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PSA for the antis

For the sake of clarification, I’m going to put in simple and plain English for some people to understand.
Since it’s inception in 1941, the comics released by (then-MLJ Comics) Archie Comics have released a total of approximately 4851 issues. For ease of understanding, I have omitted Pep Comics, and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. This figure includes classic comic releases and holiday specials and trade paperback editions like Bad Boy Trouble and Archie Americana Series.

Out of this figure - 13 issues, written by Chip Zdarsky (who only wrote 8 and is no longer on that story arc), feature Jughead identifying as an asexual individual. 13 issues, which were released as a modern reboot in 2015. The comics have been around for 76 years.You do the math. 

0.27% - that is the total percentage of the comic’s expansive history that features his sexuality in this manner. With comparison to Jughead-centric issues alone, then it goes up (but not by much) to 2.25%.

Enough with all the accusations of ‘erasure’ or ‘censorship of sexuality’.

You are blatantly disregarding the amount of dedication and hard work that has been poured into the show by writers, actors, and even the son of the original creator of the series. Stop believing everything you see online. Even if you want to bring up the topic of sexuality as an argument point, please do your research first. 

The majority of the hate-mongering anti-fans have failed to even attempt to do a little research on the background of the series, simply latching on to some poisonous opinion and re-tweeting and re-blogging just to express their extreme displeasure at just about everything.  I daresay some of you don’t even truly care about his sexuality - you’re just displeased with the current pairings on the show and therefore you lash out at everything you can grasp onto or comprehend.

‘But he identifies as asexual!’ Yes, in 0.27% of the comic’s history. Maybe in future there will be a different adaptation, but don’t shoot the messenger. There is no need for harassment or threats sent to the writers/actors on social media.
‘But he hates women!’ In 1965, it was revealed that Jughead’s interest in food stems from him being nervous around women. In 1988, the overall cause of his dislike for the opposite gender stems from a broken heart courtesy of his childhood crush. I mean, really - if you want to talk about comic portrayal he’s married to Ethel in one. Is that not erasure to you then?

There have been four animated series, a film, and two live-action shows based off this series. Get real. This isn’t the first adaptation of the Archie comics, and neither will it be the last. There will be multiple variations, alternative timelines and different relationships - if the thought of a certain pairing or character portrayal is so offensive to you, I suggest you avoid the show from this day forth and instead investment your time and effort into more productive matters.

Newsflash: If you don’t like the show, then don’t watch it. Please do not insult those who have actually grown up with these characters, enjoyed the series for years, or even those discovering this gem for the first time because of the show - individuals who are open to differing timelines and variations of the comics.

hey yall since i know i probs have a lot of younger kids followin me listen

just go ahead and like your “cringy” stuff ok?? doesnt matter what it is. mlp, warriors cats, little online animal sites, jeez even if youre a furry

if its harmless and you like it, if you wanna draw it or participate in it, do it

dont listen to stupid adults trying to make you feel bad so they can feel better. because they did this stuff too, and theyre ashamed of it. they made horrible ocs, they talked like “OMG LOL xD RAWR”, they went on all the sites you do, and theyre ashamed. 

be proud of who you were and who you are and what you like ok???? 

A Note of Reflection and Intention

Customers, Friends, and fellow Astral Adventurers,

This is a small blog focused on keeping you in the loop, and to basically be a “state of the business address” so to speak. This is a bit lengthy, there may be errors and misstatements as this was written as a kind of stream-of-consciousness. Please ignore any errors that may be present!

First of all, Magickal Menagerie is composed of two people. We haven’t ever considered ourselves a ‘company’ or a ‘business’ in the classical senses of the world. As we learn, develop, and grow – so does Magickal Menagerie. As we falter, err, and mess up, so does Magickal Menagerie. As we improve, re-evaluate, and progress, so does Magickal Menagerie. We are human. Magickal Menagerie is, in a way, human as it is the reflection of ourselves, our souls, and the work that we do and aim to do. There’s no corporate office, no team of PR agents, and no employees beyond us. We are two hopeful, optimistic, and loving people that want to bring a passion of ours to the world at large. If something we do is upsetting, doesn’t work well, or slows down our process (such as a way we handle shipping, etc.) we want to know about it. Email us, tell us what the issue is, and we promise we will hear you out. As we -are- human, there is also the experience of hate-mail and abusive writing. We believe in all of you. Even those of you that dislike us, wish us harm, we love you still because you are still innately human as we are. You feel the same emotions we feel, though things you may be passionate about are not yet on our radar or have not been examined as closely on our end. We want you to teach us. We want you to show us what matters to you, and if something we do infringes on that, we want to know about it. We aim to stay true to what we personally know, but if we are making an egregious error in your eyes, we want to know about it so we can re-evaluate and re-consider. There will invariably be some differences in our belief systems and those of others, but we don’t aim to bring discomfort to anyone. Magickal Menagerie is a collage of our ideas, our experiences, and our faith. We are pantheistic and hold all divinity very highly in our hearts. We do our best to thoroughly communicate with all entities and share only what we know to be the highest truth. If you can help us expand our knowledge, that is all the better for us. As we learn, so does Magickal Menagerie.

Now, onto the topic of our here-and-there absence from Tumblr and the Internet. We have still been working on orders throughout this time, and we thank you for your patience.

Many have told us not to put our business out there, but we stand by the belief that Magickal Menagerie reflects us as humans. We want transparency and we want improvement for all of you. This is why we want to share with you the reality of the experiences we have had that will make us better able to serve you, to understand you, and to help meet your needs on the personal level.

We went through some rather interesting and momentous changes in our lives, which, unfortunately, have impacted our speed. We expect that to no longer be the case shortly. Over the four years we have been in ‘business,’ we have gone through some interesting shifts. We moved, Carmen was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, we were afterward involved in three car accidents, one of which resulted in months of physical therapy. Curtis was diagnosed with ADHD and Carmen was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, both ailments we have had for quite a long time without realizing it.

During this time we have tried to make sure that our customers and friends did not suffer with waiting and irritation. This was not always the case, and for that we really apologize. We have received treatment. We have had our morale boosted by friends. We have taken each blow as a lesson. Each kind letter and each not-so-kind letter as powerful lessons. We have used these lessons to grow as people. We have worked on expanding ourselves and our services. We believe in personal evolution, and only from pain and struggle can we truly find that within ourselves. We have learned powerful skills of empathy and service from doctors, lawyers, patients, strangers, and old friends. We have been so supremely blessed to finally understand our struggles and symptoms and to be able to do something about them. We are so supremely blessed to also have such caring friends, customers, peers, and spirit companions who were there every step of the way. We will not take that patience, that help, and that guidance for granted. They were tools we will use to further ourselves, to further our craft, and to further our grasp on what we do.

There is still much more to do, to learn, to make, and to understand, to learn, and to improve but this is our dedication, our pledge to do so. You have all blessed us, and we hope to do good in this world in return for the grace afforded to us.

This period will be remembered as one of the most tumultuous in history. There are masses of people coming together, building each other, becoming stronger individually. We want to be a part of that. We want to help expand consciousness, learn and teach, grow and help grow. In this time that we have been with you, we have received numerous letters, art pieces, gifts, care packages, kind notes, and amazing stories. We have connected some beautiful, powerful, lovely entities with people of equal beauty, power, and love. That is the intrinsic reward for us. There are many things we could be doing. There are many things we could try to do. Magickal Menagerie has been one of the biggest challenges of both of our lives. It is, however, the most fulfilling thing either of us have been able to do. We felt the call to do it, and we have been blessed to do it as long as we have. We look forward to four more years. We look forward to growing, evolving, and doing better by each and every one of you. It is a work in progress. Nothing is built or perfected overnight, and we are not sure we will ever be the perfect duo that this world and these people deserve, but we dearly want to be. You have all been so amazing, so insightful, and so transformative. We are all struggling with something. Every one of you we have spoken with in depth, every one of those order notes or emails has opened our eyes to how much each of you deal with. There’s so much anxiety, tension, dysphoria, and drama in this world, and so many of us are reaching for any amount of peace we can obtain.

Here’s to the creation of great change, and to the creation of great peace.

This world is wild, wonderful, terrifying, and in major need of new voices.

We are going to work on some ways to channel the transformative voices of our community (the paranormal community/spirit companion community), and are working on ideas that will allow for open, peaceful communication that evokes understanding rather than violent discourse. So many people are hurting, and over different things. Maybe we can create change through understanding at this lower, community level. Maybe we can learn from each other if we open our minds a bit.

We cannot thank you enough for teaching us about your passions – about what excites you and upsets you, and for teaching us also about the beautiful spectrum of experiences there are in spirituality. This is the most diverse, powerful, and experimental community we have had the blessing of experiencing, and we hope to help it grow in all the right ways.

We love each and every one of you – customers, friends, commentators. We haven’t had the ability or time to communicate with you all in the ways we have wanted to, but that time and that forum is coming. We thank you guys for the outpouring of support we have had since opening and especially as we have grown and evolved. We started (online) on April 16th 2013 with a big dream to show people our experiences in the otherrealm. When we were first experiencing the spirit companionship aspect of our journeys, it was not an affordable venture if you wanted to have the work done for you. Justifiably so, as the conjurers at the time were overloaded and were pioneering an art that we hope to continue to develop conjointly. We had a dream to be able to bring a different aspect to this ‘market,’ and connect amazing beings with people of equal bravery and gall. This idea was a turning point for us, something we were and still are highly passionate about.

Truthfully, we never expected anything to come of it.

Now we have a community of people supporting us, teaching us, and showing us things we have never experienced. This is the highest blessing to us. No matter what struggle we have gone through trying to maintain it, grow it, nurture it, and make sure that it helps the most people, this dream and this blessing has been the highest honor we could have received. You have trusted us with helping you on one of the most momentous of journeys, and for that we cannot thank you enough. That is something we will never forget or take for granted.

You are the soul that brings life to this project, and you are the breath that inspires it.

We love you all, and thank you.

Here’s to four more years. ❤

Happy anniversary. 4/16/17

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        never trust anything.

debajo de tu piel vive la luna

ao3 + can you believe Rodrigo and Hailey invented being in love? (for @nastylittlenerd @niniadepapa and @harkrs)

Hailey doesn’t know what to expect at first.

She never knows what to expect when it comes to Rodrigo, so this isn’t exactly new to her, this feeling of walking on a tightrope when every step could make you fall. What will be next this time? A full drama queen blowout? Locking himself in his room for five hours? Only eating tacos for a week until he grows sick of it?

Only it’s not entertaining this time, because it is her life too and she isn’t used to that kind of Rodrigo. The touchy-feely kind.

His fingers trail down her arm when he walks past her. His lips are pressed to her cheek every chance he gets. His arm is around her shoulders when they watch a movie together. His tongue and mouth and hands map her body like nothing she’s even experimented before. He leaves her breathless, both figuratively and literally sometimes. She doesn’t know what to make of it.

For a moment, Hailey thinks of not talking about it. Because they are so good at not talking about their feelings.

But then one night, when he’s in her bed half because he can’t get enough of her and half because he has nowhere else to go, she does ask. The question pressed into the pillow as she hides her face against his bare shoulder.

“What about the other girls?”

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(from an Israeli magazine, sorry for any grammer mistakes)

Time to say goodbye

After 6 seasons, countless songs and one death that broke everyone’s hearts, Glee ends and we say goodbye in tears.

In the 6 seasons of Glee everything that possible happened - weddings, breakups, coming out of the closet and sudden death.
Now, that the show is about to end, it’s time to sum up the ten unforgettable moments that made the show as it is and left us shocked.

10. Mini glee club
We begin our final countdown with a very funny moment from season 2. The creators of the show decided to go wild and brought to everyone of the glee club “mini me” of their own. The film set filled with sweet little kids that dressed, looked and talked (kinda) like the students of Mckinley high. They were on the show as part of fever illusion of mr. shue.  

9. The characters changes identities
How Chris Colfer looks as Finn? how will Artie’s haircut will look on Naya Rivera?
We’ve got these answers to these questions in a very funny episode in season 3.
As a result of a head hit Tina start to imagine everyone like they’ve changed identities: mr. shue is Sue Sylvester, Puck is Blaine, Tina is Rachel and vice versa.
For the actors it was an opportunity to demonstrate their great impersonations ability, and they did prove themself.

8. Sue says goodbye to her sister
We couldn’t write this list without dedicating at least one moment to Sue Sylvester, the tough coach of the cheerleaders (and later also glee club coach, school principal and the list is long). Sue is usually the bad character who insults everyone, runs over anyone who stand in her way and doesn’t afraid to play dirty.
And yet, we learned to love her.
In the second season we found out that she also knows to show emotions, like the day her sister Jane, that suffered from Down Syndrome, died.
The funeral the student organized was lovely, and we teared up too.
Actually, who are we kidding? we cried like a little girl that her ice cream fell on the floor!

7. Kurt and Blaine finally kiss
From the first moment Blaine showed up in season 2 it was clear that he and Kurt were about to become a perfect couple. They met when Kurt went thru rough time, and Blaine was there for him, encouraging him and supporting him. Kurt fell in love with him on the first second (can we blame him?), but unfortunately it took Blaine more time to realise it. After half season of anticipation, we finally got the longed kiss, and of course the famous line “you move me, Kurt”.
You could say it want pretty good for them, right?

6. Kurt coming out to his dad
It’s weird to recall this, but in the first season Kurt was still deep in the closet in the first episodes. We saw him slowly coming out to his close friends, but one of the people he left to the end was actually his father, Burt.
His coming out was accompanied with a lot of concerns, many teenagers are well familiar this situation.
How did it ends? Burt tells Kurt that he will always love him and melted our hearts!
We got one of the most moving and encouraging scene on Glee, and Burt got the “best TV dad in the world” title.

5. Rachel gets her dream role
During the show we watched Rachel go thru many changes and upheavals, but one thing always stays the same, the fact that she will do everything it takes to make her dream come true, be on Broadway.
We were so happy for her when in season 5 she finally fulfilled her dream and got cast to the role of fanny on “funny girl”.
Not just any role - the last woman who played this role was the one and only Barbra Streisand, Rachel’s idol.
Therefore, after 4 seasons of struggles,failures and crazy ambition, watch Rachel win this role was the proof that if you want something bad enough, everything is possible!

4. The wedding of Brittany and Santana, Kurt and Blaine
During the seasons the creators of the show provided us quite a few exciting weddings - from Finn’s mom and Kurt’s dad wedding, to Will and Emma wedding (the one that ends good, yea?).
They also provided us a lot of weddings promises that didn’t come true (Finn and Rachel, for example).
But there is no doubt that in that subject season 6 wins - two gay couples got married at the same wedding - Brittana and Klaine.
We loved these couples from the beginning and we saw them experiencing many difficulties - breaking up, geting back together and breaking up again.
These is two couples that were told again and again the they won’t last, but they did it big time!

3. Rachel says goodbye to Finn (Cory)
Even though its year and a half away, our heart breaks every time we think about Cory Monteith.
The person that most affected by his death is probably Lea Michele - his on screen partner and in real life.
On the beautiful tribute episode that the creators made in his honor in season 5, Rachel/ Lea was barely on screen, but her short performance of the song “make you feel my love” (that lea picked herself) was the saddest and emotional part of the episode.
For one moment the boundaries between the show and reality disappeared, and we just took part in the sorrow of a young woman who lost her love and we were mourning on a young man who died too soon.

2. Glee wins nationals
Over three years the members of the glee club worked to make it to this moment.
On the way there, they overcome many obstacles, falls and fights that made us think that this moment will never come - but eventually it came, and it was amazing!.
Suddenly in season 3, the glee club kids stopped being rejected and became winners. The amazing songs and Will’s proud face was worth it all!
When you think about this win, everything that happened later doesn’t matter anymore, because we were just happy for this group, that survived everything and proved us that hard work and patience pays off.

1. The first performance of “Don’t stop believing”
In the first place the moment that everything began.
It’s true that since that performance in the first season the club got much more than 5 members, and there were many performances with invested and very impressive outfits and props, and even this song got several versions, but there isn’t a better moment that shows the essence of Glee than this moment.
A group of teenagers that not quite fit, maybe a little outcasts, that don’t even supposed to be friends, without budget or audience - doing what they love, and that all that matter!
If there’s something the show taught us it’s that.

ikkinthekitsune  asked:

I know how much Korrasami means to you, but is it necessary to accuse people of being s****y/unsafe/disrespectful for interpreting the blush differently? Homophobic anti-Korrasami people definitely exist, but not seeing a blush as romantic (which I can guarantee would have happened had there been a Zutara blush) is standard for other ships' shippers.

I don’t really want to start anything given how toxic the fandom has already been as of late here…but I also feel this is something I need to address, and publicly:

Unfortunately, while I understand where you’re coming from, I’m going to have to stand my ground on this one. I want you to understand though that it’s not that I have anything against you as a person (or any other Makorra shipper I follow for that matter) - you’re really cool and smart and I absolutely love your meta. And this also isn’t anything against your ship or how you want to read the text…although I know it’s hard for it not to seem like that. :/

The thing is, this situation is unique. I know a lot of people want to pretend it’s not, want to pretend it’s reasonable to equate Korrasami with Zutara, this ship war with the Kataang vs. Zutara one, BUT it just can’t be done. And you know why. The very way Mike and Bryan have discussed this ship in contrast to how they ever discussed Zutara makes it clear that they know why. (I think the show also makes good claims as to why this is on a totally different level, like how much the show itself parallels Korrasami with Kataang…but I don’t really want to get into that debate here as it’s another topic entirely.)

The reason is because Korrasami is a same-sex relationship, and that does change things, entirely. If we were living in a post-homophobic society where LGBTQ people are equally represented in media then this ship war could indeed be comparable to the AtLA one - however, that is sadly not the case.

I’m not saying that you personally have to read the blush as romantic - no matter what happens in the show everyone is free to ship whatever they want as long as we remain respectful of each other. But that’s the problem here, and I do realize it’s a fine line to draw, which is why I’ve kept my frustration about this mostly quiet. I feel that the way you and many Makorra shippers are trying to discredit the blush does border on being homophobic and disrespectful. Again, it’s a very fine line, which is why I’m not raging about this more. And I can understand where you’re coming from when it comes to wanting to do your own personal reading of the show where the Korrasami blush isn’t romantic in anyway. However, I need you to also understand where we’re coming from as Korrasami shippers of the LGBTQ community.

For us, as you said, this means a LOT. This is a show many of us have been watching for nearly a decade now. We’ve grown up with the Avatar universe. We’ve grown up seeing blushes again and again in this show from many different characters. But the one thing they all had, or at least 90-95% of them had in common is that they’ve been prompted by/between members of the opposite sex and their more-than-just-friends feelings for each other. And now, for once in the history of this show, that is no longer the case. The blush was between two women this time.

And yes, I’m well aware of the three instances that people have tried to bring up to negate this point: Toph and Suki, Katara and Toph, and Bolin and Korra (as opposite sex but not romantic, which to me is still kind of up for debate but). But without even exploring how those three are completely different situations than the Korra and Asami one people should already be able to understand why choosing the only three examples out of the 20-30 some examples of blushes throughout AtLA and LoK, simply to negate a queer reading of the text, is super problematic and bordering on homophobic.

And I understand that this was not your intent with your original post, at least not exactly. The post you made on the Korra and Bolin blush situation was clearly intended to be for Makorra shippers and in support of a reading Makorra shippers would like to do for the text. It wasn’t that you were exactly setting out to attack Korrasami shippers, but here’s what you have to understand: whether intended or not, making a post like that and reblogging it around the general fandom is asking for trouble. It’s implicitly telling people it’s okay to not respect the way Korrasami shippers are seeing the blush, the way the blush was frankly, based on all Bryke have suggested, intended by the show itself to be seen.

I get that your ship means a lot to you guys too, and I have nothing against it or you shipping it. I don’t care what parts of the text you personally choose to ignore. But you can’t ignore the fact that in a decade of blushes in the Avatar universe, the Korra blush with Asami is a unique and first of its kind occurrence. An occurrence that in the small way it can actually gives us some LGBTQ representation for once in the history of this show. And that matters. That’s something that matters so much to us not only can we not ignore it, we can’t really be expected to have to deal with people trying to undermine it casually amongst themselves.

Of course your intention is not to be homophobic or disrespectful. But you have to understand that discrediting the blush, even if just for yourself and your group of shippers, does come off that way to a certain extent. It comes off that way to me and it comes off that way to tons and tons of LGBTQ shippers who have sent me messages and posted in our tag about it. So just, you know, be aware of that and keep it in mind? Thank you.

…other than that, ship and let ship, and I’m sorry for all the drama :/

The point...and how you missed it.

There’s something going on in this fandom that is extremely disturbing and I’ve gone from not wanting to talk about to ignoring it to being so bothered by it it keeps me up at night. And I think I’m finally ready to talk about it. 

Lately, or for at least the last six months there has been this mentality that if someone is bothered by something they should sit down and shut up.  I’ve had several messages now by people I considered close at some point telling me that I should either stop watching NCIS, or stop talking negatively critically about it, or both. 

While I can’t speak for anyone but myself, I can tell you how I feel about that. It is one thing to talk negatively about a show (something that is separate from all of us, no matter how personally you may take it) and a completely other thing to talk negatively about the fans (something that is personal). This idea that the fans are solely the one to blame for your experience here (on tumblr, twitter, as a fan in general) is completely laughable. 

Personally, I think now, more than ever, the show deserves the criticism.  The way they’ve handled the last six months has been nothing short of atrocious. It’s like every single decision they could have made to make things even a little bit better they’ve went with the worst possible choice and then made it even worse.  Every single opportunity to smooth over this process of losing a character and getting a new character has been terrible.  From lie after lie after lie, to decision after decision after decision. From marketing to interviews to actors. Who was quick to defend of squash the Pauley story (whose behavior is completely worth calling out) but had to make it a point to get mad over the way people reacted over Cote de Pablo getting a movie?  Their favorite actress just got a part in a good movie and they’re happy for her and whatever that means and people have to turn around and say that it was just another excuse to bash NCIS? Give me a break. An excuse to bash NCIS would be seeing what an actor said about her co-star for 8 years with absolutely no repercussions or apologies. 

“Bashing” as it is so freely used to describe fans who are upset with the process is far from so many of our minds when we think about what the show has become. 

I actually had the exact same thoughts and critical analysis and almost the same words to describe last weeks episode as another member from tumblr and yet my thoughts on the show were described as “bashing” while hers were described as “review”.  And the only difference is that she still claims to want to enjoy the show.  

It is perfectly okay for some of you to continually and routinely criticize the fans who aren’t saying what you want and it’s okay for you to criticize the show so long as you have a disclaimer saying you’re still interested and it’s okay for you to criticize an actress but you turn around and act like this show/actors/producers are somehow above criticism.  That their mistakes are okay because why? Because they’re NCIS? Because they’re your favorite show? I just don’t get it. 

People have called the fans assholes.  I might call Gary Glasberg an asshole (because he lied and then lied again, and then lied again, which is pretty assholish behavior), but I don’t call you an asshole for watching the show. 

I’m being bullied into shutting up.  If I tag my posts, I’m tagging my “hate”. If I don’t tag my posts I’m spoiling people. It’s a lose-lose situation. If I say anything critical, I’m “hating” or “bashing”. If I’m upset, it’s “why do you still watch?”  

I still watch this show because it has been a part of my life for the last 5 years. I still care immensely about the characters and I’m still hoping that these writers will surprise me.  Although that hope is waning.  I still talk about this show because I am still passionate about this show. 

It’s like this has become some sort of contest over who can remain the most level-headed and that if you deviate from this “pedestal” you’re bashing again. Let me tell you, you’re the ones creating an us vs them mentality. You’re the ones separating yourselves as if you’re somehow better than the rest of us for reacting to a show we’ve loved and has been a part of our lives for years. We don’t sit around (on tumblr at least) talking about how the people who still watch it and enjoy it are bad people in some way (Because they’re not).

Now we’re being compared to antis.  Like that even comes close to anything they’ve done in the last 8 years.  Like our behavior or my behavior is like their vicious racist, sexist, nasty, disgusting remarks over a woman that helped make that show what it is today. 

I’m sorry, but if you think pointing out flaws in logic (like what the hell wasn’t Parsa chasing Ziva why aren’t they talking about her) or plot holes (like why is mcgee being a weird over skynet and terminator when he’d go apeshit over rocket packs) or just random strange behavior (like okay we know she’s new but dropping her on the floor and making her find the guy when you’re whole show is about working as a team) is the same as calling Ziva a terrorist whore for 8 years straight. I’m sorry for you. I’m sorry that you’re taking my valid viewpoints on the show as some personal attack of your character and I’m sad that you can’t separate the two. 

But really. 

And FINALLY and most importantly there are these wonderful things on tumblr that you can use to not see anything I post or anyone else posts that you don’t agree with or want to see on your dash.  You can unfollow me, you can block me, you can even mute me. You could even blacklist my URL or my name. But what’s the fun in that if you can just keep following me and keep commenting on things you already know I’m going to do or react to, my behavior isn’t random or sporadic, I’ve been here for three years.  I call out bullshit. I tell it like it is. And I don’t shut up about things I care about. 

Okay so this is REALLY IMPORTANT and I need everyone who considers themselves a Mash/Mabastian fan to read this. I always thought this ship fandom to be the calm and rational one, we were always the ones to see all sides and react reasonably to spoilers and scripts and have hardly ever reacted to anything with hate. But right now? I can honestly say that I am, for the first time, so incredibly ashamed of this fandom, and if this brought any negative consequences to our show or our ship, it’ll technically be all our own fault for helping fuel it.

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