable temperature. She glanced across at her husband in the driver’s seat. Even he had had to bow to the season and was no longer dressed in his full layers of armour. His jacket and waistcoat had long since been discarded into the back seat and his tie was hanging loose around his neck, the top couple of buttons of his shirt undone and his sleeves rolled past the elbow. That he had managed to last this long without removing a few garments was testament to just how committed to his façade he was.

He gave a little chuckle as he turned the windscreen wipers on.

“Still want to go out to the cabin?” he asked. Belle nodded eagerly. They’d made the decision to spend the weekend at the cabin hoping that with the cover from the tree canopy and the river running along out the back, it would be cooler there, even if the place did not have functioning A/C.

“If we end up getting rained in, so be it,” Belle said. “I’m sure that I can think of a few ways to pass the time indoors.” She reached across and unfastened Rumpel’s tie, tossing it into the back with the rest of their things, and he caught her fingers before she could unfasten another shirt button.

“Shall we wait until I’m not in control of a car, my dear?”

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